the Devilfish

The Devilfish is a small, high speed attack boat that the GI Joe team can use for quick troop insertions or ship to ship combat. It can be launched either from another ship (like the USS Flagg) or dropped into the water by a handy, nearby helicopter. Heavily armed (though only lightly armored), the Devilfish has the following vehicular capabilities:

Assault Water-Jet Motors (a): these twin 110 HP motors allow the Devilfish to move quickly in the water, even if it's loaded down with three Joes during a mission. It gives the craft the ability to move at 43 knots (approximately 49.5 miles per hour) on the waves, for intensity 2 'Super Swimming'. The Devilfish could probably move faster with just one Joe on it instead of three, however.

Captor Torpedoes (i): mounted within the sponsons of the Devilfish, these two projectiles can be fired to inflict devastating damage to other ships in its vicinity. These wire-guided torpedoes are short-ranged implements of destruction but possess considerable raw power. They inflict intensity 13 listed damage when fired singly, adding a +1 if both projectiles strike their target.

Passengers: the Devilfish is built for speed, but not really for hauling a bunch of Joes around. It can comfortably only seat the pilot, in its 'Soft Shock' seat (where the vessel, along with its wire guided torpedoes are controlled). However, two additional Joes can hang on to the sides of the Devilfish when necessary, resting right behind the Sea Phoenix missile mounts.

Repeater Cannons (a): the main armament on the Devilfish, these two 20 mm chain guns allow it to inflict serious damage to another ship - though they cannot be aimed, and can hit only what is directly in front of the vessel. These twinned guns can be fired to inflict the gunner's Agility +6 damage in a short, controlled burst, or their Agility +7 damage in a fully automatic, continuous spread of ammunition.

Riverine Hull (s): the hydro-dynamic hull of the Devilfish is designed with rugged action in mind. Though not indestructible, it is nonetheless capable of taking serious damage in a pinch. The construction of the Devilfish gives it an effective m.s. of 8, and provides a small amount of protection (intensity 4, or +1) to its operator; passengers riding on the sides of the boat have no added defense.

Sea Phoenix Missiles (i): these four laser-guided missiles, mounted on the front of the Devilfish, are spring loaded. When fired, they will be dropped into the water, at which point they ignite and track their target. Each of the Devilfish's Sea Phoenix missiles inflict intensity 11 damage when fired singly, adding a +1 for each additional missile fired and which hits.

1989 Variations

the Tiger Fish

Just a few years after their initial issue, a large number of GI Joe's Devilfish craft were approprated by the team's Tiger Force unit, and given a new life as their Tiger Fish boats. While they feature a paint scheme that is actually more conspicuous than the original's orange, being yellow-orange with black tiger stripes, the Tiger Fish is functionally the same as its vehicular ancestor.

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