Mr. Lovejoy

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Mr. Lovejoy, like the vast majority of super humans on his world, is a paranormal. He gained his abilities after the so-called White Event, a vast discharge of unknown, paradoxical energies that forever changed his earth back in 1986.

Known Powers:

Aside from his prodigious Brawn, none.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Temper: in his current state, Mr. Lovejoy demonstrates an extremely bad temper, needing little - if any - excuse to lash out at just everyone and everything in his immediate vicinity. Should he wish to, Lovejoy must pass a Willpower ACT roll at -2 RS to keep a lid on it.


Martial Arts style B: Mr. Lovejoy likely has several skills, as he wasn't a wandering crazy until he met his new friends. These other talents are currently unknown, but Lovejoy at least knows his way around a scrap, and as such, he may attempt unarmed attacks at his Melee +1 CS.


Whatever contacts Mr. Lovejoy may have had before he gained his paranormal powers are unknown. These days, though, he seems to be drifting around with 'Dean' and 'Mrs. Kaminski', two empathic mental cases who recently escaped from a mental institution.


Mr. Lovejoy is no super hero (or villain, for that matter).

Since he's rather destitute and wandering the country on foot, he simply wears the outfit he had on him when he encountered his current 'friends'. This is a long sleeved white shirt, brown pants, brown leather hiking shoes, and brown, finger-less gloves.


Mr. Lovejoy's true personality is rather indiscernible in his current state.

You see, while wandering about with his mental case pals, he's being continually goaded into a rage, which makes him act out irrationally against just about anything and everything that bothers him - especially folks that bug his 'friends'.

Real Name: Mr. Lovejoy (first name unknown)
Occupation: drifter
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single (?)
Alias(es), if any: Scrunch (as he's called by Tantrum)
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6'
Hair: brown, balding
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Mr. Lovejoy wears plastic-rimmed spectacles, though the exact nature of his vision problem is unknown.


Like many of the paranormals who seem to cross paths with the bearers of the Star Brand, not that much is known about the personal background of Mr. Lovejoy. It appears that he was some sort of professional man, however, before he ran afoul of two paranormal escapees from a local mental hospital. And as luck would have it, both had the ability to mess with the minds of others.

After some exposure to these whacked out space cases, Mr. Lovejoy's ordinary persona took a back seat, and he basically turned into an animalistic instrument of destruction. This was because, little did he know it, but Mr. Lovejoy was a paranormal himself, possessed of truly impressive physical strength. Noting this, the duo decided to keep Mr. Lovejoy around for the time being, as he was useful.

This decision proved to be a good one when Mrs. Kaminski, after collecting food from a nearby grocery store, was followed by one Ken Connell, the Star Brand! He noted the use of her powers when she stole several bags of food, and decided to investigate. Of course, he didn't know that all three of the people he would run into were paranormals, and as such, they caught him off guard.

Having learned that they were in fact escapees from a mental hospital, he tried to take them back, but Mrs. Kaminski's fear powers managed to keep Ken occupied long enough for Dean to totally overwhelm Mr. Lovejoy with his ability to make others angry, and Lovejoy began to bludgeon Ken into submission, first with his bare hands and then with a tree he nabbed from the forest around the combatants.

The combination of Lovejoy's assaults and his fellows' empathic powers managed to bring Connell down, despite his impressive powers. They couldn't (or wouldn't) kill him, however, and were long gone by the time that would-be hero recovered from his defeat. Leaving for parts unknown, Mr. Lovejoy and his so-called friends haven't been seen by any super heroes since.

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