Professor Zogolowski (deceased)


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Though his body fails him, Professor Philo Zogolowski's mind is as keen as ever. An inventive genius, Professor Zog has made a fortune selling his many inventions, and now uses that fortune to build his greatest gift to mankind: Electro! He is the quintessential high tech hero.



Hindrances / Augmentations:

Dulled Sense / Vision: it's rare that you'll ever see Professor Zog without his trusty, round-rimmed glasses. This is because his vision is going along with the rest of his body, and as a result he suffers an increased difficulty on any sight-based action he attempts.


Airplane (i): while Professor Zog originally let his minions fly Electro around the country in this vehicle, he eventually began piloting this red propeller airplane himself. Emblazoned with Electro's logo on the side, this m.s. 9 vehicle can fly at intensity 5 speed (180 MPH).

Boring Device (i): something he whipped up to deal with subterranean terrors such as the Onees, Professor Zog has a vehicle he can use to tunnel through the earth. When moving on the surface or below it, this mobile drill has an m.s. of 13, and can dig at intensity 1 speed (30 MPH).

Capsule Bombs (i): after he began to adventure himself, Professor Zog developed miniaturized capsule bombs for his own use. These pill-sized explosives can engulf anyone or anything within an explosion that inflicts intensity 12 slashing (fragmentary) damage.

Cellular Telephones (i): decades ahead of his time, Professor Zog built wireless telephones which could reach another, like unit anywhere within the country. These units had intensity 11 range, giving them an upper limit of 5,000 miles, allowing Zog to easily reach his underlings.

Electro (i): Marvel of the Age, Electro is a robot designed and built by Professor Zog. This powerful mechanoid entity cannot act on its own, requiring direction from a human, usually Professor Zog, using an electra-wave transmitter. Electro is described in its own entry.

Space Craft (i): upon defeating the Dragon Men of Ligra, Professor Zog stole the craft they used to abduct him to get home. He has since retained and modified this craft for his own use, and has at least used it to explore the moon. It has an m.s. of 10, and these characteristics:

* Environmental Independence (s): it is unknown just how much life support the Professor's purloined spacecraft can provide, but it had the ability to house at least three beings for several days at a time. Consider this intensity 4 environmental independence.

* Flight / Super Flight (a): Professor Zog's stolen spacecraft can fly at speeds both below and beyond the speed of light. It possesses intensity 12 flight in and out of the atmosphere, and possesses at least intensity 2 super flight, as well (four light years per turn).

Space Suit (a): in the event that he must leave his spacecraft, as he did on the moon, Professor Zog has fashioned suits that allow him to function in space. They have intensity 1 environmental independence and intensity 20 (+5) resistance to heat, cold, and pressure variance.

Zello Shields (s): yet another of his incidental inventions that could revolutionize certain industries, Professor Zog's zello shields, once unrolled, are almost completely impervious to corrosion, fire, heat, and pressure, possessing at least intensity 20 (+5) resistance to each.


Astronaut (a): having stolen and made one of the Dragon Men's spacecraft his own, Professor Zog has made considerable use of this alien vehicle since. Through trial and error, he's learned how to operate it and similar craft, and can navigate space quite well.

Business / Finance (w): in addition to being able to produce modern Marvels decades ahead of their time, Professor Zog knows how to leverage his technologies to build his own fortunes. He may bring his Willpower to bear in all exchanges of a financial sort.

Electronics 3 (i): an inventor decades, if not centuries ahead of his time, Professor Zog is truly an electronic wizard. He can design, build, repair, and operate electronic devices at a reduced difficulty, and with the benefit of an autotrump, to boot.

Engineering (i): while he excels in the contemplation and creation of electronic devices of all types, Professor Zog is also quite adept at ordinary, conventional engineering. The man may design and build any structure or mechanical object at a reduced difficulty.

Piloting (a): though he used to have his minions fly Electro around the country, Professor Zog quickly caught the adventuring bug, and began to do so himself. To this end, he learned how to fly an airplane, and can make actions to control his planes at a reduced difficulty.


Professor Zog has numerous contacts, even before you consider all the men and women employed by Zog Industries. Supplementing them are the countless people he has helped over the years, as well as various heroes he has encountered while fighting the good fight with Electro!


Protector, with a secondary calling of Adventurer: all his life, Professor Zog worked hard to improve the world, to make it a better place. Once he saw the good he could do with Electro, however, Zog increasingly found himself enjoying an adventurous lifestyle.


Professor Zog doesn't deign to wear a costume! Whether piloting Electro or adventuring in person, Zog wears conventional suits while on the job of crushing evildoers with an iron fist. Mind you, he has no problem pulling off his sport coat, rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty.


A true philanthropist, Professor Philo Zogolowski wishes to help the world in any way he can. To this end, he has used the vast fortunes his lesser inventions have made him to forge Electro, the Marvel of the Age, with which he ceaselessly works to make the world a better place.

Real Name: Professor Philo Zogolowski
Occupation: adventurer, philanthropist, industrialist, engineer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Professor Zog
Group Affiliation: Team Electro, honorary Knight of Ligra

Height: 6'
Hair: brown, thinning
Eyes: brown
Weight: 166 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: being well into his sixties, Professor Zog appears old which, accompanied by his weak physical condition, makes him appear particularly fragile.


Born in the 1880s, Philo Zogolowski was always frail in body, but his staggering intellect more than made up for this deficiency. In fact, he used his genius to develop and sell numerous inventions to improve the quality of his fellow man's life, and grew quite rich as a result.

Though his company, Zog Industries, Professor Zog (as he had come to be known) built, marketed, and sold his creations to make a pretty penny. But riches were not his ultimate goal. No, Professor Zog wanted to do right by the world, and thus set about completing his greatest invention.

Retiring to a remote, Midwestern farm to finish this work, Professor Zog finally perfected Electro: the Marvel of the Age! This robot, with a mind based upon his own neural patterns, could be controlled cyberpathically, via an electra-wave transceiver of Professor Zog's design.

With Electro's kinks worked out, Professor Zog had the nearest temp agency rustle up a dozen men of solid character. Sending these men across the nation, the Professor gave each a cellular telephone to reach him with upon finding a calamity that required Electro's attention.

Soon enough, Zog was contacted by Dick Gardner, Operative #3, who had caught wind of the kidnapping of child actor Joyce Lovely. Finding out that she was being held in an abandoned strip club, Dick summoned Electro, who quickly dealt with Lovely's thuggish tormentors.

Upon learning the tiny land of Molivia has been brutally invaded by the leader of Torpis, Professor Zog sent Operatives 1 and 4 to liberate the besieged land. Ending Kalph Belgri's brutal occupation of Molivia, Zog's men caused him to take his own life rather than face justice.

Zog next sent Electro into action when he grew tired of the scourge of illegal drugs. Having all twelve of his Operatives seek out the headquarters of drug rings, he began to dismantle several such operations around the country, starting with the sinister Voice's in San Francisco.

When the Ohio River flooded, Professor Zog sent Electro, along with two Operatives, to perform disaster relief. There, he encountered a wave of crime hatched by Boss Sarpo, a vile, opportunistic thug who took advantage of the flooding to rob banks - until Electro stopped him.

But Sarpo wasn't done just yet. Having his thugs abduct Professor Zog, Sarpo forced him to commit crimes using Electro. In fact, Zog had done a good job looting half the country for Sarpo before being inexplicably stopped by the Dragon Men of Ligra - who abducted him as well!

Torturing the Professor until he used Electro against his Lion People enemies, the leader of the Dragon Men, Jago, conquered the planet of Ligra for a short time. Once Zog recovered his wits, however, he had Electro turn against Jago's forces and vanquish him, liberating Ligra!

Upon his return to earth in a stolen spacecraft, Professor Zog was asked by the President to halt a wave of crime committed by strange, corpse-like men. Finding their point of origin to be the island lair of mad surgeon Bruno Varoz, Electro trashed the place and everyone within!

Eventually, Professor Zog was abducted by Dr. Manyac, who wanted Electro's secrets. Reverse engineering Zog's creation (with coerced assistance from the Professor) to build a massive, flaming green mechanoid, Zog had Electro defeat it once freed, along with many other heroes.

Soon after, when vicious timer businessman Baldwin Drake began to set fire to his rival's trees, Electro was called in to help. While Drake momentarily put the kibosh on Electro's firefighting efforts, Professor Zog managed to even the score and save a burning forest all at once.

Zog was once again called upon by the President when the pirate Shark was sinking American ships. Tracking him to his secret lair deep beneath the sea, Professor Zog had Electro do battle with the Shark's minions and, with that done, trashed the joint with everyone inside.

Later, Professor Zog took a friend and his daughter to explore the moon in his purloined spacecraft, only to be waylaid by the Moon-Robots of Gnorr! This alien monstrosity wished to conquer earth, but ultimately couldn't compete with Zog's superior technology, and was defeated.

When the buildings of Fairbanks began to sink into the earth, Professor Zog arrived to investigate. Discovering the strange, subterranean Onees to be responsible, he and Electro both leapt into action, destroying these cyclopean terrors and saving the town from utter ruin.

Before he could rest, Professor Zog was summoned to Titan City, to save it from the Green Terror! This gloop, created by the mad Dr. Lorrof, was vulnerable to radium, so the Professor handily destroyed it with a local hospital's supply - and Lorrof himself died fighting Electro.

Soon, Zog was compelled to begin another crime wave with Electro, this time by evil hypnotist Prince Omei. Though mesmerized for some time, he ultimately broke free when commanded to smash his own lab, and Omei destroyed his own lair in an unsuccessful attempt to slay Zog.

His next outing saw Professor Zog contending with the menace of Mor the Mighty, a sorcerer with a penchant for using enlarged animals to do his bidding. Though these creatures dismantled Electro, the Professor reassembled him in time to destroy the fleeing Mor's airplane.

Once again facing down alien invaders, Professor Zog had to deal with the Antons, who were attempting to conquer earth from their asteroid home, Torsa, which had become trapped in earth's orbit. Though he meant to simply send Torsa on its way, Zog inadvertently wiped the rock out.

Next, Zog was called to help Englishman Sir John Chadwic, when he was menaced by an invisible killer. This murderer, the assistant of one Basil Drake, was to kill Chadwic for succeeding in romance where Drake failed, but when this was discovered, Drake killed himself to avoid capture.

This laundry list of scientific misadventures are but a few of the madcap events that Professor Zog, or at least his creation, Electro, had a hand in over the course of the late 1930s and early 1940s. The man and his Marvel were quite prolific in their war against evil, after all!

Towards the end of the second World War, however, Professor Zog was enlisted by the American military to help them mop up in Europe, what with them preparing to invade Berlin. Sending Electro overseas, the Professor began to smash one company of Nazis after another.

Thanks to its being virtually invulnerable, Electro allowed the Professor to make short work of anything dumb enough to cross its path. Which is why, when the Battle of Berlin was nigh, the Army had Electro join eleven other heroes who were assigned to take control of the SS headquarters.

Though most of the base was full of pushovers, at least when compared to the Twelve heroes assembled against them, the basement of the facility held a deadly surprise. Upon entering that portion of the building, the Twelve invading heroes were suddenly sealed in and gassed!

While he was not physically present, something in the composition of the SS chamber interfered with electra-wave transmissions, and the Professor was cut off from Electro - quite abruptly, in fact. Suddenly denied the presence of Electro in his mind, the poor Professor was broken.

Quickly withdrawing into himself, Professor Zog eventually died of loneliness, unable to cope with the loss of Electro.

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