Mister Brewer (deceased)


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Ezekiel Brewer is the creator of Technohol, an organic circuity matrix decades ahead of conventional technology on earth. He used his Technohol to create a super soldier program, and dosed himself with the first batch of it... thus altering his entire body on the cellular level!


Organic Circuitry (i): Mister Brewer's body is comprised of Technohol, an organic circuitry matrix of his own design. This material has bonded with him on the cellular level, and can thus be used to mechanically alter his body in a wide array of different fashions.

To date, Mister Brewer and his creations have demonstrated the following, technological powers:

* Adaptive (Body) Armor (s): typically, Brewer's body resembles that of a normal human, aside from its advanced age; he's just as vulnerable to injury as anyone else. However, when he is aware of an incoming threat, Brewer can mold parts of his body into +4 protective barriers.

* Computer Link (i): Brewer can easily tie into computers or computer networks via many methods - even when the target has no external access. This power works at intensity 15, allowing him access to most computerized data, whether encrypted or not.

* Device Generation (i): this intensity 13 power allows Brewer to manufacture complex electronic or mechanical (or both) items, items which bear a like m.s. and otherwise function at this power's intensity (unless they normally work at a lesser level).

The items so created by Brewer in this fashion bear a trademark, translucent look. This holds true whether the item is plastic, metallic or even electronic. Any light given off by his created contraptions will glow in a brilliant white hue.

While quite advantageous, this power has a catch: every exchange he uses this power, Brewer will lose one Health point. He can bypass this if he can draw upon related matter in his area to concoct his creations, but without such he's somewhat limited in power.

* Regeneration (s): if not slain outright by an attack, Brewer can usually regenerate from most damage with intensity 11 ability, meaning he recovers a card each exchange without a negative aura draw, whether or not he's able to rest and recover from his injuries (barring SD damage).

* Shape Change (a): this highly versatile ability allows Brewer to reshape some - or all - of his body into mechanical and/or electronic implements. This gives him the ability to simulate a wide array of powers, though all are limited to intensity 13 in effectiveness.

Transforming his body into something like a rocket plane would give him up to fly with intensity 13 speed for instance, while a plasma gun would be capped off at like energy damage with each blast. Anything greater must be developed as a separate power stunt.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Dual Mind: unlike most of his Technoholic creations, Mister Brewer's ingrained artificial intellect is not prone to taking over his mind - it's quite docile, in fact. His A.I. won't actually do anything it isn't commanded to, unless Brewer himself is rendered unconscious.

Susceptibility: Mister Brewer is particularly vulnerable to a special solvent designed to destroy Technoholic material. This fluid inflicts intensity 5 damage each exchange that Brewer is exposed to the stuff - damage he has zero resistance to whatsoever.


Blasters (i): aided by his passive A.I., Mister Brewer has developed a startling advancement in weapon technology all by himself - something that the company would have loved to get its hands on, despite its focus on biotechnology above all else.

These weapons fire a cloud of charged, energetic particles at Brewer's foes. Holstered on each hip when not in use, Brewer can fire these weapons to inflict intensity 12 energy damage per deadly blast, working effectively within far missile distance.

Spectacles (w): Brewer has constructed a pair of spectacles to aid himself while working. This powerful headgear does not actually enhance his conventional vision, which has been repaired by his Technohol, but instead grants him a wide array of sensory abilities.

Operating at intensity 13, Brewer's glasses have access to the Infravision, Radivision, Ultravision, Microscopic Vision, Telescopic Vision, and the Atomic Sense (operating as a visual indicator) powers, letting him observe his Technoholic creations rather intimately.


Biology (i): complementing his chemistry talent, this skill allows Brewer to work with organisms on the cellular level. He should receive a reduced difficulty on Intellect actions related to biological knowledge of any kind.

Chemistry 2 (i): his original claim to fame, Brewer was an organic chemist long before he grew obsessed with the idea of Technohol. A master level chemist, Brewer can resolve chemistry actions at a reduced difficulty, with either his Intellect or Willpower.

Computers (i): to back up his electronics knowledge, Brewer has studied computer theory extensively. He may attempt actions to design, build, and even program computer systems, whether conventional or organic in nature, at a reduced difficulty.

Electronics 2 (i): obsessed with the possibility of electronics, Brewer studied it intently after the invention of the transistor. Now a master level electronicist, Brewer can resolve related actions at a reduced difficulty, with either his Intellect or Willpower.


For the longest time, Mister Brewer had no real friends to speak of, being that lone crank on the bleeding edge of what science can wreak. After he was hired by Permutational Industries, Brewer could readily count them as a reliable contact, since he gave them the world.

At least, that's how they see it, what with his developing his Technoholic ideas for them and all. Sure, they were bankrolling the operation but they could see the unmitigated potential the technology held - both for themselves and the earth as a whole!


Demolisher: while he may have originally been an Explorer, Mister Brewer has begun to believe his own hype - and that of his Technohol. He feels he can use it in any way he wishes to, no matter the effect it has on those around him, or the world as a whole!


Mister Brewer wears a utilitarian work uniform while on the job. This 'mad scientist' costume includes a white lab coat over a white collared shirt, black trousers, black leather shoes, black rubber gloves, and a pair of round-rimmed glasses seemingly wired into his head.


Ezekiel Brewer is something of an obsessive and sociopathic deviant. Brewer had been focused solely on the realization of his Technoholic dreams for so long that, upon finally succeeding, the man developed something of a God complex regarding its testing and use.

Real Name: Ezekiel Brewer
Occupation: mad scientist
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a minor criminal record
Marital Status: widower
Alias(es), if any: Technohol Zero
Group Affiliation: Permutational Industries, Inc.

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: white, balding
Eyes: white
Weight: 150 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Brewer is mostly bald, but the remnants of his hair sticks straight out, giving him a 'finger in the light socket' look at all times. As a result of his self-exposure to Technohol Zero, his eyes are completely white, save for his pupils, and he constantly has a vague smell of lemons and/or limes about his person... as does any devices he creates with his Technohol.


Ezekiel Brewer started life out as an ordinary scientist, working for peanuts as a pharmaceutical chemist whilst watching the electronic world grow all around him. Back in his day, they didn't have pocket calculators or Internets, as he'll remind you constantly.

The longer he worked at his dissatisfying job, the more Brewer began to dream of doing something more with his life. Something involving the rapidly evolving world of electronics all around him. With the invention of the transistor, Brewer could see the writing on the wall.

This thing was going to change the world!

Brewer began to immediately study up on electronics theory, all the while maintaining his knowledge in biochemistry. Of course, advancements in that field proceeded apace as well, and in time Brewer found himself pondering the notion of combining the two somehow.

Ultimately hitting on the notion of some kind of organic circuit, Brewer tried to develop the idea in his head some, as a sort of thought experiment, but initially failed to get very far with it. Tragedy struck Brewer, you see, when his wife was killed by a drunken driver.

At this point, Brewer withdrew from the human race.

Despondent for a time, he simply plodded along at his job, doing just enough to keep himself employed. He didn't really care however, since the light of his life had been extinguished, and he had nothing to live for. But this idea of organic circuitry kept sneaking into his head.

So, having nothing else to really interest him now, Brewer began to develop the idea in earnest, and after over thirty years he finally hit on what he thought was the ideal expression of it. Brewer had devised the means to create what he would come to call Technohol!

There was the little matter of funding for his idea, however.

Taking a leave of absence from his job, Brewer began to shop around the concept of organic circuitry to various companies, both industrial and pharmaceutical, but nobody would bite. In fact, Brewer received a large amount of ridicule from the establishment during this time.

However, one company was more than a little receptive to what Brewer had to offer. Bio-Logic Industries, as it was called then, was busy making money off of a wide variety of alien cast-offs, but couldn't really patent a lot of its work since it had to keep it secret.

This tied them in to exclusive government contracts, but with this mad notion of Brewer's, this creation of an entirely earth-based technology decades beyond anything anyone else has even conceived, they were hooked. They hired Brewer on the spot!

The entire focus of Bio-Logic Industries changed at that point, and while they continued to sell oddball bits and pieces to the government to keep going, the company put all of its development funds into making Brewer's organic circuitry concept a reality.

With the proper funding at last, Brewer managed to perfect the original incarnation of his organic circuitry a few years back. This material, which he dubbed Technohol, was a sort of soupy mix of electronic goo that could be programmed to be configured in many different ways.

His corporate masters, who had since renamed the company Permutational Industries, were very pleased. They gave Brewer a massive bonus and promised to allow him to use Technohol in any way he saw fit... after the patents on it ran out, of course. But Brewer didn't mind.

The child which had haunted his dreams was finally born!

Once he returned from a short vacation, Brewer was called upon by the executives who funded his creation to produce its first application. Having primarily worked with the government over the years, Permutational wanted to use the Technohol as a sort of super soldier sleeper program.

Their concept was to dose unwitting individuals with Technohol, perhaps disguised as a soft drink of some sort, and upon its activation the Technohol would transform its bearers into living weapons - all of which would be under the control of the company, naturally.

High on life and feeling like a god, Brewer didn't object in the slightest.

To this end, he went to work on the board's directives with aplomb, managing everything except that 'control' part in due time. Before adding the mind control circuitry, Brewer even exposed himself directly to the Technohol's first weaponized formula!

Once that was done, he perfected a complex solvent that would work against life forms enhanced with the soft drink delivered Technohol, one which would destroy any operative that didn't toe the company line. The board was very, very pleased with this idea as well.

Though said idea is what ultimately got Mister Brewer killed.

While perfecting the Technohol's mind control implements on various test subjects, willing and otherwise, Brewer was betrayed by one of his creations. Clarice Soto, otherwise known as XII, was given a tank of this Technohol solvent to deal with another test subject, you see.

And seeing Brewer for the monster he was becoming, instead used it on him when the opportunity arose. She then went on with that test subject, Sam Xerxes Robbins, to destroy a large portion of Brewer's work and Permutational Industries itself!

Despite their best efforts however, the company's Technohol program continues to this very day...

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