Ex 20
Ty 6
Gd 10
Rm 30
Gd 10
Gd 10
Rm 30
Gd 10
Ty -5

Gd 10
Pr 4
Gd 10
In 40
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ty -5

Rm 30
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Ex 20
Gd 10
In 40
Ty 6
Ty -5



Murdermouth is one of the B'ntri, non-humanoid hunters of other sentient beings from a rogue planetoid outside our galaxy. In addition to her considerable physical capabilities, she is armed with potent psipathic powers learned in defiance of her species' normal, occult background.

Known Powers:

Additional Limbs / Tentacles: like all B'ntri, Murdermouth possesses eight wrinkly, wormy tentacles. They are alternately three and six feet long as they circle around her base, the former of which are for manipulation and the latter of which are for locomotion.

Since she has eight such limbs, Murdermouth can add a +1 CS to her effective speed, as well as a bonus melee attack each turn. Though omnidextrous, Murdermouth cannot trade one bonus in to double another; the B'ntri nervous system simply cannot accommodate such activity.

Corrosion: sure, Murdermouth's fangs are frightening to look upon, but the true digestive danger her body holds is its corrosive potential. Things placed in her maw will suffer Excellent (20) Metabolic damage each turn they are exposed to her digestive juices.

On top of the gnawing. But wait, there's more! Murdermouth has mastered the trick of spitting her digestive juices from her mouth - and with considerable range! She can subject someone or something within her current area to a spray of her horrible acidic mouth goo!

Fangs: before her horrible digestive juice can properly dissolve something she eats, Murdermouth usually punctures it up with her horrible fangs. She has eight of these dagger-like weapons, each corresponding to one of her tentacles' position around her trunk.

When using these weapons against a foe, Murdermouth may inflict her Strength (might) rank in Edged Attack damage with each bite, something she can attempt as long as her target is within melee distance - or already in her mouth. And if the latter is the case, it's as good as done.

Universal Digestion: you'd think their claws and corrosive ooze would be bad enough, but the truth is that the evolutionary crucible that spawned Murdermouth and her ilk gave them the ability to derive sustenance from literally any solid matter.

Thus, they can eat anything they desire, and ultimately persist to horrify the universe at large, even if their preferred, sentient prey is unavailable. This has the effect of making Murdermouth completely immune to ingested poisons, which get broken down like anything else.

Trained Psionics (Psipathic Powers):

Telepathy (a): core of the psipathic discipline of power, this ability allows Murdermouth to achieve direct, mind to mind communication with another sentient being. She is a Remarkable (30) ranked telepath, which allows her to taunt her prey at length before ingesting it.

Jumbling (t): an effective tool to disable teamwork, amongst other things, jumbling acts to disrupt the ability of others to communicate anything useful. Foes who fail a Psyche (will) FEAT against this Excellent (20) ranked power cannot convey ideas until they can overcome its effects.

Clairgustance (s): most distressingly, Murdermouth can reach out with invisible, immaterial tendrils to taste things far, far afield of her person. This Incredible (40) ranked power lets her savor the flavor of anything within one thousand (!) miles of her current location.

Psi Bolt (a): even achieving some modicum of distance between oneself and Murdermouth is no guarantee of protection from her. This is because she can flatten you with the naked power of her mind, inflicting Remarkable (30) Karmic damage with each deadly strike!

Static Field (t): when doing battle with other psi-actives, it sometimes pays for Murdermouth to 'jam' them, doing so by emitting a lot of psychic noise. She can do this with Remarkable (30) ability, though cannot use her other psionics while giving off such radiations.

Sensory Reception (s): Murdermouth loves to savor the fear others feel when she stalks them. She can do just that with this Excellent (20) ranked skill, collecting radiated sensory data within twenty yards of those who emit such without shielding their thoughts at all.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Dulled Sense / Vision 3: the conditions during which the B'ntri evolved precluded the development of ocular organs, or any other sense to perceive the electromagnetic spectrum. As such, Murdermouth cannot see at all, but her other senses function just fine.

Magical Aptitude: as is the case with all B'ntri, Murdermouth has a natural knack for the use of magical spells. She can attempt all FEAT rolls with magic, save for any damage her spells will inflict (should she ever learn any), as if they were +1 CS in rank.

Omnidexterity: though their evolution generally prompts B'ntri to use their tentacles for two different purposes, this isn't entirely necessary, anatomically speaking. Thus, none of Murdermouth's limbs are her 'off hand', so to speak.


Astronaut: Murdermouth has wandered the cosmos for many, many years. She has learned, through trial, error, and long periods being lost, how to navigate the vastness of the universe, and to operate effectively within its confines. She may fight in space at a +1 CS.

Martial Arts type B: while she can effectively fight foes with the power of her mind, Murdermouth most often prefers to subdue them with her physical prowess. She has trained long and hard to fight with her tentacles, and may strike at a +1 CS when wielding them in battle.


For the longest time, Murdermouth was content to stalk the byways of the universe by her lonesome, eating whoever and whatever she wanted and not really amounting to much other than a random space hazard. This changed for her when she met the leader of the Void Kings, however.

Someone she couldn't seem to eat, Murdermouth listened to her preaching about the benefits of material goods, and decided she wanted to savor this new pleasure. Thus, she signed up with the Kings to earn some, though she still eats random people for fun now and then.


All Void Kings wear dull black fabrics to denote their devotion to the inky darkness of interstellar space. While Murdermouth doesn't cover up her trunk with such things, she makes use of black stretch fabric sleeves over the upper lengths of her tentacles to observe this tradition.


Though she was content to spend her life as a simple, carnivorous menace, Murdermouth's mind has been opened up by her membership in the Void Kings. While she does still enjoy the distinct sensory pleasure of eating other sentients, she now wants so much more out of life.

Having evolved from a generally unambitious predator into a highly efficient mercenary, Murdermouth has developed more than a little bit of ego. She enjoys taunting her foes before defeating them, regardless of whether she intends to eat them or just turn them in for sweet, sweet money.

Real Name: Murdermouth (chosen name)
Occupation: mercenary
Legal Status: Murdermouth is a citizen of no land, and there are likely few worlds that would claim her.
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Void Kings

Height: 15' (totally extended), 8" (normal stance)
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: inapplicable
Weight: 400 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Murdermouth's body consists of a central trunk, for the lack of a better term, that is ringed by eight wormy, elastic tentacles, which alternate between three and six feet long. At the center of this trunk is a maw with eight large fangs.


As is the case with many B'ntri, she who would eventually become Murdermouth got her start on some random alien world, abandoned after her mother gave birth in a momentary nod to her need to continue the species. Leaving immediately after, Murdermouth was left to her own devices.

Growing up alone in a strange wilderness, she quickly became an apex predator, her instincts to eat other beings driving her to consume larger and smarter prey. In time, she grew bored with the local cuisine, and finding a handy space port, made her way into the stars above!

During her early travels through the cosmos, Murdermouth endeavored to improve herself, increasing her ability to hunt with potent psionic education. Sure, most B'ntri preferred to exploit their natural, mystical aptitude, but Murdermouth found psionics better fit her own sensibilities.

Developing into a powerful psi in time, she then began to stalk the spaceways in a small, stolen craft. For many years, she would hunt along passageways that various civilizations carved through the universe in their travels, and she was content with this life for the most part.

This all changed when Murdermouth finally met something she simply couldn't eat. Seemingly immaterial, this woman wreathed in darkness claimed leadership of a mercenary outfit she coined the Void Kings, and thought that Murdermouth could amount to so much more in life.

Sure, she'd secured bountiful eating grounds with plenty of variety, but what did she have to show for it save for random memories? Introducing the idea of commerce and materialism into Murdermouth's head, the Colorless had managed to acquire another recruit into her organization.

But what are the Void Kings? Mercenaries for the most part. They take a variety of odd jobs throughout the known universe, doing all manner of help and harm for the highest bidder, depending on their mood and the bounty offered. And Murdermouth found in time that she loved this work.

Not only could she amass more stuff to enjoy, but she was able to eat an ever-increasing number of enemies who had the gall to get in the way of the Void Kings' work. These dual pleasures have served to make Murdermouth an incredibly happy B'ntri over the years.

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