Modron, Secundus


Hand Size:
5 (30)


As is every other modron, the four secundus are extradimensional clockwork beings, hailing from the highly orderly plane of Mechanus. Their fantastic alien physiology is a bizarre blend of flesh and gears, and this, combined with their inherently magical nature, is the source of the secundus' many and various ascendant powers.


Modron Physique: the children of Mechanus, the infinite masses of modrons are a potent blend of organism and mechanism. Modrons seamlessly combine the two diametric designs into a seamless whole, a feat which is made possible by their highly orderly, magically charged bodies. Secundus are no exception to this rule, and have access to these powerful abilities as a result:

* Agelessness (s): all modrons, regardless of rank or station, are ageless in nature. Instead of having the longevity power, which implies an eventual lifespan, modrons simply do not age whatsoever. In fact, if not slain by accident or design, a modron may effectively live on forever, adopting new and more versatile forms as it ascends the ladder of law.

* Body Armor (s): both organic and inorganic in nature, all modrons have some manner of resistance to physical attacks. Essentially, a secundus benefits from having intensity 4 (+1) protection from attacks of a conventional sort. Secundus are more than capable of holding their own in melee, though they almost never have to.

* Clairsentience (w): the modron high-ups have unbelievably acute sensory apparatus, allowing them to perceive anything within the plane they currently occupy. Distance isn't a factor, but simply knowing where to look / listen / taste / touch / smell is. This power functions for secundus at intensity 10, allowing them an unheard of awareness of their surroundings.

* Dimensional Transit (i): an offshoot of the hierarch modron's ability to teleport, this supernatural power allows a secundus to transport itself to another plane of existence altogether. However, this power only works at intensity 10, and has the risk of materializing the secundus in solid matter unless it intimately knows the area it is traveling to. Thus, this power is normally used sparingly.

* Force Field (i): hierarch modrons have the ability to form a specialized force field in their immediate vicinity, in either a hemispherical or spherical form. Either way, this force field acts as an intensity 10 barrier against any incoming damage - even magical attacks! However, a determined opponent can teleport through it with ease, but then, that's what a secundus' other powers are for.

* Invulnerability to Emotion Control, Illusion, Mind Control, Paralysis / Sleep, and Vampirism (s): all modrons, especially the four secundus, are completely immune to these attack forms. As beings of ultimate order, they are able to shrug off such effects with ease - though they can readily perceive when such assaults are used (albeit unsuccessfully) against them.

* Mesmerism (w): though limited in scope, hierarch modrons can use this to great effect when confronted with non-modrons. Working at intensity 10, this power allows a secundus to attempt an easy difficulty Mesmerism action (opposed by the target's Willpower score). If successful, this action lets a secundus force its opponent to execute (or at least attempt) a one word command.

* Resistance to Acid, Cold, and Fire attacks (s): the modron physique is highly resistant, albeit not totally immune to, the effects of extreme cold, heat, and corrosives - this despite their partially metallic nature. They possess intensity 4 (+1) damage reduction against such attack forms, allowing them to maneuver in most hostile environs with relative ease - which comes in handy during the Modron March.

* Resistance to Magic (s): modron hierarchs are resistant to magical powers, whether damaging or otherwise, though each brand of hierarch has a different level of immunity to such power. The secundus, for instance, has intensity 27 (+6) resistance to sorcery. This massive protection from anomalous energies and effects makes them nigh-invulnerable when faced with those who would stab at the heart of order.

* Telepathy (w): all modron hierarchs can telepathically contact modrons they can normally converse with at all times. Secundus, for instance, wield this power at intensity 18, at least where other modrons are concerned. As such, they may achieve mind to mind contact with their tertian inferiors, their secundus peers, and Primus itself, pretty much at will.

* Teleportation (i): all hierarch modrons have the innate ability to teleport at will, transporting themselves to just about any place they know of within their current plane of existence. This essentially translates into intensity 20 teleportation, and secundus using this power have no chance whatsoever of materializing in a solid object - this supernatural power is that precise!

Growth (a): the secundus are huge. They stand at a full fifteen feet tall, towering over those before them - which can be more than a little imposing if they're bringing their power to bear upon you. This 'ability' is always on, functioning at intensity 3, and gives them a size factor of +3. In other words, normal-sized foes hit secundus at a +3, but secundus in turn inflict +3 physical damage against them. And vice versa.

Paralysis (w): if a secundus manages to strike (and cause damage to) an opponent with a physical attack, it has the possibility of also affecting him with a powerful paralytic (intensity 18) contingent attack, as well. If this attack manages to immobilize an opponent, the victim of this paralysis is trapped until the secundus lets him go. Or the victim can pass an average difficulty Willpower action against this power, that is.

Hindrances / Augmentations:





Law (i): more than anything else, the modrons are ultimate masters of law, knowing their own clockwork plane in and out. They extend this basic knowledge of What Should Be to all aspects of existence, and should attempt any Intellect action based on the knowledge of orderly systems at one difficulty level lower than normal, using either Intellect or Willpower if regarding Mechanus, and with an autotrump concerning Regulus.

Leadership (w): knowing how to spread resources around and delegate tasks like no other beings alive, all secundus have this skill as a general matter of course. If they can pass an average difficulty Willpower action, these modrons can add a +1 to the action scores of anybody they lead. If the modron loses its ability to lead, however, this bonus turns into a -1 penalty.

Repair / Tinkering (a): furthermore, in their capacity as the caretakers of Mechanus (as far as they are concerned, at least), modrons have a preternatural knowledge of mechanical systems. In addition to allowing them to keep the gears of their home plane running smoothly, this skill doubles as an effective first aid skill for modrons, letting them utilize basic medicinal skills on their brethren.


Soldier: more so than any other beings in the multiverse, modrons live to further the influence of law and order. They follow the orders of their superiors instinctively, for to do otherwise is incomprehensible. While this calling sounds more militant than modrons really are, it should be noted that they are virtual exemplars of the soldier mindset.


Godlike in both aspect and personality, the four secundus live in peace and harmony with their one superior, Primus, and the order it provides them. They spend the vast majority of their time lording over the uncountable throngs of modrons below them (even if they can't communicate with them directly), so when a mortal speaks to them, they should seem aloof and detached.


Incredibly tall and thin (at least fifteen feet tall), the secundus are vaguely human in appearance, with long, narrow faces and deep-set eyes. Unlike the other modrons, the secundus seem to lack any obvious physical weaponry or mechanical apparatus as part of their being, but they may simply be so advanced that such components are too small to be seen.

Ecological Niche:

The veritable rulers of Regulus (and thus, Mechanus), the four secundus each manage four of the sixteen regions of Regulus - in other words, sixteen of its individual, continent-sized cogs. They do so by sending the decrees of Primus down to lesser modrons, and ensuring that its commands are carried out, all to ensure that law may eventually spread to the multiverse as a whole.

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