the Smoke Screen Transport

Like the Split Fire, the Smoke Screen Transport is a truck-like vehicle. Unlike the Split Fire, however, the Smoke Screen Transport isn't jam packed with weaponry, instead serving as a transport and launch station for a flying spy craft. The Smoke Screen has these characteristics:

Body Armor (s): the frame of the Smoke Screen Transport is built tough. It possesses an effective m.s. of 10, which only offers its cab's occupants like, or +2, protection from attack. Those hanging onto the side of the Smoke Screen Transport do not benefit from this defense, though.

Communications Array (i): the Smoke Screen is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This provides intensity 5 radio transception (a 25 mile range), that features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Headlights (i): the front of the Smoke Screen Transport is equipped with several xenon lamps with which to see by. Overall, the Smoke Screen Transport can pump out intensity 8 illumination, enough to fill the area at night or blind foes in a surprise attack.

Machine Gun (a): a swivel-mount firearm mounted on its passenger side, this weapon can discharge one round to inflict one's Agility +5 in damage, fire a short burst to inflict their Agility +6 in damage, or fire continuously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage.

Missile Launchers (i): the two missile launchers on the Smoke Screen Transport are actually mounted on its spy craft; it cannot use them while that vehicle is not stowed in its transport bay. The missiles it can fire inflict intensity 11 damage, +1 if both are used simultaneously.

Passengers: the Smoke Screen Transport can hold a bunch of Joes. In addition to its driver, the cab has room for another occupant, though he or she must stand and partially expose themselves to fire any weapon. The Smoke Screen also has running boards on each side.

Propulsion (a): the Smoke Screen Transport has this ability as a general matter of course, even if it isn't all that fast. It can move at around 75 miles per hour, giving it this 'power' at intensity 3. Off-road, it's reduced to 60 miles per hour (intensity 2).

Spy Craft (i): the whole point of the spy craft is that it is a flying vehicle. It can flit about in the air, thanks to its twin lift-generating fans, at around one hundred and fifty miles per hour. This translates into intensity 5 flight (150 miles per hour).

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