the Defense Mech

About ten years after Gears invented his Power Fighter for the GI Joe team, the organization got the funding it needed to expand upon the gear at last. The result is a powerful mech armor that the GI Joe team can make use of in terrestrial situations.

The Defense Mech is built to augment the raw power of a soldier, if not his overall dexterity. Of course, the thing has enough firepower handy that this isn't really much of a concern; firepower is its whole reason to exist, after all. It has these capabilities:

Ability Boost (w): the Defense Mech is an armored, mechanized suit that a GI Joe team member can put on to haul seriously heavy weaponry around. It augments his abilities to some extent, allowing for staggering feats of Strength (raises it up to 13).

Body Armor (s): a suit of mechanized armor, the Defense Mech naturally provides protection from attack. Its occupant enjoys +3 body armor against attack, and the suit itself has a m.s. of 12. Some body parts are exposed however; this armor can be bypassed with bulls eye results.

Communications Gear (i): the Defense Mech is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system (and dual transceiver antennas). It has intensity 6 communications power (with a 250 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

Laser Cannon (a): the right arm on the Defense Mech is an oversized laser cannon. It can be fired to inflict +8 energy damage per devastating blast, which is usually enough to stop most personnel and vehicles cold - or at least make them think twice!

Missile Launcher (i): the left arm of the Defense Mech is essentially an immense missile launcher. It has two projectile bays, allowing it to launch two missiles at once if necessary; if only one missile hits, the damage is intensity 11, but if both hit it is raised to 12.

Extra Goodies:

the Defense Mech Saga System 13 Text File Download

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