the Stun

The Stun (often parsed as the STUN, though whatever such an acronym would stand for has never been revealed) is a three-wheeled, off-road vehicle utilized by Cobra's Recon and Perimeter Defense Forces, otherwise known as the Motor-Vipers, in the course of their duties.

Though lightly armored, the Stun is heavily armed, and features a staggering field of fire. It almost acts as a replacement for Cobra's HISS units, though that organization continued to developed those vehicles over the years, as well. The Stun has these capabilities:

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RV 4

Battle Shells: the two front-facing, cannon control seats of the Stun are each housed within a battle shell which can pivot forty-five degrees from the vehicle's center, allowing their occupants to fire upon anything within a ninety degree arc before the vehicle.

Blazer Laser Cannons: mounted on each of its battle shells, the Stun is armed with twinned, rotary-barreled laser cannons. They can be fired to inflict rank value 30 Armor Piercing Energy damage each, though if both are trained on a target, this is raised by +1 RS. *

Communications Gear: Cobra Stuns are equipped with a radio suite that allows its driver to keep in contact with a home base or other Stuns in the field. It has a maximum communications range of 25 miles, working at rank value 6, with rank value 20 signal encryption.

Personnel Platforms: the Stun can comfortably seat four operators: one in each battle shell, one in the driver seat, and one in the rear gunner station. However, these rearward platforms, mounted on each side of the Stun, can hold three more hangers-on in a pinch.

Puncture-proof Tires: the Stun features all-terrain, self-sealing tires, coupled with Chariot style armored hubcaps. This serves to considerably bolster their effectiveness in combat, and allows the Stun's tires to share the same Durability rating as the rest of the vehicle.

Rocket Launchers: mounted on each of its battle shells, the Stun is armed with twinned, rotary-barreled rocket launchers. Each fires a brace of miniature 'dumb' projectiles which inflict rank value 30 Slashing damage, raised by +1 RS if both home in a single target. *

Round Off Machine Gun: this rear-facing, circular-magazine-equipped machine gun can swivel ninety degrees, and can be fired to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage in a short, controlled burst, or rank value 20 Piercing damage when fired fully automatic.

* Sources vary on just what the Stun's main armaments are. The blueprints for the vehicle indicate these are laser cannons, while the comics instead describe them as a sort of high velocity rocket launcher. Pick one and run with it, or for variety, have a different one on each side!

1989 Variations

the Python Stun

Just a few years after the initial run of Stuns was built by Cobra, its Python Patrol made use of the vehicle to further its own, diabolical ends. While most of its features are the same as before, the Pythonization process has given these vehicles the following, bonus ability:

Invisibility to Radar and Infrared Sensors: the the Python Patrol's main innovation is that it provides its personnel and equipment the ability to operate with impunity, being invisible to sensors that utilize radio waves and infrared radiation with rank value 50 ability.

2004 Variations

the Dreadnok Stun

Several years after the originals were mothballed, the Dreadnoks stole several examples of Cobra's Stuns. Replacing their black and red color scheme with a neon purple and blue abomination, the Dreadnok Stun may look horribly different, but otherwise functions exactly the same.

Extra Goodies:

the Stun 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

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