2018 Personnel

Captain Grid-Iron: when he turned down a cushy appointment for an infantry command to 'stay where the action is', this former West Point quarterback's dedication to the Army got him fast tracked into membership on the GI Joe team! Availability:

Captain Grid-Iron (MSH Classic)

Captain Grid-Iron (4C System)

Captain Grid-Iron (Marvel Saga)

Hollow Point: a former Range Officer Course instructor, Max Corey had retired from the service. However, after demonstrating his unflinching heroism by rescuing several children from a pack of escaped safari park lions, he was recruted onto the GI Joe team! Availability:

Hollow Point (MSH Classic)

Hollow Point (4C System)

Hollow Point (Marvel Saga)

Rampart: born with exceptional reflexes, Dwayne spent his youth in video game arcades. Games don't pay the bills though, so after college he joined the Navy, and put his considerable talents to use as an Air Defense Artillery missile specialist! Availability:

Rampart (MSH Classic)

Rampart (4C System)

Rampart (Marvel Saga)

Recoil: a former marathon runner and professional body builder, Joseph Felton was a shoe-in to be a LRRP member upon enlisting. Upon joining the GI Joe team, he began to hone his skills by practicing them on his fellow Joes, which drives them crazy! Availability:

Recoil (MSH Classic)

Recoil (4C System)

Recoil (Marvel Saga)

Rock 'n Roll: the Joes' original heavy machine gunner, Craig is from beautiful Malibu, California. He eventually grew up and joined the Army, hoping to make the world a better place, and found that membership in the GI Joe team lets him do just that. Availability:

Rock 'n Roll (MSH Classic)

Rock 'n Roll (4C System)

Rock 'n Roll (Marvel Saga)

Ninja Force:

Banzai: seeking purpose and direction, Robert J. Travalino walked the earth, and went on adventures. In Tibet, he encountered a reclusive ninja master who forged him into a weapon that could make his own path, which Robert decided involved becoming a GI Joe ninja! Availability:

Banzai (MSH Classic)

Banzai (4C System)

Banzai (Marvel Saga)

Slaughter's Marauders and/or Renegades:

Hardball: a former minor league baseball player, Wilmer quit after five seasons upon realizing the leagues valued star power over teamwork. He then enlisted to find a group which appreciated his team player attitude better - and was wildly successful! Availability:

Hardball (MSH Classic)

Hardball (4C System)

Hardball (Marvel Saga)

Mercer: an ex-Cobra Viper who has 'seen the light', Felix has turned on his former terrorist allies and is all about bringing them down. Though unable to work for the Joes in an official capacity, he has found a home in Sergeant Slaughter's Renegades! Availability:

Mercer (MSH Classic)

Mercer (4C System)

Mercer (Marvel Saga)

Red Dog: a former pro football player, David Taputapu got sacked for unnecessary roughness. After a stint as a Hollywood stunt man, he was recruited by GI Joe, as the powers that be thought he'd be an excellent addition to Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades! Availability:

Red Dog (MSH Classic)

Red Dog (4C System)

Red Dog (Marvel Saga)

Sergeant Smasher: when Sergeant Slaughter was captured by the Python Patrol, there was only one drill sergeant the GI Joe team trusted to liberate him: Sergeant Smasher! Naturally, Mr. C (as Smasher is often called) remained on the team afterwards! Availability:

Sergeant Smasher (MSH Classic)

Sergeant Smasher (4C System)

Sergeant Smasher (Marvel Saga)

Taurus: Varujan Ayvazyan was a Turkish circus acrobat who did undercover work for Interpol, when he wasn't smashing two-by-fours with his face under the big top. An expert in over a dozen languages, Taurus was an ideal candidate to join GI Joe's Renegades! Availability:

Taurus (MSH Classic)

Taurus (4C System)

Taurus (Marvel Saga)

Tiger Force:

Blizzard: Gregory is tough because he has to be, for he knows that with his job as a cold weather soldier - much less the instructor of such - he will become a statistic if he goes easy on himself. And his charges will as well, if he goes easy on them. Availability:

Blizzard (MSH Classic)

Blizzard (4C System)

Blizzard (Marvel Saga)

Hit & Run: Brent was orphaned at three years of age when his parents were wiped out by a drunken driver. He decided he'd join the Army as a youth, and worked all his life to prepare for this - mostly by running marathons. And Brent runs very, very well! Availability:

Hit & Run (MSH Classic)

Hit & Run (4C System)

Hit & Run (Marvel Saga)

Psyche-Out: wielding a doctorate in psychology and an expertise in predictive behavioral analysis and paranoia-inducing ultra low frequency radio waves, Kenneth is the perfect psy-ops expert for GI Joe using his experience in countless covert ops! Availability:

Psyche-Out (MSH Classic)

Psyche-Out (4C System)

Psyche-Out (Marvel Saga)

Tunnel Rat: raised on the surly streets of Brooklyn back in the day, Tunnel Rat grew up to be tough, indomitable, and somewhat jaded. Always looking for a good challenge, he's more than ready to climb into nasty Cobra tunnels to ferret out the bad guys! Availability:

Tunnel Rat (MSH Classic)

Tunnel Rat (4C System)

Tunnel Rat (Marvel Saga)

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