Sergeant Smasher


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Like almost all other members of the GI Joe team, Sergeant Smasher lacks special powers of any variety, whether they flow from freakish mutations, sorcerous education, or deific boons. He is incredibly strong, however, and a highly skilled Marine drill instructor.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Baton (s): more ceremonial than anything else, this gold-tipped wooden stick is about a foot long. Though it could be used as a weapon, Sergeant Smasher would likely break it when doing so, which is why he mostly uses it as a prop while working as a GI Joe drill instructor.

Colt 1911A1 Sidearm (a): a backup for his mini-gun, Sergeant Smasher always carries a firearm with him on missions. This powerful gun can inflict his Agility +4 in damage when firing a single shot, or his Agility +5 in damage when firing a three-round burst.

Miniature Gatling Cannon (a): rather strong, the Sergeant carries a hand-held, 5.56mm, six-barreled miniature Gatling cannon, which can be used to inflict his Agility +7 in damage in short, deadly bursts, an amount of damage increased to his Agility +8 if fired continuously.


Boxing (s): tough as nails, the Sarge can throw down with the best of them - but then, that's a large part of his job. He may divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee assaults, the second of which may be attempted as a contingent action.

Education (w): it may go without saying, but Sergeant Smasher is one of the meanest, hardest, and best drill instructors on earth. He knows just how to present a lesson in such a manner that, no matter how hard a body may resist, they'll learn something in the process.

Guns (a): one of many talents that Sergeant Smasher picked up in his own boot camp, this skill represents his ability to effectively wield firearms. Whether he's carrying a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, the Sarge may fire it at a reduced difficulty.

Military / United States (w): the source of all his other talents, this 'background' skill describes Sergeant Smasher's inherent love for the military life, allowing him an innate understanding of military protocols and procedures, not to mention numerous free military contacts.


While he is a newer member of the GI Joe team, Sergeant Smasher can readily consider them a reliable contact. Furthermore, the Sarge has countless additional military contacts, thanks to his decades of working as a drill sergeant for the United States Marine Corps.


Mentor: sure, Sergeant Smasher is a soldier, and a darn good one, but soldiering alone isn't what motivates the man. No, he's remained a drill instructor for so long because he enjoys helping others become the best version of themselves, and honorable in their dealings at that.


Sergeant Smasher's GI Joe field uniform has Marauders colors, including a blue T-shirt under a dark green vest, light green, dark green, and brown trousers, black leather boots and belt, a black band on his left wrist, light green knee pads, and a dark green 'Smokey the Bear' hat.


Cleveland is 'on' all the time. He took his Marine lessons to heart while he was in his own basic training, and insists on being an example to those he forges from undisciplined louts into world-class soldiers. Thus, he's always professional, whether drilling or shooting at Cobras!

Real Name: Cleveland C. Cahill, Grade E-7
Occupation: drill sergeant, correctional officer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: unrevealed
Alias(es), if any: Mr. C
Group Affiliation: GI Joe, Slaughter's Marauders (GI Joe sub-team)

Height: 6' 5"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 300 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Sergeant Smasher usually wears his hair in a mohawk, though occasionally molds it into a 'C' shape.


For most of Sergeant Smasher's adult life, he has been a drill instructor for the United States Marine Corps. Once he earned the rank and position, at least, he began to mold recruits in the Marine tradition, doing his darndest to create honorable, professional soldiers out of newbies.

Famous throughout the Marines for his tough style, which has literally turned thousands of soft Americans into lean, mean, fighting machines, Sergeant Smasher was the first person that GI Joe's recruiters thought of when they needed someone to rescue Sergeant Slaughter!

Abducted by Major Bludd's Python Patrol on a mission, the Joes needed to get him back as soon as possible, preferably alive. Thus, they tapped Sergeant Smasher to lead Slaughter's Marauders on a rescue mission and, thanks to his skill and ability, the team was highly successful!

After this, Sergeant Smasher was given an official invite to the GI Joe team. He naturally aced the grueling entrance exam, and became a member of the Marauders full-time. Sure, Slaughter's still around, but what else is better than having one world-class drill instructor than two?!

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