John Tensen: Justice

Rm 30
Ex 20
Gd 10
Rm 30
Ex 20
Rm 30
Rm 30
Gd 10
Gd -10



After the so-called White Event, a strange astronomical phenomenon which bathed the earth in paradoxical energies, Justice Department operative John Tensen was forever changed. As he began to develop fantastic paranormal powers as a result of the White Event, John was brainwashed by another insane paranormal and, sucked into his fantasy world, his mind was forever altered for the worse.

Known Powers:

Aura Vision: John has several vision-based sensory abilities, each of which help him to dispense justice on those who deserve it. Whenever he uses these powers, John's eyes glow with an eerie red light, which is often a portent of things to come. He can use these powers at will, and a FEAT roll is necessary only if a foe is attempting to hide from them. These abilities include:

* Origin Sense: one important thing John can tell about a person is whether or not they have paranormal powers. This sensory ability works at Amazing (50) rank, and John can tell if these powers are paranormal in nature, or of some other origin. He can likely perceive any powers within an individual, whether they be inborn or talent-based.

* Philosophical Awareness: originally, John could only tell the moral leanings of a body, simply by looking at them. This power allows him to tell whether or not they possessed a good, evil, orderly, chaotic, or balanced mindset. Furthermore, he could tell just how far a person leaned towards such moral extremes, doing so with Amazing (50) skill.

* Spectral Sense: a curious and rarely used (rarely needed, actually) power of John's is his ability to spot people in his vicinity who aren't really there, but are observing him via some form of out of body experience. Such individuals include astral travelers and anyone watching him with temporal viewing powers; this is also an Amazing (50) ranked power.

Energy Blasts: his singular attack power, this energy 'sword' allows John to emit various forms of energy at an opponent. Fired through his right hand on most occasions, this blast works at Monstrous (75) power, and is usually lethal - not that John minds this in the slightest. To date, he has demonstrated the following variety of power stunts:

* Blinding Attack: instead of killing an opponent with a lethal blast of heat, John can instead emit a blinding cone of light at them from his sword arm. This flash of light acts to blind an opponent with Monstrous (75) ability, and while it isn't permanent, it will affect a person for 1d100 turns if they fail an Endurance FEAT roll versus this rank.

* Disintegration: normally, John's sword is a searing blast of thermal energy, one that is potent enough to burn a target to a crisp with but one blow. This is effectively a disintegrating attack, inflicting Monstrous (75) MB damage to an opponent with each deadly strike. If this power lowers a target to zero Health and Endurance, it will reduce him to a smoking pile of ash.

* Heat Generation: though his blasts are usually potent enough to flash fry opponents, John can instead emit lower levels of heat. This usually happens when he's 'pulling his punch' or unable to fully concentrate on his powers, but the heat he generates is enough to melt speeding bullets before they hit him, and likely works as an Amazing (50) Energy (heat) attack.

Force Shields: primarily wielded through his left hand, these translucent, rectangular planes of psionic force can defend John from any attack - if he can get them between himself and said attack - with Monstrous (75) ability. In addition to offering the following protection from attack, these shields can be used by John in the following, innovative ways:

Am 50 / Mn 75 / Ex 20 / Mn 75 / Fe 2

* Force Blast: John has utilized his energy shields to push others around on numerous occasions. Primarily, this involves his charging an opponent while his shields are active, allowing him to inflict +1 CS charging damage. However, he can also project them at an opponent, knocking them about as per a kinetic attack, inflicting Incredible (40) Force damage with each attempt.

* Force Field: instead of projecting his two-dimensional planes of force, John can instead surround a body - either himself or another - in a spherical 'dome' of overlapping shields, protecting them from attacks issuing from any direction relative to their person. However, he must pass a red power FEAT roll to do this, or else the field will collapse.

* Jelling: by projecting his shields in the horizontal, John can use them to walk on the air, doing so at Incredible (40) rank. He can use these steps to walk at any altitude, to move up or down (by generating shields in a stair-like pattern), or even have these shields levitate up or down, carrying him or up to three other people around in the air at Feeble (2) speeds.

* Suffocation: by lodging his planes of force within the throat of another, John can effectively immobilize him by preventing him from breathing properly. For each turn an opponent is so affected, he is treated as though he is holding his breath, and may possibly suffocate thanks to this Incredible (40) ranked attack. Further, he or she must pass a yellow Endurance FEAT roll to act while unable to breathe.

* Turnabout: John has come up with an innovative use of this power, namely by manifesting his shields right in front of an opponent as a particularly sinister defense. Functioning at Monstrous (75) rank, he can use this power per the standard description, reflecting attacks back at their source with a yellow turnabout FEAT - or even at someone else, when he can roll red.

Regeneration: in the past, John has demonstrated a remarkable ability to recover from bodily damage, even growing back a severed arm on occasion. This power doesn't work very fast, functioning at Feeble (1) rank. This lets Tensen to recover one lost Health point every ten turns, and allows for vast regeneration over the long run, including the recovery of missing limbs and from debilitating injuries.

Sensory Projection: John has a minor form of telepathy, one that allows him to let others view images he has seen in the past. This power works at Typical (6) rank, and is only functional on touch. It is unknown if Tensen can use this power to actually converse telepathically with others, but he can use it in conjunction with this philosophical awareness to read a body's motives.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Though his powers are rather impressive, especially as paranormals go, John Tensen usually cannot use more than one of them at a time; in other words, he can either have his shield or his sword active, but not both. Not, unless, he can pass a red power FEAT roll with BOTH powers. Similarly, he can't switch hands with his powers unless he passes a red Psyche FEAT roll.




Delusions 3: for a good long time, John was subject to the imaginary world of Daedalus Darquill. Since this state was initially hastened with drugs used by Darquill, John may slip back into this state if subjected to narcotics of any type, and must pass a Psyche FEAT roll at a -6 CS in such situations to distinguish reality from his mind's own fantasies.


Guns: an essential skill that John picked up while training with the Justice Department, this talent describes his ability to effectively wield firearms. He may fire any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol at his Agility score +1 CS.

Languages / English and Spanish: an advanced portion of his training in the Justice Department, John learned how to use both English and Spanish fluently. He can both speak and write in each language almost naturally and interchangeably when necessary.

Law: learned in college and maintained 'in the field', this talent describes John Tensen's working knowledge of the law, mostly federal but also in some localities. His Reason score should be considered +1 CS in all legal matters, whether working for the government or not.

Law Enforcement: a Columbia University graduate, John Tensen worked for the Justice Department for years. He thus gained the Guns and Law talents for free, and while he served as a Justice (and later, as part of the NSA) he had the legal ability to carry guns and make arrests.

Martial Arts types A and B: in addition to his competent skills with guns, John received remarkable fighting training from the Justice Department. As such, he makes unarmed attacks at a +1 CS, and may Slam or Stun foes regardless of their comparative Strength or Endurance scores.

Resist Domination: after his episode with Darquill, Tensen asked for and received training by Keith Remsen in the proper way to combat psychic attacks. As such, he resists all attempts at mental domination of his person as if his Psyche score was +1 CS in rank.

Targeting: though he's a terror with a gun, John's truly dangerous talent is his ability to effectively train on an opponent with his sword arm. When making attacks with his energy powers, John rolls as if his Agility score was +1 CS higher than normal.


Over the years, John has cultivated a large array of contacts in government circles, mostly in the Justice Department and the (destroyed) National Security Agency. Furthermore, he has made plenty of friends amongst the Forsaken, for whom he serves as a judge concerning crimes and disputes that arise in the Coney Island paranormal community.


When he was first affected by Daedalus Darquill's power, John Tensen wore a rather outlandish costume. It primarily consisted of white stretch fabric trousers, a long-sleeved, light blue shirt with a yellow and orange lightning bolt on it, a brown leather belt and boots, a large brown leather duster, and a silvery visor that was quintessentially of the 1980s.

After he realized what had happened to him, Tensen switched to a much darker costume. Primarily purple in color, it also had a white lightning bolt streaking across John's torso. John also changed his boots and belt to a gray color, and added gray gloves to the mix. Finally, he changed his duster into a dark purple trench coat - possibly the only long purple coat he could find.


The best way to describe John Tensen is to call him driven. He has always believed that criminals should be brought to justice for their crimes, and has even killed others who've abused their paranormal powers in the past. However, he has settled into a more rational, non-lethal form of heroism that only involves his killing others if he really has to.

Another notable trait about the man is his sardonic wit and extremely black sense of humor. Tensen practically goes out of his way to make light of his opponents, even if he only does so inside the confines of his head most of the time. If he faces a particularly ridiculous opponent, however, John won't censor himself, and will let all manner of bad puns and wry jokes slip out.

Real Name: John Roger Tensen
Occupation: Judge of the Coney Island paranormal community, former Narcotics officer for the Justice Department, former vigilante, former National Security Agency operative
Legal Status: American citizen with an extensive criminal record
Marital Status: widower
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: white
Eyes: blue
Weight: 205 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: aside from his white hair, Tensen has a voice described as being akin to the Equalizer's, without the accent. He often goes for days without shaving when particularly depressed.


For all his life, even when he was a little kid, John Tensen wanted to be one thing - the good guy, the man with the white hat. This tendency kept him on the straight and narrow all through high school, and his boy scout nature made him few friends, save for one, his girlfriend Irene. They were such good friends, in fact, that they got married right out of high school.

Within a year, the two had their only child, Angela, though they had a rough time with the finances while John went through college. His family helped out whenever possible, however, and eventually getting a degree in law, John landed a job at the Justice Department, in their narcotics division. While he worked there, Tensen busted all manner of drug dealers, happily moving from one case to another.

He was at the height of his career, and felt invincible. This delusion was shattered one day when his wife, after her own car broke down, went to use John's to get to college one day. Some enemies he'd made over the years planted a little present in his car, and the bomb inadvertently killed her instead of him. John later grabbed the guy, but the damage was done.

John eventually withdrew into his work, not able to bear even looking at his daughter, as she resembled his beloved Irene so much. This is why he agreed to accept a particularly dangerous deep cover assignment, one that involved Daedalus Darquill and his corporation, Conquest Dynamics, who was believed to be trafficking narcotics into the country. John's job was to figure out how.

However, right at this time, the so-called White Event occurred, and John happened to be looking right up at the sky when this happened. Thinking nothing of it at first, he was soon after immobilized by head-crushing migraines for the next couple of weeks, and was unable to get on with his job until then. About a month after that, John finally met Darquill face to face, and his life was forever changed.

You see, Daedalus Darquill was a paranormal, and a particularly powerful one at that, who had the ability to make his fantasies - his insane fantasies - real to those he subjected to his bizarre power. However, when Darquill attempted to transform John into one of his hounds, a mindless minion, Tensen's own paranormal powers surfaced, and he escaped this terrible fate.

However, Darquill's work was partially done, and John began to walk the earth believing that he was a Justice Warrior, protector of one of the nations in Darquill's bizarre dream. Despite his delusions, Tensen fought off Darquill and his minions for over a year, suffering constant hardship and the loss of another woman he had grown to love, Rebecca Chambers.

She was a rookie Justice Department agent who was sort of picking up where he'd left off in the Darquill investigation (even though she didn't know it yet), who John admired for her pure aura. She helped him in the fight against Darquill for a time, but the villain eventually got his hoary hands of her, turning her into one of his deadliest minions. She subsequently fought with John on several occasions.

Their last battle occurred when Tensen, who began to have flashbacks to his old life, went to get help from the Ballad Dream Clinic, and was treated by Keith Remsen, another paranormal with dream walking powers. Entering John's sleeping mind, Keith (in his Nightmask persona) interfaced with Darquill's odd dream world, even after Tensen himself was awoken.

You see, Darquill sent Rebecca after Tensen one last time, and when that happened, she materialized next to his sleeping body in the dream clinic. When Teddy (Keith's sister) stopped her from gunning John down, he woke up and killed Rebecca by using his shield to reflect her bullets back upon her. Just then, however, Keith vanished completely into Darquill's 'world'.

Going back to sleep to help the youth, John fought with Darquill and his many minions, finally slaying the powerful paranormal's son, and then duking it out with Darquill himself, who grew to an enormous size during the fight. However, John wasn't strong enough to defeat Darquill, and the villain blasted him into nothingness - but didn't kill him.

The act of 'killing' Tensen merely banished him from Darquill's demented dream realm, and he immediately popped into being outside the paranormal's Baha home - where he met Nightmask - in costume despite being 'real' again. Keith soon explained what had actually happened to Tensen and everybody else warped by Darquill's power, and the two then entered Darquill's home.

There they found the villain asleep, living out his mad fantasy through a portal into that bizarre dream world floating above him. In order to avenge what had happened to him and everybody else whose lives were ruined by his power, Tensen killed the man with his sword, thus reverting his clothes back to normal. Whether others altered by Darquill's power were 'fixed' remains to be seen.

At any rate, John was still imbalanced by this whole debacle somewhat, and soon after came up with a new purpose: he would police the paranormal population, and mete out justice to those who abuse their powers - in the name of God! Tensen went on this crusade for several months, after which time he encountered his daughter at the Pitt Aid concert, a benefit for those hurt by the Pitt's creation.

Right after he saw her, John was attacked by Seraph, a powerful paranormal who was the self-styled protector of all other paranormals, and despised Tensen for what he was doing. The two fought until the authorities arrived, who caught Tensen as he tried to protect his daughter from a rabid crowd who was fleeing the battle. The cops then drugged him up to keep him complacent.

However, John's damaged mind reverted to the Darquill-induced hallucination sequence, and he abruptly broke out of jail upon regaining consciousness, going on a minor through the streets of Philadelphia afterward. This ended when his daughter helped to snap him out of it, at which point Tensen was convinced to work with the NSA as one of their troubleshooters.

He fought all manner of foes while working with the Agency, such as the assassin Quill and the Russian troublemaker known as Rodstvow. However, a large group of paranormal outcasts calling themselves the Forsaken, led by Seraph and Judge Mental, wanted Tensen to pay for his earlier crimes against paranormals - even if those that he killed deserved it.

As such, they destroyed the NSA building and captured many of Tensen's friends and fellow operatives. This forced John and his daughter to investigate their secret home on Coney Island, during which time Tensen had his final battle with the villainous Seraph, and possibly Judge Mental, as well (his body vanished after the fight).

Of course, this community of paranormals needed someone to lead them, or at least provide them with some sense of law, and as such, John Tensen stayed on in the capacity of their judge, and served that purpose for several years. He was the Forsaken's judge at least until Nightmask later collected him to help fight off an alien invasion.

This whole debacle had to do with the Star Brand and its theft by the techno-organic, extraplanar (read: mainstream marvel universe) being calling itself Skeletron. With almost every other hero from the new universe, Tensen battled this foe and, thanks to a misunderstanding or two, several heroes from Skeletron's universe. This fight ended when their world was pulled into Skeletron's reality.

Once Skeletron moved into their universe proper, Tensen's earth was stranded in orbit around the laboratory planet of the enigmatic being known as the Stranger, and subsequently sealed away from the rest of this universe by the Living Tribunal, to keep the Star Brand's energies from contaminating the rest of its multiverse. How Tensen and his fellow heroes resolved this mess is ultimately unknown.

However, it is possible that Tensen himself eventually escaped this fate, and appeared in the far future of this alternate reality, in the year 2099. Manifesting different powers, he began calling himself the Net Prophet, and dispensed a new brand of justice in an all new world. As far as it is known, he continued on under this identity until the world of tomorrow's ice caps were flooded.

But then, as this was far into the future, it is unknown if this figure was, in fact, the true John Tensen. This may have been an alternate Tensen, one created by the crossing of timelines caused by Skeletron, a clone, or simply someone else utilizing his identity, as other heroes from the past had been emulated in this strange future. Only time will tell.

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