Rusty Collins: Firefist (deceased)

Ex 20
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ex 20
Fe 2
Ty -5



Like many of his compatriots in the X-Terminators, and later the New Mutants (and various other, less scrupulous groups), Rusty Collins is a mutant, a human born with a curious quirk in his genetic structure that allows him to generate intense amounts of fire and heat at his leisure.

Known Powers:

Fire Generation: Rusty can generate his flames at Monstrous (75) rank; people and objects struck by said flames suffer like SD Energy damage with every exposure. Strongly enhanced, Rusty's fire generation also allows him to utilize pyrokinesis.

In other words, he doesn't have to 'shoot' a target to affect them with his power; he can think about igniting something, and it will heat up and burst into flame; victims of this effect are allowed an Endurance FEAT roll against Monstrous intensity to resist.

Resistance to Fire and Heat: Rusty has the ability to generate a specialized, psionic force field that blocks excessive sources of fire and heat from affecting him. This force field operates at Unearthly (100) rank - but doesn't protect him from any other forms of attack.

Limitations / Enhancements:







Leadership: though he was a wreck when he first manifested his powers, Rusty quickly grew into a leader amongst X-factor's mutant students. If he's leading them (or anyone else) into action, he adds 100 points to their Karma pool as long as he's leading them.

Martial Arts type A: a portion of Rusty's essential military training involved his learning how to defend himself should he find himself unarmed. In melee, he can perform block, dodge, evade, feint, and weave maneuvers as though the applicable ability was +1 CS in rank.

Military / United States: a former member of the United States Navy, Rusty naturally has essential military practices and protocols down pat. Furthermore, he can be considered capable of utilizing basic boating and navigation skills, and may have advanced weapons skills.


As the ersatz leader of X-factor's young mutant students, Rusty can conceivably rely on most of them (especially Skids) for help in a pinch. Further, he was on very good terms with the original members of X-factor, and can consider them reliable, friendly contacts as well.


Rusty's first costume consisted of a red, long-sleeved, stretch fabric shirt with yellow trim, red headgear (which left his hair uncovered), yellow gloves, brown trousers, a black leather belt, and reddish-brown leather boots. He modified this slightly upon his 'joining' the MLF.

His second suit was a red stretch fabric bodysuit, with odd yellow trim here and there (including an 'h' shape on his chest). This costume also had long, orange gloves, along with some yellow... leg things. They may have been boots, but then again, maybe not.

Finally, before his apparent demise, Rusty wore the generic uniform of one of Magneto's Acolytes.


Rusty was a good kid who simply got caught up in a bad situation - particularly after his fiery powers became apparent. After he was taken in by X-factor, he developed into a role model for his fellow students, as well as a hero in his own right!

Real Name: Russell 'Rusty' Collins
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: American citizen with a significant criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Firefist (though he himself may not have actually used the name)
Group Affiliation: former member of the X-Terminators II, former member of the New Mutants, former member of the Mutant Liberation Front (if unwillingly), former member of Magneto's Acolytes

Height: 5' 11"
Hair: red
Eyes: blue
Weight: 160 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Rusty Collins was signed into the navy by his uncle, well before the normal age of consent - but then, both lied about his age to get him there. He made do with his new existence, learning the life of a sailor, until one fateful night in port.

His superior bought him a prostitute, thinking he 'needed to learn the ropes', and when the woman came onto him, Rusty's fear caused his latent mutant powers to explode. Terrified of what he'd done and become, the boy fled for his life.

Having seen this horrible manifestation of power, his superior called in X-factor, a new group from New York who was claiming to hunt down rogue mutants - for a price. The group, actually the original X-men in disguise, came to collect Rusty to train him in the safe use of his powers.

He resisted, and resisted a lot, but X-factor subdued him after a bit. When he woke up, they explained what the real deal was, and he agreed to stay and master his powers. Of course, lots of people were interested in Rusty, and they came looking for him.

Over the next several months, he ran afoul of the Alliance of Evil (the first group of Apocalypse's mutant thugs) and the Freedom Force, who had wanted to arrest him for his crimes (and for deserting the Navy). During this time, he met Skids, a Morlock on the run.

The two fled into the Morlock tunnels, and Freedom Force followed them until X-factor could bat them off the fugitive's trail. Of course, the Mutant Massacre was beginning as the two groups battled, and sensing the bad things going on, Freedom Force split at once.

Meanwhile, X-factor took the kids to their base, and then collected what survivors they could. These remaining Morlocks were helped out by the kids X-factor had rescued, most of which eventually split for parts unknown after the mutant massacre.

Shortly after this, Rusty met up with the woman he'd accidentally burned, when she was hiding out in the Morlock tunnels. She forgave him for mangling her so, and thanked him for showing her the Way; she'd found religion, and was passing it on to the remaining Morlocks.

Eventually, X-factor's mutant hunting scheme backfired, and Cameron Hodge (the guy who came up with the idea) turned on the group, kidnapping the kids. He then performed horrible experiments on all of them, trying to figure out how their powers worked.

The kids were saved by X-factor, who was promptly teleported to Apocalypse's ship to witness his Horsemen's attack on New York City. The kids (all six of 'em) eventually made it back to X-factor's base, though it'd been smashed by Apocalypse's Ship in the fight.

X-factor and the kids moved in to the Ship, and made it their home. The ship initially rebelled, thanks to Apocalypse's programming, but Rusty and the kids freed it. They all continued on in the Ship as normal, until the Mutant Registration Act was signed into law.

As a protest, Rusty publicly refused to sign, and was arrested for his troubles. He got broken out by his pals when the Inferno went down, as they needed his leadership to help save the day. They did so, and all of 'em (along with the New Mutants) moved back into X-factor's Ship.

They all eventually joined the New Mutants, and had tons of weird adventures. However, Rusty and Skids eventually got captured by Freedom Force, held for their refusal to sign the Mutant Registration Act. The two were also held to protect a dangerous government secret.

The kids learned that the government was holding the thirteen mutant infants used by the demons of the Inferno conflict, planning to use them as deadly agents when they came of age. Knowing this, they broke out of jail, and made for X-factor's ship.

However, the duo got caught up in the Acts of Vengeance plot of Loki's, and were forced to help capture the evil Nitro, who'd gone ballistic in his trial, and (with the Vulture breaking him out) tried to destroy the courthouse he'd been tried in.

The two did so, but Freedom Force dragged 'em off again. The two were taken by the Mutant Liberation Front, shortly before Cable could get to 'em. Stryfe then bioengineered their brains, making them both violent, and more prone to see things his way.

The kids were stuck in this state until Stryfe almost killed Professor X, and X-force, X-factor, and the X-men teamed up with Apocalypse to put him down 'for good'. The kids were rescued, but wound up being taken to Magneto's space station by Exodus, for some unknown reason.

The kids were healed by Magneto, who used his control over the iron in Rusty and Skids' blood to deprive the bioengineered add-ons in their brains of air, and they then turned back to normal. In a mad swing of behavior, though, they decided to stay on the station.

They did this, even though they knew the government's plans for those infants, and also knew Magneto's Acolytes were bad news. the two even joined up with them, eventually, until the place was blown to bits by Holocaust, who's just manifested in our universe, and was hungry.

He ate half the Acolytes, and (presumably) Rusty Collins. Of course, we didn't actually see Rusty's physical death occur on panel, so there's always just enough wiggle room to allow for an timely resurrection or 'saved at the last minute' fix for this. One never knows.

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