Faith Antithesis


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Faith Anise, more commonly known as Faith Antithesis, is a dual believer. She is an ardent adherent to the principles of the Scientific College of Frankology as well as those of the Zen Hell-Kites, and has manifested advanced abilities reflective of both antagonistic philosophies.


Believer Psionics (Metapsionic Powers):

Invulnerability Aura / Empathic Powers (a) (s): when she finds herself in combat, Faith may forego her standard empathic resistance, replacing it with her 'battle trance'. This effectively grants her complete immunity to all empathic assaults while she is fighting with anyone.

Greater Resistance / Deionic Attacks (t) (s): this power provides senior Frankologists like Faith intensity 8, or +2, resistance to any power wielded by a deific being, the clerical spells or holy powers granted to their followers, or anything which inflicts deionic damage.

Resistance Aura / Empathic Powers (s) (s): when not actively in battle, Faith nonetheless has significant resistance to empathic powers. This power functions at intensity 16, offering like resistance (or her Willpower +4, if that would be higher) for this single-minded scrapper.

Believer Psionics (Psikinetic Powers):

Flaw Sense (s) (w): a step above and beyond her knack with fighting logistics, Faith can perceive the weakness(es) of a person, place or thing with intensity 5 ability, spotting physical weaknesses with easy difficulty and mental failings with average difficulty.

If she can take advantage of this weakness, Faith can add this power's intensity to the damage she inflicts if she trumps when attacking. Living targets must pass a challenging Strength (or Willpower, if mental) action against the damage suffered or be stunned for an aura duration.

Believer Psionics (Theonic Powers):

Theonic Invisibility (s) (i): wielding this power at intensity 15, Faith can move about with relative impunity in the territory of most deities, whether it's a simple congregation of the faithful or a would-be god's actual realm of power.

Theonic Sense (s) (i): Faith can also sense the presence of immortal beings and their minions with intensity 10 skill, making it rather unlikely that such entities can approach within far missile distance of her without her knowing about it.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Nemesis / Organized Religion: as a Frankologist, Faith naturally earns the ire of most religious groups as soon as she reveals her beliefs to them. These groups will actively oppose Faith's efforts, no matter how justified they may seem, simply to ensure their own survival.

Nemesis / the Knights of the Moral Majority: while she has done many faith-based groups wrong over the years, none have suffered Faith's vengeance quite like the Knights of the Moral Majority. This well-funded group would gleefully kill Faith if only they could find her.


Antithesis (w): Faith's personal weapon is a small blade she acquired after slaying her first so-called immortal. Built specifically to kill other deific beings, this knife was carved from the bones of such an entity, has an m.s. of 25, and inflicts deionic damage in melee.

Daggers (s): while Faith specializes in unarmed combat, the better to strangle the life from her enemies, she nonetheless carries a wide array of small, sharp and pointy objects secreted about her person - which she can use to inflict her Strength +3 damage (in melee or when thrown).


Boxing (s): a life full of strife has honed Faith's natural fighting prowess. She may divide her pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee attacks in a single exchange, the second of which will occur as a contingent action.

Languages / Arabic, English, Italian, and Japanese (i): though an American by birth, Faith has wandered far and wide across the world, the better to combat her many, many enemies. She can read, write and speak in all of these languages, though the latter is a bit tricky for her still.

Martial Arts (a): her time with the Zen Hell-Kites has greatly enhanced Faith's unarmed fighting ability. She can resolve unarmed attacks with her Strength or Agility, and can reduce the difficulty of actions intended to lower falling damage, dodge attacks or catch thrown weapons.

Philosophy (i): Faith has spent plenty of time with Professor Frankowitz, both in and out of battle with the forces of religion. In matters of philosophical discourse, Faith makes related Intellect actions at a reduced difficulty, which helps her to focus on her personal war.

Skill / Knives (s): Faith is quite the knife fighter. While she can use any weapons without penalty, she excels in the use of small blades - and she has many of them secreted about her person at all times. She can wield knives at a reduced difficulty.

Thrown Weapons (a): for someone who prefers unarmed fighting, Faith is terribly competent when she has something sharp and pointy in hand. She can fling weapons designed to be thrown at one difficulty level lower than is usually necessary.

Weapon Specialist / Antithesis (s): the prize of her first 'final battle' with an actual deific being, this weapon is built specifically to slay such entities. Faith may wield this weapon at an additional reduced difficulty, and is allowed a +1 initiative modifier while doing so.

Weapons Master (s): though she prefers to fight her foes unarmed, Faith has taken the time to master a wide variety of weapon skills with the Zen Hell-Kites. This skill allows her to utilize any weapon (melee or ranged) without a penalty for unfamiliarity.


Faith Anise is a member of both the Scientific College of Frankology and the Zen Hell-Kites, two philosophical groups which she has embraced whole-heartedly. She can rely on each of these groups for assistance in a pinch, as they tend to support their members.

In particular, Faith is on good terms with both Professor Frankowitz, who personally groomed her into a senior member of his College, as well as Master Smith, who supervised her training in the Hell-Kites. She's spent considerable time working with both of these men.


Protector, with a secondary calling of Vengeance: Faith does what she does to protect others from the evils of organized religion, which as she sees them is virtually anything they do. Of course, personal payback is always a component of her actions, as well.


When she's actively warring with some religious group or another, Faith tends to wear a matte black stretch fabric body suit, situated beneath all manner of webbing, belts, sheathes and the like, and complemented with black combat boots, black fingerless gloves, and a black bandana.

When she's not out punching and stabbing cultists, Faith generally wears mundane civilian clothing appropriate for whatever country she's currently working in. Said clothing invariably has many hidden pouches contained within, holding several daggers at the ready.


Faith is single-minded in her one-woman war against organized religions. The horrors she endured as a child have given her a laser-like focus on her chosen cause, and little (if anything) can persuade her to let it lie for more than a few days before she resumes her actions.

While she gleefully wreaks havoc against any and all organized religions, the truth is that Faith does not solely do what she does for vengeance. Not just, anyway. No, her goal is to spare as many others as is possible from the fate she suffered as a child.

Real Name: Faith Anise
Occupation: vigilante
Legal Status: citizen of the United States wanted for a variety of brutal crimes in numerous nations
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Scientific College of Frankology, the Zen Hell-Kites

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: black, heavily graying
Eyes: brown
Weight: 185 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Faith is a visually imposing woman. She has an incredibly muscular build, and is heavily scarred across her body thanks to a life filled to the brim with conflict.


Faith grew up in an ordinary suburban town, raised by faithful parents (hence her name). They spent much of their time outside of work in the church, which meant that Faith did as well. Little did her family know, however, that monsters were lurking in their church.

A large variety of unspeakable crimes were committed in the family's congregation, and Faith was but one of the victims of such. When these acts came to light however, the church's administration merely shuffled the offenders off to a new church, rather than face public scrutiny.

But Faith wasn't about to allow this injustice to go unanswered. She bided her time of course, pretending everything was normal, all the while keeping tabs on the evil men who did her wrong with the protection (and thus, in her eyes, the blessings) of their religion.

When she was physically ready, Faith left her home and everything she ever knew, and violently killed the men who had ruined her childhood... with her bare hands! The brutality of this incident received national media attention, and Faith found herself demonized by the media.

Enter Professor Frankowitz.

Upon hearing of her situation, the Professor assembled his crack team of wily lawyers and set them loose on the case. Despite the public outcry this caused, Frankowitz ultimately managed to help Faith avoid jail time, though she was committed for several years as a result of her actions.

While she was institutionalized, Faith's personal beliefs came into razor sharp focus, and she knew what she wanted to do with her life. As soon as she was free, she intended to wage war against all the faiths of the world - to prevent others from suffering the fate she herself had.

When her time in the mental hospital was done, Faith moved to New York City, to study under the tutelage of Professor Frankowitz himself. She spent several years in the College, learning everything she needed to combat organized religion to the best of her ability.

Though much of this study involved the discussion of philosophical matters, a lot of Faith's activities involved direct, physical actions against many of the cult-like churches that had been springing up in the area of late - in particular, the Knights of the Moral Majority.

Faith takes great delight in hospitalizing its members.

In time, Faith once more drew the ire of law enforcement, and this time she didn't bother facing the music for her many crimes. No, Faith simply left the country, intent on taking her war against religion world-wide... something she did with the full blessing of the Professor!

During her travels, Faith came across a strange man who seemed to sense the barely contained rage boiling within her. This man, who identified himself to Faith as Master Smith, indicated that if she wanted, he could help her to control the fires raging within her mind.

And with none of that dogmatic hogwash that churches provided. Intrigued, Faith took Master Smith up on his offer, and journeyed with him to Tibet. There, Faith spent several more years within the home of the Zen Hell-Kites, where she did indeed get a handle on her hatred.

And mastered a large array of combat skills with which to express it. Working with the elders of the Hell-Kites for a time, to thank them for all the work they performed when making her an unstoppable killing machine, Faith then moved on to greener pastures.

And has been murdering the representatives of every religion, around the world, and in large quantities, ever since.

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