2018 Personnel and Equipment


Captain Grid-Iron: when he turned down a cushy appointment for an infantry command to 'stay where the action is', this former West Point quarterback's dedication to the Army got him fast tracked into membership on the GI Joe team! Availability:

Captain Grid-Iron (MSH Classic)

Captain Grid-Iron (4C System)

Captain Grid-Iron (Marvel Saga)

Hollow Point: a former Range Officer Course instructor, Max Corey had retired from the service. However, after demonstrating his unflinching heroism by rescuing several children from a pack of escaped safari park lions, he was recruted onto the GI Joe team! Availability:

Hollow Point (MSH Classic)

Hollow Point (4C System)

Hollow Point (Marvel Saga)

Rampart: born with exceptional reflexes, Dwayne spent his youth in video game arcades. Games don't pay the bills though, so after college he joined the Navy, and put his considerable talents to use as an Air Defense Artillery missile specialist! Availability:

Rampart (MSH Classic)

Rampart (4C System)

Rampart (Marvel Saga)


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