Hand Size:
3 (17)


For a short time, Scar-face had the potential to become the carrier of an incredibly fatal plague of Dr. Venom's design, one that would kill millions if left unchecked. However, he was cured of this thanks to his own paranoia, having stolen the antidote for the virus from Dr. Venom well before being infected with his biological weapon. As such, he is but a normal human once more, lacking ascendant powers of any sort.


Disease (i): Scar-face was briefly infected with an extremely deadly virus of Dr. Venom's design, one that would not kill him, but would render his very touch deadly. This intensity 15 virus never matured to its full effectiveness, and was neutralized by the Joes. Had it not been stopped in its tracks, though, Scar-face could've been responsible for the death of millions!

Hindrances / Augmentations:



AK-47 Assault Rifle (a): this Russian-built, fully automatic rifle is built to last, being readily adapted for almost any duty imaginable. The gun itself can fire a single shot to inflict damage per a +4 weapon, damage per a +5 weapon in a small burst, or damage per a +6 weapon in a fully automatic spread. The latter tends to burn magazines, but Scar-face usually carries several on hand.

Helmet (s): whether he's in the field or not, Scar-face wears a helmet to increase his relative safety, and to defend himself from the ever-deadly head shot. Made from strength 8 materials, this helmet offers the man like (or his Strength +2) protection from any non-facial head attacks. This may not be enough to deflect all damage in a given instance, but it nonetheless helps to keep him safe.

Knife (s): though he'd rather not do so, Scar-face is equipped to fight hand-to-hand in the event that he completely runs out of ammunition (and he usually carries several spare magazines to prevent this). This blade is made from strength 10 metals, and in Scar-face's hands, it can be used to either cut through materials of like strength or inflict +2 damage with each deadly strike.

Sidearm (a): in the event that his AK-47 is disabled, Scar-face always has a spare firearm handy, stored in a convenient hip holster for quick access. This gun can fire a single shot which inflicts damage per a +4 weapon, or a short burst which drains the entire magazine, but inflicts damage per a +5 weapon. The magazine can presumably hold 8 rounds before it needs reloaded.


Boxing (s): Scar-face was well trained in the fine art of fisticuffs, thanks to his time in the cut-throat ranks of Cobra's faceless minions. This skill allows him to divide his pre-card play action score between two attacks in unarmed melee, the last of which will occur as a contingent action. This comes in handy when you can't kill your foe, due to discretion or being all out of ammunition.

Detective / Espionage (i): one of the skills that made Scar-face useful to the Cobra hierarchy is his ability to worm his way into a facility or organization, and then pose as an ordinary member of said body - whether it be a nuclear power plant, defense contractor, or even a television station. Scar-face should receive a difficulty reduction on all infiltration attempts, as well as his other information gathering actions.

Guns (a): by the time a Cobra operative becomes an officer, he should be a rather competent marksman - and Scar-face is no exception to this guideline. He can use any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, or even an esoteric firearm like a shotgun or elephant gun, at a reduced difficulty level. However, he lacks any proper skill in Cobra's more advanced, energy-based weapons.

Military (w): a quasi-military organization, Cobra encourages an easily recognizable (to those within, at least) command structure. As such, those not bringing experience in such matters tend to pick it up quickly, to rise through the ranks; those who don't typically don't get this far. This skill allows Scar-face to effectively lead fighting men and women into battle if he must.


It could be said that, as a member of Cobra, Scar-face can rely upon the entirety of the organization for assistance should he need it. However, it would seem that the man ultimately got on the bad side of the entire Cobra Command, and not even because of his own actions! He was pretty much their scapegoat for anything that went wrong, and ultimately became rather expendable to the terrorist outfit over time.


World Domination, with a secondary calling of Greed: it would appear that Scar-face was in on the whole Cobra bandwagon for most of the reasons that anybody else that joins the organization does; he wanted power, dominion over others, that sort of thing. Of course, he was also a rather greedy fellow, and the pay that Cobra offers was more than enough to keep Scar-face around despite the inherent dangers.


Unlike most other members of the Cobra hierarchy, Scar-face didn't bother to adopt a distinctive uniform once he began to associate closely with Cobra Commander. He stuck with his Cobra officer get-up, which consists of a blue jumpsuit with the Cobra emblem on the chest, a blue helmet, black leather gloves and boots, a black, pouch-riddled belt, black webbing with pockets for extra magazines, and a red face mask.


Scar-face is a smart fellow - a bit smarter than the rest of the Cobra hierarchy gives him credit for. He's got an extensive background in espionage and dirty tricks, after all, and was quick enough to see the tides of fortune turning against him within Cobra. However, the man's own cowardice and subservient toadying kept him within the organization, probably because no one else would have him.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: Cobra courier
Legal Status: citizen of unknown nationality, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none know, but presumably many
Group Affiliation: Cobra

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Scar-face has a rather large scar on his face, branching from the middle of his nose in a 'V' shape towards, across, and over his eyes, ending just over his eyebrows.


Little has been revealed regarding the origin of the Cobra operative known only as Scar-face, but he has an extensive background in espionage circles. Of course, it is known that Scar-face had dealings with both Destro and Major Bludd before they joined Cobra proper, and these meetings weren't on good terms, really. Of course, Scar-face joined up with Cobra long before these two fellows did.

With his background and talents, Scar-face quickly went far in the Cobra organization, and as such was assigned to act as Cobra's elite courier. In fact, he worked with Dr. Venom for a time, and smuggled various things out of the United States for the scientist for use in his Sierra Gordo laboratory. On one such run, Scar-face ran afoul of the Joes, and had to shoot his way to freedom, injuring Clutch in the process.

After he made his delivery, Dr. Venom made a deal with Cobra, exchanging the missile guidance chips Scar-face had smuggled into the country for an experimental biological weapon the evil Doctor had concocted. After the trade was completed, Scar-face and the Baroness bombed Dr. Venom's headquarters, considering him expendable now that he'd given Cobra that which they couldn't make themselves.

The Baroness became suspicious of Scar-face's behavior during this time, though she found out that the courier was acting under a post-hypnotic suggestion of Cobra Commander's devising, one that would set the Joes up for a fall. He was to plant information that would reveal a false location as Cobra's headquarters, to throw the military men off-balance, but was blackmailed by Destro into changing this info.

You see, recently brought into Cobra to act as the Commander's field leader, Destro decided he wanted Cobra for himself, and having considerable dirt on Scar-face, he was able to coerce him into replacing the fake location of Cobra's base with the real one. This would cause the Commander to be eliminated (or captured, at the very least) when the GI Joe team came to investigate the lead that Scar-face had planted.

Once he realized that the Baroness was going to be in the base with the Commander, though, Destro took Scar-face and a platoon of Cobra troopers to save her (and the Commander, by proxy). This debacle caused Cobra Commander to become suspicious, even more so than he already was, prompting him to hire on a mercenary with the express purpose of eliminating Destro: Major Bludd.

This didn't bode well for Scar-face, nor did Dr. Venom's return from his apparent demise in Sierra Gordo; both men had it out for Scar-face, and the evil doctor knocked him cold during Cobra's subsequent invasion of the U.S. mint in Washington DC. Scar-face managed to escape once he regained consciousness, though, when Cobra's plan to use Dr. Venom's bio-weapon on the printing presses went awry.

Slipping away in the confusion, Scar-face returned to his Coney Island hideout, but was retrieved by Destro, and then (after being flown to Libya) was injected with Dr. Venom's deadly plague. Though this virus wouldn't kill Scar-face, it would in fact kill millions, spreading like wildfire from every person he touched - at least, once it had incubated in his body for two weeks. He was captured by the Joes soon after.

Again a part of Cobra Commander's master plan, this was done to flush the Joes' secret headquarters out, but the Commander didn't plan on Scar-face's own cunning. You see, he stole the antidote for the plague from Dr. Venom's briefcase when he first delivered it to the Commander, figuring that he might wind up as the guinea pig for this horrible weapon, and told the Joes what was going on.

This allowed the heroes to plan for Cobra's assault, mostly by staging a quarantine at their own base once they'd used the antidote on Scar-face. When Cobra came calling, the Joes were more than ready to deal with them, and dealt Cobra some serious damage before the villains knew what hit them. Of course, Cobra Commander would ultimately win this battle, as the Joes intended; the 'base' was a front, after all.

However, Major Bludd and Scar-face were left within, and overpowered Doc (who was guarding them and a badly burnt Baroness) while a Cobra sapper planted a bomb atop the prefabricated base the Joes used as a feint to fool Cobra Commander. Major Bludd left Scar-face for dead though, taking the Baroness to safety when he fled. That left poor Scar-face within the doomed structure as it exploded.

Although somebody was buried with his code name in an unmarked grave after this incident, it seems that Scar-face managed to survive this ordeal. He has since returned to the good graces of Cobra, after a fashion, and while he does not serve in active conflicts any longer, he does continue to serve the organization. Even if in so simple a position as Cobra Commander's chauffeur.

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