Six-Fingered Tommy

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Unlike most D.A.A. goons, Tommy actually has super powers. He's a mutant, a fellow born with a few quirks in his genetic structure that a) were not possessed by any of his ancestors, and b) have resulted in his having a few abilities that most ordinary humans could only dream of.

Known Powers:

Flight: the first power to emerge after his latent mutation was activated, Tommy has developed the ability to ignore the forces of gravity, and can move in three dimensions at his leisure. He can currently fly with rank value 50 speed, or approximately 340.91 miles per hour.

Resistance to Gravitational Forces and Pressure Variance: a curious set of resistances, these powers allow Tommy to function perfectly well under crushing pressure or even in a vacuum, and allow him to ignore the effects of intense gravitational forces (both work at rank value 75).

Limitations / Enhancements:



Blasters: Tommy's primary implements of destruction, these weapons were seized by him after a raid on a rogue Electronicists League member's laboratory. They have since been modified slightly, to provide a better grip for Tommy's, er, extra fingers.

These energy casters are stored in tiny pocket dimensions when not in use, and can be called into our plane via a neuropathic command interface (i.e. on mental command) from specially designed mini-gauntlets, and are powered by an apparently self-replicating power supply.

When used in battle, these weapons can be fired to inflict rank value 40 Force damage per blast, and they seem capable of firing up to twelve shots before their energy supply is exhausted. Each gun can regenerate one shot per two hours of inactivity, which isn't all that bad, really...!

Communication Earpieces: the D.A.A. often makes use of encrypted wireless transceivers to synchronize activities in the field. D.A.A. earpiece communicators (with sub-vocalization options) have rank value 4 range - 5 miles - and have encryption of rank value 30 complexity wired in.


Abnormal Attribute: not really all that beneficial a mutation, Tommy nonetheless has an extra digit on each hand and foot. Using this as his namesake, Tommy thought this his only aberrant trait until recently, when he suddenly manifested additional mutant abilities.

Acceleration Tolerance: a side effect of his two resistances, Tommy has gained a considerable tolerance to the ill effects of acceleration. As such, he can accelerate at one sector per turn faster than a body without this quirk could, allowing him to quickly reach his maximum flight speed.


Advanced Guns: after he personally seized his blasters from a member of the Electronicists' League, Tommy has been trained in the fine use of energy-based weaponry as a complement to his main guns talent. He has the ability to use any energy-based firearm at his Coordination +1 RS.

Aerial Combat: after he manifested his ability to fly, the D.A.A. has worked with Tommy to maximize the use of this new found power. Thanks to this work, Tommy may add a +1 RS to any Melee or Coordination combat ACT roll required of him while he's in the air under his own power.

Engineering: though he's still working on the finer points of this science, Tommy is almost a college graduate with an engineering degree. This allows him a +1 RS on most Intellect ACTs required when designing and/or building something, whether it is a skyscraper or an airplane.

Guns: the original skill that Tommy learned from the D.A.A., this talent represents his primary combat expertise. Tommy can fire any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, or even oddball weapons like an arquebus, at his Coordination +1 RS.

Languages / English and Japanese: though his parents had moved from Japan to America, and could speak fluent English, they insisted on teaching their children their native tongue. Tommy can readily read, write and speak in both languages.

Martial Arts styles B and E: self-taught on the crucible of childhood, these martial arts styles have helped Tommy to defend himself in an unarmed state, both before and after joining the D.A.A. He can make unarmed attacks at a +1 RS, and when doing so, has a +1 initiative modifier.


Tommy has been a member of the Direct Action Americans for years, and can rely upon them for aid in a pinch - he's come through for them many times, after all. He could count Fascisma's Mutant Legion as contacts as well, if he'd just stop turning down their membership offers...


Tommy wears a conspicuous costume when adventuring. It includes blue stretch fabric trousers, a red leather belt, red leather boots, red leather gloves with all six digits cut out beneath his blasters' mini-gauntlets, a white stretch fabric shirt beneath a blue leather jacket, and a blue visor.


Tommy has a habit of keeping people at arm's length, what with him having grown up with a visible mutation - and the resultant merciless antics of his fellow classmates. He's used to the cruelty of others, so he usually tries to avoid any sort of emotional attachment if at all possible.

However, Tommy is quite loyal to those who aren't hung up on his genetic quirks, and will usually go to great lengths to help them out in a pinch; he feels his true friends are few and far between. He is also enamored of the American ideal, even if he rarely sees it in practice these days.

Real Name: Tommy Tanaka
Occupation: professional vigilante
Legal Status: naturalized citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Direct Action Americans

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 100 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Tommy is best known for being a six-fingered mutant - he has an extra digit on each hand and foot. Furthermore, he looks particularly well toned for someone his size, and generally wears his hair very short, in a sort of crop hairdo.

Another, much less noticeable trait is that Tommy has a tattoo on his forehead. This tattoo was crafted with ink that is normally invisible, but reacts to ultraviolet light. When exposed to such, one can see, in all its fluorescent glory, the number six in the middle of his forehead.


Tommy's parents left their native Japan for the United States shortly after he was born, though they wouldn't have done so had they still felt welcome in their home. They didn't though, because of the oddity their new son bore on his hands and feet.

He had an extra digit on each, and his grandparents thought him a monster. Feeling alienated, his parents simply moved on, and took new jobs for their company in America. While they didn't have to deal with evil grandparents, Tommy himself would have a rather unpleasant childhood.

Kids are rotten little things after all, and since he was significantly different Tommy was treated mercilessly by his classmates. Consistently beat up in school, Tommy spent most of his spare time learning how to fight, and by the time he was in high school the guy was quite the scrapper.

Very lean and very angry, Tommy was usually an outsider through high school, but he wasn't alone; he managed to make a few friends after all. This is probably what helped to steer him away from a life of crime later in life, though at the time he had no clue what was in store for him.

Upon graduating from high school Tommy was approached by Director Red, a leader of the Direct Action Americans, a vigilante group that felt the need to protect the country from threats it couldn't handle by itself. She sensed a great potential within Tommy, and wanted to recruit him.

Thinking this silly, Tommy turned the Director down. He was approached soon after by Ultra, a high-ranking member of Fascisma's Mutant Legion, who was supposed to invite Tommy into their, er, legion. However, Ultra thought Tommy to be inferior, and set out to eliminate him instead.

Though Ultra and her own flunkies had powers, Tommy had years of bottled up rage combined with an effective fighting style to defend himself with, and he managed to actually rout Ultra's various thugs - if not the ultraviolet queen herself.

She didn't get to kill Tommy, though, for he was rescued by Director Red!

With the Legion driven off, Red explained that Ultra and her goons were but one of the threats America faced - threats which ordinary law enforcement couldn't handle. She then offered Tommy another chance to serve his country.

Grateful to (and a bit smitten for) the pretty lady, Tommy accepted.

Attending college by day and training with the D.A.A. at night, Tommy worked hard to become both a master combatant and an engineer - like father like son. When not studying or training, Tommy joins his fellow D.A.A. skull-crackers on some mission or another when needed.

One such mission saw him joining Jinx and Kansas Bob on a B-and-E at the White House. Their mission: to extract a strange viral bomb that then-Vice President Al Gore was using to sign various documents; the bomb had been built into the man's lucky pen, and could go off any time.

The trio managed to walk off with the thing, but several freak accidents occurred in the process, which culminated in Kansas Bob getting a piano dropped on him from the second floor of the White House. He eventually recovered from this, but Tommy sure hated dragging him out of there.

Another adventure saw Tommy, Bruno and Time Out raiding the floating laboratory of Electronicists League member Old Gruff, to destroy some device he'd invented to devolve humanity into single-celled organisms. In the process of this adventure, Tommy was forever changed.

Old Gruff used the device on Tommy, but the ramshackle thing malfunctioned when used on him, activating the latent powers that he'd apparently been sitting on all his life. Suddenly, Tommy found that he had the ability to ignore gravity, and could move at his leisure in three dimensions.

This helped Tommy and company to beat Old Gruff, and after 'confiscating' a bunch of his gear, the trio made their way home. This made Tommy an even more valuable operative for the D.A.A., and they've been investing more and more time into his training of late.

Naturally, Fascisma's Mutant Legion have stepped up their attempts to recruit Tommy as well, though after his treatment at Ultra's hands, he has refused them every time. Not that he hasn't considered joining to take them down from within...!

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