Modron, Duodrone

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As are all other modrons, the countless hordes of duodrones are extradimensional clockwork beings, hailing from the highly orderly plane of Mechanus. Their fantastic alien physiology is a bizarre blend of flesh and gears, and this, combined with their inherently magical nature, is the source of the duodrones' many and various ascendant powers.

Known Powers:

Modron Physique: the children of Mechanus, the infinite masses of modrons are a potent blend of organism and mechanism. Modrons seamlessly combine the two diametric designs into a seamless whole, a feat which is made possible by their highly orderly, magically charged bodies. Duodrones are no exception to this rule, and have access to these powerful abilities as a result:

* Agelessness: all modrons, regardless of rank or station, are ageless in nature. Instead of having the longevity power, which implies an eventual lifespan, modrons simply do not age whatsoever. In fact, if not slain by accident or design, a modron may effectively live on forever, adopting new and more versatile forms as it ascends the ladder of law.

* Body Armor: both organic and inorganic in nature, all modrons have some manner of resistance to physical attacks. Essentially, base modrons should be treated as having rank value 6 protection from physical attacks, and rank value 2 protection from assaults of an energy-based nature. This is often enough defense to discourage assault by most mundane beings against the teeming masses of duodrones.

* Damage Reduction / Cold, Corrosion, and Fire Attacks: the modron physique is highly resistant, albeit not totally immune to, the effects of extreme cold, heat, and corrosives - this despite their partially metallic nature. They possess 2 RS of damage reduction against such attack forms, allowing them to maneuver in most hostile environs with relative ease - which comes in handy during the Modron March.

* Invulnerability to Emotion Control, Illusion, Mind Control, Paralysis / Sleep, and Vampirism: all modrons, even the lowly duodrone, are completely immune to these attack forms. As beings of ultimate order, they are able to shrug off such effects with ease - though they can readily perceive when such assaults are used (albeit unsuccessfully) against them.

Infravision: duodrones are blessed with the ability to see in the dark, in addition to their normal five senses, at rank value 6. This basically allows them to see into the gloom of night (or other odd darknesses) as far as normal vision allows. While rarely necessary on Mechanus, it definitely comes handy in off-plane work, as several of the more sinister planes are utterly dark to standard vision.

Wings: modron duodrones are equipped with two metallic wing-like things that sprout out the back of their oddly shaped bodies, allowing them to take to the air if their duties require them to. Their wings allow duodrones to flutter about at approximately 27.27 miles per hour, which translates into rank value 2 flight. This isn't all that quick, to be sure, but it works in a pinch.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Duodrones, if on a special mission, can be equipped with just about any type of necessary device. However, they most often carry at least one weapon on them, usually designed for melee (such as a club or spear) but not always (duodrones can make effective use of a crossbow). They can inflict rank value 6 damage (either Bashing, Slashing, or Piercing, depending) with these.


Dwarfism: not quite as small as a monodrone but still smaller than most adventurers, duodrones are generally at a disadvantage in the height department. While their diminutive stature does not actually inflict the penalty of a negative size factor upon duodrones, it means that they can usually only use equipment that is specifically made with them in mind.

Fighting Logistics: duodrones, like all modrons, wield naturally organized minds. They can apply their inherent analytical tendencies to combat applications, sizing up a foe rather quickly. This allows them to add a +1 RS to all Melee ACT rolls made against a foe after 1d10 rounds (not turns), a bonus that lasts until said opponent radically changes his, her, or its fighting style.


Law: more than anything else, the modrons are ultimate masters of law, knowing their own clockwork plane in and out. They extend this basic knowledge of What Should Be to all aspects of existence, and may attempt Intellect ACTs based on orderly systems of any variety at a +1 RS, +2 RS if it involves their home plane, Mechanus, and +3 RS regarding Regulus itself.


While they aren't as dim as monodrones are, duodrones are still not that bright, being unable to function independently. Two function creatures, the duodrones are capable of performing two tasks at a time, wielding a limited ability to interpret commands. Duodrones can only speak in the logical language of the modrons, but they can speak nonetheless.


The duodrones are small, though not as short as a monodrone. At four feet tall, the duodrone basically consists of two rectangular blocks, joined together at the 'waist' with a round, cog-looking device between them. The lower block connects to the duodrone's two legs, while the top holds its two arms and face (which is vaguely humanoid in configuration).

Ecological Niche:

On Mechanus, duodrones are only slightly less numerous than monodrones, in that vast, vast quantities of the creatures are necessary to maintain the strange chain of command that the modrons adhere to. In addition to their limited administrative role, duodrones often perform complex tasks beyond those monodrones are capable of completing. A duodrone is usually in charge of twelve monodrones.

Extra Goodies:

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