Jurgium Eternus


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Jurgium Eternus is, or rather used to be, Marvin Artichoke. He was a historian who, while in a particularly desolate portion of Mexico, was bitten by a zombie. Succumbing to its Curse, he has risen anew as a similar undead, but retains his (now broken) intellect despite being dead!


Agelessness (s): being physically dead, Jurgium Eternus lacks a metabolism to speak of. As such, he does not age whatsoever. If carefully maintained, Jurgium Eternus can last indefinitely for labor or other uses; he does not age, even if he can be destroyed by conventional means.

Body Armor (s): zombies are surprisingly tough, despite often looking like they're being held together by the tiniest of threads. They enjoy their Strength +2 protection against all physical attacks that do not strike them in the head; other damage forms affect them normally.

Environmental Independence (s): no longer amongst the living, Jurgium Eternus does not need to eat, drink, breathe or sleep. While he may find himself immobile for vast stretches of time, Jurgium Eternus is never 'unconscious', and always alert and aware (after a fashion; intensity 30).

Resistance to Cold and Pressure Variance (s): Jurgium Eternus need not worry about the rigors of extreme cold or pressure on his body. Possessing these resistances at intensity 16, Jurgium Eternus can maneuver in the depths of the sea or in interstellar space equally well.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Curse of the Zombie: all zombies may transform living humans into more of their kind upon biting them. Upon being bitten, one must pass a challenging difficulty Strength action or be afflicted by the mechanism that causes zombification, all of which progress in a like manner.

Once afflicted, the victim must pass an average difficulty Strength action each hour or lose a card of health. Some time after the victim dies from this health loss, they'll rise again as a zombie, assuming the powers and statistics listed above (exceptional abilities may alter this some).

Inert Metabolism: the problem with zombies, as far as a long term existence is concerned, is that they have no metabolism. Since their body is 'just there', with most of it slowly decomposing, zombies lack the abilities that come with a metabolism - like healing.

In other words, once a zombie takes damage, it will not recover from it. Ever. Bits that are chopped off become inanimate again, and will not grow back on their own. However, as long as none of the damage taken is to the brain, a zombie can persist indefinitely, even at zero Health!

Monstrous: zombies are icky! Depending on how 'fresh' they are, some zombies won't actually have this hindrance, at least on sight; of course, once Jurgium Eternus attacks, the Monstrous hindrance will immediately come into play for the duration of the encounter.

Of course, once he eventually shows obvious signs of being undead (like missing body parts, otherwise lethal wounds that won't heal, etc), Jurgium Eternus will be at Willpower 0 to prevent Edge 0 humans and other like entities from fleeing them on sight - not that he'd ever really try...


Sidearm (a): Jurgium Eternus is not about to engage in hand-to-hand combat with anyone. As such he carries this old firearm, which he can fire to inflict his Agility +4 damage in a single shot, or his Agility +5 damage in a semi-automatic burst of lead.


Archaeology (i): a historian by trade before his untimely demise, Jurgium Eternus retains his knowledge of the past despite his zombification. The man should receive a reduced difficulty on any card play revolving around history in general, and that of the Aztecs in particular

Boxing (s): Jurgium Eternus was a trained martial artist before his transformation; he dare not practice these days, but the skills are still there. He may divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee attacks, the second of which occurs as a contingent action.

Martial Arts (a): furthermore, Jurgium Eternus may use his Strength or Agility to resolve unarmed melee attacks, and receives a reduced difficulty on actions intended to dodge attacks, lower falling damage or to catch objects thrown at him.


Before his zombification, Jurgium Eternus had numerous contacts in academic circles. However, since his death he only has the strange cult that has adopted him as its father figure to rely on for aid - of course, their devotion is fanatic, and they'll do anything he asks of them.


Demolisher, with a secondary calling of Vengeance: Jurgium Eternus is primarily motivated by the urge to destroy humanity - this comes about as a petulant need to deny everyone else the peace and normalcy that he himself lost to his own zombie attack.


Jurgium Eternus wears simple clothing these days - he has larger concerns. His outfit includes an old Army surplus jacket with no shirt beneath (showcasing his thick white chest hair), shredded up old Army trousers, worn out sneakers, and gray, hole-riddled socks.


Marvin is unhinged. His intellect survived his zombification somehow, but his sanity sure didn't. The former historian is hell-bent on sharing his 'gift' with the world, to bring about the end of modern society, and he's willing to die - again - to do so (though he'd prefer not to...)

Real Name: Marvin Artichoke
Occupation: cult leader, harbinger of the Apocalypse, former historian
Legal Status: citizen of Canada with no known criminal record, not quite legally deceased yet
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: leader of a small death cult

Height: 5' 8"
Hair: white, though very sparse
Eyes: milky white
Weight: 145 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Marvin is dead! While his body is still in relatively good shape for an animate corpse bent on bringing about the end of the world, he nonetheless has a bluish-gray pallor, and the scent of death surrounds him constantly. He wears a rather long, bushy beard and old, thick spectacles.


Marvin Artichoke was formerly a historian who specialized in Aztec society - its ups, its many downs, and its curious mythology. After a strange discovery leading him to a remote area of Mexico, Marvin was out poking around in ruins by himself when he was touched by Fate.

Unearthing none other than a zombie that was thousands of years old, Marvin quickly succumbed to the beast's bite - though he managed to escape the creature before it could tear him apart. Found alone and dead, Marvin's corpse was loaded into a box and prepared for transport.

Before his body was shipped home, Marvin awoke and slaughtered those who found his body. Realizing what he'd done on pure, malevolent instinct before he could stop himself, Marvin snapped; though he somehow retained his mind upon zombification, he subsequently lost it.

Shambling in a gibbering rage through the wilds of Mexico, Marvin happened upon a strange group of men, something of a death cult that was looking into rumors of ancient undead creatures in the area. They managed to calm Marvin down simply by venerating him like unto a god.

In his diminished capacity, Marvin decided he liked this. Since these gullible cultists were more than willing to do whatever he asked of them, Marvin directed them to find the creature that created him - and ordered them to destroy it. Destroy it with fire!

With his help, they did indeed manage to do so, and having acquired his personal vengeance, Marvin decided that he liked the idea of payback. In fact, if he was going to suffer this terrible undeath, this mad craving for the flesh of mankind, so was everyone else. Oh yes.

To this end, he journeyed north, his new minions securing victims for him that he would consume - or simply infect with his zombie curse. While the authorities busied themselves with the calamity he created, Marvin and his followers slipped across the border into the United States.

Upon his arrival in America, Marvin abandoned his old identity, rechristening himself Jurgium Eternus - that which he intended to inflict upon mankind! Over time, he's even gained more followers, insane cultists who have seen his dread works upon society and believe in his mad Power!

His actions in the States have stymied all manner of adventurers, who can't figure out why they can never find 'patient zero' of the zombie outbreaks he's causing. But then, he has his minions ship him out to safety long before actual evidence of his schemes comes to light.

His growing disdain for humanity knowing no bounds, Jurgium Eternus (loosely translated into Strife Everlasting from Latin) is actually ramping up his activities, wielding his fanatical death cult to spread his curse as far and as fast as he can.

And it's only a matter of time before matters come to a head, and Jurgium Eternus either gets himself killed or manages to outpace the authorities working in secret to keep the bedlam he causes from becoming a public concern...!

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