Dragon-Men of Ligra

Base Cost: 25 points

Gd 10
Pr 4
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ty 6
Gd 10
Pr 4
Gd 10
Gd -10



The dreadful Dragon-Men are but one sentient species hailing from the world of Ligra, which is an unknown distance from our own planet, but presumably somewhat close. Their incredible physical prowess is directly attributable to their unique evolution.

Known Powers:

Body Armor: the coloration of the Dragon-Men varies, with most being some combination of green and yellow, while others add red to the mix here and there. This bold color comes from their scutes, which provide them Poor (4) ranked, inherent body armor.

Claws: their primary melee implements, save for perhaps their tails, Dragon-Men all have short, keratin claws. Using these sharp physical weapons, a Dragon-Man may inflict his or her Strength rank in Edged Attack damage with each swipe of their hands.

Fangs: while their claws are more useful for melee combat, a Dragon-Man may nonetheless bite his or her foe with two elongated, saber-like fangs. When wielded in melee, these sharp implements will inflict a Dragon-Man's Strength rank in Edged Attack damage.

Prehensile Tail: the Dragon-Men all possess long, prehensile tails that they may wield either to supplement, or in addition to, what their arms are doing. They may either gain an additional blunt attack with this thick implement, or gain a +1 CS when grappling others.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Death Rays: though they are barbaric, the Dragon-Men have mastered several technologies. The most ubiquitous amongst them is their death rays, which all Dragon-Man soldiers carry, whose entropic rays can inflict Excellent (20) anti-life, Metabolic damage.


Hypermobility: unlike their leonine counterparts, the Dragon-Men of Ligra evolved with twice as many joints as do other humanoids of like size and/or proportions. As such, they benefit from a +1 CS on grapple and escape attempts, as their range of motion is greatly improved.


Military: the society of the Dragon-Men is controlled by an absolute dictatorship. Though their leadership tends to give the Dragon-Men a reputation for savagery, the Dragon-Men are well disciplined, and readily fight in formation on the command of their superiors.


Dragon-Men can presumably rely upon each other for aid should they need it, since the species at a whole vies for control of the planet Ligra with their counterparts, the Lion-people. Most of the Dragon-Men appear to be part of the same military machine, after all.


Though they're not stupid, Dragon-Men tend to come across as thuggish in nature. This is because they are in the complete thrall of whoever their current dictator is, and will readily execute whatever order he or she gives them, regardless of how immoral it happens to be.


The Dragon-Men of Ligra are reptilian humanoid beings. They are primarily green in hue, with yellow bands complementing that green on their five extremities, and either red or green spots on their torsos. Their heads are yellow, with red bands around their eyes.

This vibrant splash of color comes not from scales, but instead from their scutes. They possess long fangs, short claws, and a prehensile tail. Though reptilian, and somewhat bestial in appearance, Dragon-Men of either gender stand upright as would an ordinary human.

Ecological Niche:

Though they are not, the Dragon-Men yearn to be at the top of their food chain. They thus war with their counterparts on Ligra, the Lion-people, constantly. When not actually fighting their eternal foes, the Dragon-Men are often hatching new plots against them.


Little has been revealed about the origins of the Dragon-Men. Though possessed of two genders, Dragon-Men are always identified as Dragon-Men, which could imply that their name has been poorly translated, either by themselves or by others who have encountered them.

They hail from the planet Ligra, which lies in the Mandahl star system, but are not alone on their world. No, the Dragon-Men evolved alongside the Lion-people, leonine humanoids who have developed along generally similar lines, at least where technology is concerned.

This parallel technological development is likely a result of the Dragon-Men's yearning for conquest. Their society itself is ruled with an iron fist by its dictator, who then wishes to inflict the rule of the Dragon-Men upon all others, starting with, of course, the Lion-people.

Luckily, the Dragon-Men have yet to achieve this goal, even if they came rather close once, thanks to the coerced aid of Professor Zog and his creation, Electro. However, should this space-faring race achieve rule over Ligra, it's only a matter of time before they spread further!

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