Hand Size:
4 (25)


As do his siblings, Zandar possesses abilities beyond that of other humans. He has the seemingly inherent power to blend into the background at will, coupled with the psionic ability he's developed to subtly cause people to forget that he's even present!


Blending (a): Zandar has the mutant power to blend in with his environment, a feat he can accomplish with intensity 10 ability. Nominally invisible at this point, others must pass an average intensity Willpower (blending) action to spot Zandar, if he's moving while blending.

Natural Psionics (Psipathic Powers):

Fugue (s) (w): completely by accident, Zandar has developed this intensity 8 psionic skill. A specialized form of the standard ability, Zandar has a tendency to prevent the retention of awareness of his person, should he pass an easy difficulty Fugue (willpower) action.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Weakness to Sunlight (optional): in some GI Joe storylines, Zandar is assumed to have the same vulnerability to sunlight as does his brother, Zartan. Exposure to such drops all his ability scores to zero (0), which lingers for an aura duration after he escapes it.


Knife (s): an expert in sneaking up on people to do bad things to them, Zandar always carries a blade. His is made from m.s. 13 metals, can be used to cut through items of up to like m.s. given enough time, and lets him inflict +2 slashing damage in melee.

Motorcycle (i): as do all the Dreadnoks, Zandar utilizes a motorcycle - and usually, it actually belongs to him! Regardless of who owns it, Zandar often rides this beast into battle when not riding somewhere atop the Thunder Machine. This ride can move with intensity 6 speed.

Pistol (a): in the event that his spear gun is disabled or needs a reload, Zandar has this weapon handy on a chest holster. It can discharge a single round to inflict his Agility +4 in damage, or a semi-automatic burst of lead to inflict his Agility +5 in damage.

Spear Gun (a): his principal weapon, this implement allows Zandar to fire a shortened spear at his opponents, viciously skewering them. These spears inflict his Agility +5 in damage on impact, and may very well pin their victim to something immediately behind them.


Performer (w): while his siblings are veritable masters of disguise, Zandar is no slouch in this regard, though he mostly just throws himself into whatever part he's currently playing. A successful Willpower (willpower) action using this skill can distract for an aura duration.

Sharp Weapons (s): a master of multiple silent weapons, Zandar is proficient in just about anything with a sharp edge to it. While he gains no bonus when using implements ranging from hatchets to swords, Zandar can wield any such weapons without a penalty.

Stealth (w): not content to let his special powers do all the work, Zandar is also an expert in moving silently and covertly. When walking slowly and attempting to sneak about, Zandar may inflict an increased difficulty on card play attempted to detect him.


Zandar is the brother of Zarana and Zartan, and can consider them reliable contacts no matter what. He is a Dreadnok bigwig as well, even if he's not really thought of much, or as such, and through extension, Zandar is associated with the villainous organization known as Cobra.


Outcast: while his siblings are well-versed in various aspects of human behavior, Zandar mostly wants to be left alone, far from the prying eyes of others. If forced to congregate with others for long periods of time, he often has to resist the urge to simply wander off.


Zandar's rather minimalist costume consists of beige trousers, a yellow belt, dark brown and gold boots, dark brown and gold gloves, a blue knife sheath strapped to his right thigh, a blue shoulder holster for his sidearm, blue pauldrons, a blue bandana, and a pink neckerchief.


Unlike his siblings, Zandar is a more quiet, reserved sort. Generally asocial in nature, Zandar is fine being on his own for long stretches of time. He's not necessarily sullen about it, however, and brings a wry sense of humor to everything he does, including his performance artistry.

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: assassin
Legal Status: wanted for numerous crimes in various nations, though his land of birth is unknown
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Dreadnoks, Cobra (on agin, off again)

Height: 6'
Hair: orange
Eyes: green (sometimes blue, sometimes brown)
Weight: 165 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Zandar has red lightning bolt tattoos on his chest, and various red lines tattooed onto his face.


Zandar was the kid in school that nobody noticed. He flew under the radar for the entirety of his education, and those who were in classes with him would have difficulty recalling him at all. This wasn't because Zandar was shy, so much as he had no use for other people.

That and he was actively working on ensuring his own obscurity. Constantly utilizing different voices and changing clothing with distressing frequency, Zandar made sure that nobody could quite pin down exactly how he looked or sounded 'normally'.

This would make for a generally difficult to remember person in general, but Zandar's well-practiced acting ability, coupled with his apparent genetic mutations and natural psionics, makes him a singularly difficult man to pin down in just about any capacity.

What he did between his years in school and his work for Cobra remains unrevealed, but most likely involved occasional work with the Dreadnoks, a gang of biker malcontents and violent thugs that was founded and managed by his brother, the one and only Zartan.

That zen cosmic biker hitman had thrown in with the villainous organization known as Cobra, but his shenanigans ultimately saw him captured by their enemy, GI Joe. Joining Zartan's Dreadnoks, Zandar and his sister, Zarana, staged a daring rescue of their sibling from custody.

Subsequently escaping the Joes' dogged pursuit, led by Sgt. Slaughter, Zandar became a full-time Cobra operative along with the other Dreadnoks. After the Cobra Island Civil War, he even came to lead half of the Dreadnoks after Zartan left them for a time.

This continued until Cobra was scattered to the wind by GI Joe, at which point the Dreadnoks left to once again do their own thing. Returning to Florida, their adopted homeland, the Dreadnoks went about resuming their own criminal activities once more.

(Historical Divergence)

In time, the Dreadnoks came to be managed by Zartan's daughter, Zanya, who helped build the Dreadnoks into a national biker gang. Zandar kept to the shadows in this, mostly seeing to the security of the group's base in the Everglades, which involved lurking in the surrounding swamp.

Slowly growing disaffected in this role, Zandar was recruited into the Coil, a splinter group of Cobra operatives loyal to a seemingly resurrected Serpentor. Zandar remained with them until their ultimate defeat at the hands of the original Cobra Commander.

Stabbed by Zartan during the Coil's final operation, Zandar was taken back to Florida afterwards. The Commander came calling soon enough, however, and Zartan made up for his brother's role in the Coil by pulling a long-term job for the villain, during which GI Joe captured him again.

Cobra eventually liberated the villain, though the Dreadnoks parted company with Cobra once more before its second downfall, this time at the hands of a rival organization, the Red Shadows. While Cobra returned yet again, Zandar and company did not rejoin them for further work.

Not that this kept GI Joe from hassling them. Zandar in particular was hunted down by Duke and General Rey concerning a job he pulled for Doctor Mindbender years ago, which involved the very creation of the latter - who was, in fact, a clone of the (again) late Serpentor.

Having survived this encounter, Zandar presumably continues on with the Dreadnoks to this very day.

2011 Variations


Crossbow (a): supplementing his offensive gear this year, Zandar has taken to carrying a two-handed crossbow. He can fire this weapon to inflict his Agility +5 in piercing damage per bolt, and can typically fire and reload this weapon over the course of a single exchange.


Zandar's second uniform is like his first, and includes beige trousers, a yellow belt, dark brown and gold boots and gloves, brown kneepads, a blue knife sheath strapped to his right thigh, a blue shoulder holster for his sidearm, blue pauldrons, a blue bandana, and a pink neckerchief.

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