Rm 30
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ty -5



Nungali is a normal human (though that may be stretching the term). He's just a man, if one with extensive combat training and a homicidal streak a mile wide. Furthermore, thanks to the Medusa Web, he's got access to one of the most advanced arsenals available.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Guns: thanks to the nigh-infinite coffers of the Medusa Web, Nungali has a veritable arsenal at his disposal. He normally wields large, fully automatic rifles that you'd typically consider prototypical in nature, but nonetheless pack quite the wallop.

His signature weaponry allows Nungali to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage in a short burst, or Remarkable (30) Shooting damage in a fully automatic spread. He also makes use of special ammunition at times, either Armor Piercing (-2 CS) or High Explosive (+1 CS damage).

He may have other firearms on hand, depending on the situation, but he does like customize them all. He happily adds silencers, infrared sights (+1 CS to hit targets and to called shots), telescopic sights (virtually line of sight strike capability), and other homicidal niceties.

Knives: Nungali also tends to carry at least two bladed weapons on his person at all times, as he doesn't like to rely solely on his guns in the event that they may fail him. He can use these to inflict Good (10) Edged Attack damage with every personal, yet lethal attack.

He can use the knives to cut through materials of at least Remarkable (30) m.s., and possibly up to Monstrous (75) m.s., depending on the materials the knives are made of. He will use those made of at least solid steel (Remarkable 30), but prefers titanium (Monstrous 75).

Armor: Nungali always wears his big, brownish-gray padded armor suit in battle, which provides him Good (10) protection from physical attack, and Typical (6) protection from fire. It keeps him alive in battle with normals, typical authority figures, and less powerful paranormals.

Communications Gear: Nungali has a complete comm system in his helmet that he can use to communicate with Babel (he speaks little else besides his native Egyptian, so he doesn't bother talking to his fellows). His audio/video gear has Excellent (20) range (100 miles).


Attitude: Nungali's delusional beliefs about himself and the destiny of his nation led to his having a rather bad attitude towards anything else alive. People typically react to his disregard to their existence as if his Popularity were -2 CS worse than is already listed above.

Delusions: Nungali firmly believes that Egypt will soon return to its former glory, and that he's the key to that return. It's just a matter of time, of course, before he has the resources and the power to make it so. Current events don't seem to dissuade Nungali from this belief, either.


Guns: regardless of what kind of firearm it is, whether it be a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Nungali can use it to kill you as if his Agility was +1 CS in rank - he rarely needs more than one shot to do so, actually.

Martial Arts types A, B, C, D, and E: Nungali is also a veritable master of hand to hand combat, and gains the benefit of all these styles of martial arts. He rarely has to stoop to unarmed hand to hand combat, but when he does, you'd better watch out - he's a persistent foe.

Military / Egypt: Nungali was well trained by the military of Egypt, where he gained his basics in the other skills listed here. He has also received further training from the KGB in Syria, where he worked for a time in his particular trade, and from the Medusa Web itself.

Survival: Nungali is good at keeping himself alive; he's been doing it under extremely adverse conditions for over twenty years. As such, he can easily scrounge up enough food and water to keep himself going just about forever, as long as it is feasible (say, on the earth).

Weapons Master: Nungali has been a professional assassin for most of his life, and as such, has a fluid mastery of just about anything you can use to kill another person. He can wield just about any weapon (save for improvised implements) without a penalty.


Nungali is one of the more effective, if erratic, Medusa Web agents. As such, were he in serious trouble, he can likely rely on the subversive organization for aid should he need it. Depending on his current nuisance level, however, they may decide they have a good reason not to.


Nungali wears a padded body suit capable of deflecting most gunfire. The top is brown, the pants are gray, and the boots, gloves, and belt are black. Nungali also wears a distinctive helmet with a large visor and microphone on it, and has enough straps and webbing to contain all his gear.


Nungali is a sociopath. He's the type of guy that, when you run into him in a dark alley, you really hope he's after your friends instead of you, because he actually enjoys killing people. If it's a real challenge, of course. Mind you, he'll only be after you if there's money in it for him.

Real Name: Nungali Kashab
Occupation: mercenary, assassin
Legal Status: Egyptian citizen wanted by authorities in fourteen nations for various acts of terrorism and mayhem
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: lots of 'em. they're just unrevealed, as of yet.
Group Affiliation: the Medusa Web

Height: 6'
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 178 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Nungali has a long scar on his face, which runs from his forehead to his jaw, across his left eye.


Nungali Kashab, the man known as Potiphar, is a very dangerous man, as it is his job to kill people... and he's extremely good at it. He's named for the Biblical executioner to the Pharaohs, a name that helps to strike fear into his quarry - those that know the reference, at any rate.

He's been a professional mercenary and assassin for all of his adult life, and for a large portion of his time before adulthood. He's an operative of the Medusa Web, but little of his story is known before the published accounts of his time with that group - likely a good thing.

He was first seen when he accompanied a large number of Medusa Web operatives in their mission to capture Psi-Force in San Diego, wherein he viciously shot down Kathy Ling, that group's telekinetic paranormal, with a fully automatic burst from his (currently) favorite gun.

She would've died if not for her healer companion, who patched up the ventilation Potiphar gave her. He was next seen during an odd Medusa Web operation where he was to recover nerve gas stolen by Iranian agents, and then return it to the Iraqi forces who originally purchased it.

Potiphar recovered the gas all too easily, decimating the Iranians in the progress, but when the Iraqis arrived to collect the goods, he killed all of them as well; he has a thing against Iraqis, it seems - and this was long before that Desert Storm conflict took place.

His next op teamed him with Troublemaker and Skybreaker in the recovery of Jake Travest, Spitfire, in order to acquire a schematic of the Mark 3 MAX armor. Easily defeating Travest's Canadian jailers, the three Webs freed him and took him to the government warehouse holding the MAX.

Believing the Webs to be American agents, he gave them the MAX schematic so they could help him fix it, at which point they blew up the suit, the warehouse it was being kept in, and Travest - all in order to cover both their tracks and the knowledge that they now had MAX technology.

Potiphar's next mission saw him teamed up with most all of the Medusa Web and the paranormal vigilante known as Justice, in order to free Psi-Force from the Siberian Project, which was housed in a facility deep in the heart of the USSR.

While there, he killed Sillatochca ('Force Point)', a psychokinetic member of the Soviet paranormal strike force known as Red Sun. After this was accomplished, Potiphar joined in with the rest of the Medusa Web, Psi-Force, Justice, and Red Sun in their effort to kill Rodstvow.

After all, it wanted to kill all of them, and just about everybody else on the planet.

After all this mayhem, Potiphar helped to train the paranormals in Psi-Force in military operations, as they'd just joined the Medusa Web, and he was more than good at such things, having been trained by the Web as well as the KGB in that area of expertise.

His further exploits have yet to be revealed.

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