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Mia, while originally just an 'ordinary' human, sought meaning in life after becoming disenfranchised with the American legal system. Her travels ultimately led her to education in the mystic arts, and she works to this very day to gain an ever more potent mastery of philosophical magics.

Known Powers:

Schooling: Disciple / Philosophical Magic (Balance):

Ten years of travel, study, and tests galore helped Mia better understand of the world, thanks to her intense training in the arts of Philosophical magic. A firm believer in balance, Mia is working to bring equilibrium to the world, and is a disciple with these spells under her belt:

Eldritch Bolts (u): when Mia first learned this spell, she discovered how to fire bolts of balancing force, a focus of philosophical will that she can use to inflict rank value 40 Karmic damage, and which have a tendency to neutralize other philosophical energies.

This because philosophical energies carry a form of Probability Fallout that reflects their nature, and cause minor, temporary transformations in their target. Mia's bolts specifically counter other philosophical forces, either neutralizing or reversing their effects.

For example, if striking someone representing goodness, Mia's bolts may cause ominous tattoos to suddenly appear on him in obvious places, or a body wielding chaotic energies may find their rag tag costume replaced with a three-piece suit of dull coloration - it all depends.

Healing / Others (u): Mia can wield this spell to heal damage suffered by others, no matter how severe. She actually commands this spell with rank value 50 ability, but since healing is nominally a spell of reparation, she casts it at -4 RS (a functional rank value of 10).

Philosophical Sense (s): one of her first spells, this mystic power allows Mia to look at a person, place or thing and determine its philosophical leanings. She can determine whether something is good, evil, chaotic, orderly, or balanced with this rank value 30 spell.

Sending (p): whenever she wishes to send a message to anyone, Mia may create a sending. This is a semi-sentient energy construct that seeks out the recipient of her message with rank value 30 skill, delivering it no matter how far away Mia may be from him or her.

Teleportation (u): allowing her to reach anywhere on earth in moments, Mia has mastered the art of teleportation. Wielding this rank value 75 spell, Mia can teleport with a 10,000 mile range. So as long as she can visualize a location on earth, she can be there in the blink of an eye.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Automatic Pistol: despite her initial misgivings, Mia has taken a liking to the gun her fellow Directors insist she carries on the job - it's a cathartic thing. She can fire this weapon to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage in a short burst, or +1 RS more in a full-auto spread.

Iridium ™ Satellite Phone: to keep in touch with the D.A.A. and avoid being detected / recorded by terrestrial cellular telephone networks, Mia makes use of an Iridium brand wireless phone, which utilizes a custom-built low earth orbit satellite (LEOS) network.

While the phone can be monitored, it has been retrofitted with scrambling technology of rank value 30 complexity, which makes the thing even more valuable. This phone can be used anywhere on earth, though it still cannot make a call if its signal is jammed with any serious technology.

Scrying Orb of Peep: this handy mystic object is a crystal orb of about eight inches in diameter, with a beautifully ornate platinum base - both of which have been mystically enchanted to be of m.v. 75. Wielding the orb of peep, Mia can make use of the scrying group spell.

In other words, she has her choice between the augury, clairsentience, enchanted eye, postcognition, and precognition spells, any one of which she may use as many times as she wants on a given day. She can do this at an impressive rank value of 75.

Staff: though she hardly uses it these days, Mia nonetheless carries her basic personal weapon with her at all times. Made from wood mystically enhanced to m.v. 50, Mia can use this weapon to inflict her Brawn +1 RS Bashing damage.




Guns: though she prefers to use magic in the perpetration of D.A.A. activities, Mia has been convinced to master gunplay by her fellow Directors... just in case. As such, she can now use all standard, semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles and pistols at her Coordination +1 RS.

Law: her original calling, Mia wanted to be a lawyer until she saw how the system is falling apart. Regardless, she receives a +1 RS in all legal matters, and has passed the Bar in New York State, being a fully functional (if slightly out of touch) lawyer there.

Lore: after leaving her law practice, Mia found a whole new area of study to pique her interest - the occult! After the training she's gone through, Mia can now be considered an occult expert, knowing all about various spellcasters, mystic entities, and magical items and artifacts.

Martial Arts style D: if she watches an opponent in battle for two turns, Mia may ignore body armor or other defensive abilities when attempting to inflict Pound or Concuss results in unarmed melee. Whether or not she inflicts damage, her foe must check for such results if she rolls them.

Skill / Staff: a skill learned during her mystic training, Mia has been well taught in the use of staves. She may attack with any staff as though her Melee was +1 RS higher than is listed above, though she doesn't do so very often; after all, she's not that physically powerful...!


As Director Blue, Mia is one of the three founders of the Direct Action Americans, and as a result she may rely upon the group as a whole for assistance in a pinch. It should be noted, though, that while they'd help her if asked, most of the D.A.A. finds Mia to be kind of... creepy.


Like her fellow Directors, Mia has chosen a costume based on her color of choice. She typically wears blue stretch fabric pants under a light blue skirt, a light blue tunic with a silver scale symbol on the left breast, blue leather boots, a blue leather belt, and a dark blue hooded robe.


Mia strives for inner peace, for she feels that she's at her best when emotionally detached from her work - but this is a constant, losing battle. Despite her success in the occult world, she is still angry about how things with her legal career went, and this is her true motivation in the D.A.A.

Real Name: Mia Ottos
Occupation: professional vigilante, former lawyer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Direct Action Americans

Height: 5' 5"
Hair: blonde, graying
Eyes: blue
Weight: 116 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


A lot of people become lawyers because of the financial allure. Sure, there's the whole notion of helping your fellow man, but this often comes in second place, right after the big, fat paycheck. You know the type, they constantly run television commercials for their 'personal injury' law firms.

Not so with Mia Ottos. She grew up with a fervent desire to help out those in need, and went to law school to do just that; she would've become a doctor, but back then Mia was rather squeamish. Mia did very well in college and then law school, and became a proper lawyer in no time.

The only problem was that Mia's idealized version of the world was simply at odds at the real one. Corporate lawyers repeatedly suing their competitors to bring them into submission. Frivolous lawsuits that destroy hard-working professionals. And we won't even mention the R.I.A.A.

Though she stuck it out for a few years, Mia's heart was simply crushed after losing against a nuisance suit that, despite her best efforts, ruined the reputation of perhaps the single most honest, trustworthy client she ever had. When this happened, Mia just... disappeared.

Disenfranchised, she walked the earth for a time, blowing her savings on a quest for meaning, eventually winding up in eastern Europe. Unwilling to wait for her, Mia's husband left, taking what little money still remained - and before she knew it Mia's credit cards no longer worked.

Despondent and destitute, Mia pondered suicide, but moments before she did something drastic she was approached by a strange man calling himself the Concordant. This mysterious fellow rambled on and on to Mia about how her problem wasn't ethical, but philosophical!

He went on at length describing how our world was made up of a series of checks and balances, an endless tug of war that leaves everything at equilibrium. Well, at least this conflict is supposed to, but things have changed in the world, and suddenly the forces of evil had grown ascendant.

Seeing the truth in his words, Mia agreed to help him restore balance to the world, giving up her 'good' mindset for one of, well, concordance. Immediately thereafter, the Concordant began to test Mia physically, intellectually and spiritually, indoctrinating her into his way of thinking.

Years later, Mia returned to the United States, this time with a much more potent mission. All around her she could see the forces of darkness tugging at the strings of society, and felt the need to act. Since most of this evil was centered in bizarre, secretive societies, Mia built one herself.

With the help of Randi Cole and Mortimer Jacobs, Mia founded the Direct Action Americans, a squad of highly trained, highly motivated vigilantes, a militia that would counter the forces of darkness working against American society. The battle against the darkness is a hard one, though.

Many D.A.A. operatives have lost their lives in this fight, and things are only getting worse as time passes. As such, Mia's dedication to the group has become even more intense over the years. She will not stop until she's brought the country, the world, to a state of perfect equilibrium!

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