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Noh-Varr, the seventh Marvel Boy, is a Kree soldier from a variant timeline - one radically different from our own. He has been significantly enhanced with insect DNA and nanotechnology, despite the normal Kree belief in genetic purity (in our timeline, at any rate).

Known Powers:

Insectoid Physiology: while he is human in appearance, Noh-Varr is in truth much, much more. He has been genetically optimized for survival with a blend of insectoid genes harvested from across the known multiverse, genes which give him these super-human powers:

* Clinging: Noh-Varr can navigate vertical surfaces as well as horizontal ones; in fact, he can walk or run on walls or ceilings just as well as he can on flat, ordinary surfaces. He can do this with rank value 50 ability, even while wielding his super running power.

* Damage Reduction: one of his stated augmentations is that Noh-Varr is tough - much tougher than ordinary humans. He benefits from 2 RS of damage reduction, causing the damage inflicted by incoming physical and energy attacks to be reduced by this amount.

* Super Running: above and beyond everything else, Noh-Varr is fast. In addition to possessing lightning quick reflexes, he can run at amazing speeds; he was clocked by Midas' men at an eighty-six mile per hour running speed. This translates into rank value 40 super running.

* Triple-Jointed Body: as stated by Noh-Varr himself, the man is triple-jointed everywhere. This allows him tremendous flexibility both in and out of combat, which combined with his super running makes him unbelievably nimble (he's a natural contortionist).

Nanotechnology: further supplementing his augmented physiology, Noh-Varr also has nanotechnological enhancements teeming in his various bodily fluids, offering him even more capabilities in a pinch. His known nanotech augmentations include the following:

* Biological, Psi Senses: abilities that doesn't correspond to his insect DNA, Noh-Varr can perceive the presence of other living things, and whether or not they have any psi-active ability (or even sentient thought). These sensory skills function at rank value 40.

* Claws: at will, Noh-Varr can grow claws from his fingernails, claws which have a bony, chitinous look to them. He can use these claws to inflict his Brawn value in Slashing damage, or as a delivery system for his mind-altering hallucinogenic chemicals (or both, really).

* Force Blast: though he usually relies on really big guns of Kree design, Noh-Varr has demonstrated the ability to generate energy of an unknown type at his leisure. Since he uses weapons instead of this ability, it may not be too powerful; call it rank value 40.

* Illusion Projection / Mesmerism: by exposing them to his bodily fluids, Noh-Varr can reach into a person's mind, and cause them to experience vivid hallucinations. Furthermore, people so affected seem subject to his will. These are both rank value 40 powers.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Cannon: his ultimate weapon, Noh-Varr carries this two-handed, versatile weapon on particularly dangerous missions. It mainly functions as a bigger version of his twin blasters, and can inflict rank value 100 Energy damage per blast - taking down whole buildings.

This cannon can also be loaded with special ammunition. These grenades are propelled by the cannon's energy output, and inflict its damage in a scatter effect, harming everything within the sector it detonates inside. Multiple grenades can be loaded simultaneously.

Finally, Noh-Varr has access to 'cosmic bullets', special shots that either make use of cosmic radiation or give off like energies when they detonate. These are much more effective than the cannon's ordinary shots, and inflict rank value 150 Armor Piercing Energy damage.

the Marvel: this incredible spacecraft, a so-called 'dimension schooner', is a product of ridiculously advanced Kree technology in a variant timeline. It runs on a cosmic power engine, and uses the power of belief itself to cross the barrier between timelines.

The exact capabilities of the Marvel are unknown, for it was wrecked upon its arrival on earth, and repairs were never actually completed. Its abilities presumably include Dimensional Transit, Super / Flight, and various other 'standard' starship abilities (weapons, force fields, etc...).

The ship itself is managed by the We Plex, a Supreme Intelligence Personality Complex, a multiple personality control interface that stores the vast treasure trove of knowledge from Noh-Varr's timeline. The ship also holds cosmic horrors captured on the ship's many adventures.

Pocket Battlefield: one item he borrowed from the 'Plex armory, this device is a cube three inches to each side, which can expand when thrown to envelop everybody within one sector of Noh-Varr in a pocket universe where the normal laws of physics may or may not apply.

The pocket battlefield has nine separate environmental modes, but only one was seen, that of a space filled with a swirling, pink and red energy, one which interacts with Noh-Varr's subconscious mind to enhance his performance, while at the same time limiting that of his foes.

In game terms, what appears to happen is that the wielder of a pocket battlefield gains a +1 RS to all his combat ACTs, while his opponents receive a -1 RS to theirs, putting them at a distinct disadvantage. But at least it limits the collateral damage of a super-human battle!

Power Suit: Noh-Varr is already rather impressive in combat, thanks to both his triple-helix, insectoid DNA and nanoactive powers. However, he nonetheless makes use of a Kree power suit, one which doesn't really absorb the brunt of impact so much as it enhances performance.

The suit itself appears to be nothing more than a stretch fabric body suit, one which doesn't cover the head, lower arms, and lower legs, but is filled to capacity with micro-miniature devices of a Kirby-esque design. These devices boost Noh-Varr's traits 1 RS while active.

The gauntlets on the suit can transform at Noh-Varr's mental command into twinned blasters, each of which can be used to inflict rank value 50 Energy damage, and are connected to the suit proper with nifty power cables. They can both be fired simultaneously to inflict +1 RS damage.


Alien Customs: Noh-Varr is very different in mindset from humans. In fact, he harbors an active distaste of human culture and history, and as such he tends to be at his Repute -2 RS where NPC reactions are concerned - unless they are enamored of him, or aliens, or the like.

High Pain Threshold: Noh-Varr has the ability to shunt cerebral input from his pain receptors into his auditory complex; instead of feeling pain, he just hears music or noise. This gives him the ability to resist pain, not to mention Concuss results, at his Fortitude trait +2 RS.

Temper: as noted by the We-Plex itself, Noh-Varr has a very bad temper, and tends to fly off the handle easily. Of course, when he takes his temper out on people, whole cities tend to pay the price. He is at -2 RS to rein in his temper should someone or something offend his sensibilities.


Advanced Guns: a part of his Kree military training has involved Noh-Varr learning how to use all manner of energetic firearms. Whether he's toting blasters, particle weapons, or even a laser beam projector, Noh-Varr may use such weapons at his Coordination +1 RS.

Languages / English, Kree: so far, Noh-Varr has demonstrated a working knowledge of English, some of which he picked up on the fly, and some he learned through the We-Plex. He presumably knows several additional languages, but he has yet to demonstrate any others.

Martial Arts styles A and B: taking advantage of his impressive nimbleness and speed, Noh-Varr can inflict devastating damage when unarmed. He can Pound or Concuss a foe regardless of his comparative Brawn or Fortitude traits, and receives a +1 RS on all unarmed strikes.

Military / Kree 2: as an operative of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt, Noh-Varr has been well trained (or indoctrinated, or brainwashed) in the Kree Way. As such, he can command military men and women instinctively, and has a brilliantly effective tactical mind.

Pilot / Astronaut: supplementing his martial skills, Noh-Varr is able to pilot all manner of flying vehicles. Without having ever seen one, he managed to fly one of Midas' personal aircraft, after all. His Coordination at the stick of any air or spacecraft should be considered +1 RS.


As a member of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt, Noh-Varr presumably can draw upon Kree from his timeline as contacts; those present in our own actuality would probably see him as a dangerous throwback or mutation. Other than that, Noh-Varr has few contacts he can rely on here.

The one person he's befriended since his arrival on earth is the Exterminatrix, she who is named Oubliette, the daughter of the dangerous trillionaire plunderer known only as Midas. She's founded a religion based on Noh-Varr, or at least instigated one, since his capture by SHIELD.


Noh-Varr wears a skin-tight power suit of Kree design, one that does not cover his lower arms or legs. It is green on the outside and white in the center, with gold trim separating the two colors. He accents this with a golden belt, golden gauntlets, a green helmet, and green and black boots.


Noh-Varr is an incredibly angry young Kree. And he's angry at earth. Naturally, having both the will and the means to do so, Noh-Varr is driven to change the earth for what he perceives to be the better. Being stubborn, obstinate and vengeful, he just might pull his ultimate goal off, too!

Real Name: Noh-Varr
Occupation: envoy of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt
Legal Status: citizen of the Kree Empire, currently wielding a massive criminal record on earth
Marital Status: single, presumably inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: Ensign Marvel
Group Affiliation: the Kree Empire (in his own timeline)

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: white
Eyes: green
Weight: 165 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Noh-Varr is not blue-skinned or pink-skinned like most traditional Kree, but instead looks perfectly human in skin tone - Caucasian, in fact.


Noh-Varr's history is shrouded in mystery, for he hails from a timeline startlingly different from our own. He is Kree by descent, but in his variant actuality the Kree have evolved into a much more potent force to be reckoned with. For instance, their technology is vastly superior.

They have mastered their own genetic structure, and can alter it as they see fit to various effects, unlike their counterparts in our own timeline who would find such practices... abhorrent. This because where Noh-Varr comes from, the Kree's dogma is based on philosophy, not genealogy.

Practicing what advanced SHIELD scientists could only describe as 'Zen Fascism', these Kree work to spread their Way throughout the cosmos, nay, all causality. This thanks to impressive technology which allows them to cross the dimensional barrier as they see fit.

For instance, after finally negotiating peace between the Kree and Skrulls in their timeline, Noh-Varr and his fellows in the 18th Diplomatic Gestalt were blasted across the dimensions during an encounter with three 'astro-gods', Celestial-like beings that were doing Bad Things.

Using their Epiphany engines, which run on the pure power of belief, these cross-time Kree began a years-long journey towards their home universe, during which time they had all manner of freakishly bizarre adventures, encountered frightening new life forms, and so on.

When they were one timeline from home however, they were ambushed by Midas, a trillionaire collector of the esoteric, who wanted their technology for his own. Thanks to his handiwork, all of Noh-Varr's compatriots were killed, leaving him to wonder why he alone survived.

Imprisoned by Midas, Noh-Varr ultimately escaped - only to find himself marooned on our world. Considering it a barbaric, backward society, Noh-Varr vowed to avenge the loss of his crew, especially his love, Merree. He figured he could do this best by 'terraforming' the earth.

Announcing his presence by carving an obscene epitaph into the New York City skyline, an act which demolished countless buildings but killed no one thanks to the We-Plex's help, Noh-Varr indeed made himself known to terran authorities, who sent bizarre super-clones to take him down.

After dealing with these 'Banner Men', Noh-Varr had to defeat Hexus, a living corporation that had escaped from the wreckage of his doomed ship. A living idea, Hexus was indeed difficult to deal with, but Noh-Varr's ingenious tactics brought it to heel.

After this, Midas came looking for Noh-Varr and his ship, so he could use its cosmic ray drive to empower himself, and used his daughter to reel the Kree in. Though she relished the hunt at first, Oubliette, Midas' monster-slaying daughter, eventually fell for Noh-Varr.

Instead of giving him over to Midas once she'd beaten him, Oubliette carried Noh-Varr back to the Marvel, which was currently hiding well beneath the streets of New York City. There Midas tracked them both down, though in a savage battle, Midas was ultimately defeated.

Exhausted after this fight, which involved facing a super-charged Midas, not to mention one of his terrifying Un-Entities, Noh-Varr was easy pickings for a SHIELD task force. Led by Dum Dum Dugan, this force captured Noh-Varr and dragged him off to the so-called Cube.

This place, supposedly built to contain Doctor Doom himself, was said to hold hundreds of the world's most dangerous super-nutjobs. Despite SHIELD claims to the contrary, Noh-Varr vowed that he would be in charge of the place in months... and that it would be his new world capital.

During the months that followed, he worked to slowly achieve his goal, the conquest of this vaunted 'Cube', though his ultimate success was offset by a visit from the so-called Illuminati, interloping heroic 'masterminds' who'd taken it upon themselves to 'save the world' in utter secrecy.

They tried to convince Noh-Varr to live up to the legacy of Captain Marvel, another Kree who had been left to his own devices on earth, and claimed the world as his own to protect. Defiant at first, he began to consider their offer, though fate ultimately forced his hand.

When a Skrull invasion of the earth began, Noh-Varr wound up meeting a Skrull that was posing as the previous Captain Marvel. He'd gotten so 'lost' in character that he had betrayed his own people to protect the earth from the Skrull plot - at least, before he died in battle.

Seeing this, Noh-Varr made up his mind, and decided to turn his energies towards the defeat of this savage foe; of course, being Kree in nature it didn't really take too much for him to divert his energies to the killing of Skrulls really. He joined earths defenders against this 'Secret Invasion'.

What he has done since the earth's ultimate victory has yet to be seen.

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