the Mobile Command Center

The Mobile Command Center is one of the largest land-based vehicles in the GI Joe arsenal, hands down. It is a treaded, multi-story mobile facility that the team can use to wage its war against Cobra on the move when necessary, as it can travel anywhere the road leads it.

Driven by Steam Roller, the Mobile Command Center can wheel into battle thanks to its rather sturdy construction and seriously heavy armaments, and can definitely hold its own despite its relatively slow pace. The Mobile Command Center has these characteristics:

Barrage Missiles (i): these projectiles, mounted on the rear of the MCC, can serve as either surface-to-surface or surface-to-air offense. They inflict intensity 11 damage each, though this is increased by 1 for every additional missile fired.

Body Armor (s): the MCC has a nylon micromesh / honeycomb composite stressed panel exterior, which provides it an effective m.s. 13. This armor, and a multi-layer fused silica windshield, offers the MCC's occupants like, or +3, protection.

Control Station: the second floor of the Mobile Command Center holds a control station, where all of the vehicle's data from the outside world is collected, and presented for a commander to easily make sense of it - though he may have several subordinates to help him out there.

Communications Array (i): the MCC is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

Elevator: the Mobile Command Center has an elevator system for moving gear and personnel up and down through its three levels quickly when necessary. It can move approximately one ton of material at a time despite its small size, thanks to its pneumatic power source.

Heliport: the MCC has a small, forward leaning platform that slides out over the cab, which can be used to land small helicopters or other VTOL craft (like a Sky Hawk). It is strong enough to support any craft that can physically fit on it.

Machine Guns (a): the Mobile Command Center is equipped with a small arsenal of machine guns that can be positioned about its outer walls as the need arises, so the Joes can defend it. They inflict the gunner's Agility +5 damage in short bursts, raised to +6 when fired continuously.

Personnel Bunks: the Mobile Command Center's second floor holds several bunks for the Joes to crash out when necessary, albeit in shifts. This lets several operatives man the MCC full-time if the situation demands it. Hey, even the Joes have to sleep some time.

Prison: the second floor of the Mobile Command Center has a small prisoner containment area, which allows the Joes to hold onto a valuable Cobra 'VIP' when they must. It is built from sturdy, m.s. 14 materials, with locks of complexity 10.

Propulsion (a): make no bones about it, the Mobile Command Center isn't very fast. While it is technically mobile, it is rather slow when it goes about being so, moving at a mere 20 miles per hour (having this capability at intensity 1).

Radar Array (w): mounted on a huge dish over the cab of the MCC, this unit provides threat identification and tracking ability to its occupants. The MCC can track surface and air based targets with intensity 10 ability, giving it vast awareness of its surroundings.

Reflex Cannons (a): mounted under the cab of the MCC are two computer operated, .50 cal cannons. Each can be fired individually or can be trained upon a single foe for a +1 to the damage they inflict. They are computer operated for a +1 to hit, as well.

The reflex cannons each can fire a short burst of ammunition capable of inflicting the gunner's Agility +6 damage, raised to the gunner's Agility +7 damage in a fully automatic spread. They can swivel with a 90 degree firing arc, centered on a forward position.

Searchlights (i): the MCC is equipped with four powerful search lights, which can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle, as is needed. Each can provide intensity 8 ranked illumination in a given area, raised by +1 for every extra lamp are trained on a single spot.

Service Bay: the Mobile Command Center's first floor is a fully functional service bay, and can be used to repair many problems with GI Joe vehicles. It includes supplies of gasoline, a crane and winch to move heavy equipment, and all the tools needed to get the job done.

Shockwave Missiles (i): these 250 lb. projectiles are fired from a launcher mounted over the cab of the MCC, and just under its radar array. They inflict intensity 11 damage each, though this is increased by 1 for every additional missile fired.

Swinger Missiles (i): these rockets are fired from a hidden launcher mounted on top of the MCC, just behind its sliding mini-heliport. They inflict intensity 12 damage each, though this is increased by 1 for every additional missile fired.

2003 Variations

Over fifteen years after the original release of the Mobile Command Center, GI Joe technicians took the time to modernize their mothballed MCCs, overhauling their electronics and weaponry. Functionally, however, these new generation MCCs are the same as the originals.

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