Mirage GT

RV 40
RV 50
RV 10
RV 40
RV 6
RV 30
RV 30
RV 20
RV +10 *


* Amongst humans, Autobots, and Maximals, at least. RV -20 among Predacons / Decepticons / Vehicons.


As are his fellow, former Vehicons from the future, Mirage GT is an electromechanical entity hailing from Cybertron. An alien robot from the future, Mirage GT is something of a high tech creation, though it goes without saying that he's quite out of place on our world.

Known Powers:

Cybertronian Physique: like his fellow Vehicons, Mirage GT is a robotic entity of Cybertronian design and origin. As such, this highly mobile combatant has, by his very nature, the use of a large variety of abilities that reflect this, including:

* Body Armor: Mirage GT was built with a reinforced steel frame, one that offers him rank value 10 resistance to injury. This makes him immune to most basic human attack forms, and moderately resistant to his fellow robots. His defenses break down as follows:

RV 10 / RV 4 / RV 0 / RV 0 / RV 0

* Growth: Cybertronians come in all manner of sizes, few of which align with the human norm. Mirage GT, for instance, normally stands at around twelve feet tall in his humanoid mode, which grants him this power at rank value 4 as a general matter of course.

As such, this high tech prankster possesses a +1 size factor. He thus suffers a -1 RS when targeting human-sized foes, but gains a +1 RS on any damage he inflicts against them, as well as 1 RS of damage reduction against any attacks they, in turn, launch against him.

* Microscopic / Telescopic Vision: all Transformers have the ability to alter their visual sensitivity where distance is concerned. Functioning at rank value 2, these powers let Mirage GT see objects up to a mile distant with ease, and allow him to read items on microfiche.

* Radio Transceiver: as are most Transformers on earth, Mirage GT is equipped with an audio / video transmission system. This communications rig allows him instant contact with any other nearby Cybertronians, having rank value 20 range (100 miles).

* Resistance / Invulnerability to Disease and Poison: an inorganic life form, Mirage GT possesses complete immunity to poisons and organic diseases. He also possesses rank value 100 resistance to more chemically creative forms of disease.

Missile Launchers: Mirage GT has one of these mounted on each of his lower arms, or on his spoiler while in vehicle mode. He can fire these projectiles to inflict the listed damage below, raised by +1 RS if both are fired at (and hit) a singular foe:

RV 20
RV 50
RV 20
RV 30 Slashing (fragmentary)

Shape Change: his most notorious ability, this power allows Mirage GT to transform his humanoid form into that of a dragster, if one that looks like it's from the future! Mirage GT's vehicular mode is rather fast, and has the following vehicular capabilities:

RV 50
RV 500
RV 20
RV 6

Teleportation: Mirage GT's claim to fame, he was built with an experimental teleportation unit. He can use this to make short hops through higher dimensions, moving up to 200 yards (5 sectors) per jaunt. He can do this with rank value 40 skill.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Plasma Mine Cannon: his primary, integral weapon system, this device is housed within Mirage GT's driver seat in vehicle mode. It can be used to lob explosive gobs of plasma at an opponent, gobs that detonate to inflict rank value 20 AP SD Energy damage to whatever they hit.




Advanced Guns: having one sort of built into his very body, Mirage GT is well versed in the use of advanced, energy-based weapons. He can fire most advanced firearms as if his Coordination was +1 RS higher than is listed above, whether he's flinging lasers or gobs of plasma!

Stealth: on top of his teleportation ability, Mirage GT is well versed in sneaking around and being generally hard to find. When attempting to be inconspicuous, Mirage GT may apply a -1 RS to Awareness ACT rolls others attempt to spot or notice him.


Mirage GT is now an Autobot, and can rely upon them for assistance should he but ask - and he does often, being out of place in both space and time. Of course, he used to be a Vehicon, and could maybe get help from any Vehicon survivors if he hasn't pranked them too much.


In his alternate mode, Mirage GT has the appearance of an advanced, Cybertronic dragster of yellow hue with black trim. When he transforms into his humanoid shape, Mirage GT looks as though he were a robot built from the carcass of a stripped, yellow and black dragster.


Mirage GT likes to think that he's smart and devious, when he's not really all that much of either, really. He has a habit of playing tricks on his allies, usually to the point of annoyance; luckily for him, the Autobots are more forgiving than his former teammates!

Real Name: Mirage
Occupation: warrior, spy
Legal Status: citizen of Cybertron with no known criminal record on earth
Marital Status: inapplicable
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Autobots, former Vehicon

Height: 12'
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: red
Weight: several tons
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Mirage GT is composed of a powerful alien metal that is primarily yellow in hue, with a considerable amount of black trim scattered across his body, regardless of which form he currently occupies.


Created by (Beast Machines) Megatron, Mirage was given one of the innumerable sparks that villain had captured, and put to work as one of his experiments. Mirage was to serve as an intelligence bridge between the various Vehicon generals and their many, many drones.

Something of a spy, something of a messenger. The problem was that Mirage wasn't all that intelligent, though he tended to overrate just how smart and devious he really is. He lacked drive and ambition, and without Megatron to tell him what to do, he would wander aimlessly.

It didn't help that he had a tendency to play practical jokes on his fellow sentient Vehicons - constantly. This has got him on their bad side, and he's generally unpopular amongst them all. Of course, all of this changed with the ultimate defeat of his re-creator.

When the Maximals prevailed over the Vehicons, Mirage was left in something of a tight spot; suddenly he had few allies and fewer friends. This is why, when asked by the spectral remnants of Optimus Primal to join him on a mission of redemption, Mirage took him up on the offer.

It was that or face a grisly end at the hands of any number of Transformers who would take exception to what his old boss did to them upon the rebirth of Cybertron as a techno-organic utopia. With Primal, Mirage journeyed into the past along with several of his fellow outcasts.

Arriving in modern day Tokyo, he was given the markings of an Autobot, and began to work with the Autobot Spychangers against this era's Megatron (who was actually from a point in time beyond even his own) and his many Decepticon, Predacon, and Vehicon minions.

Thanks to their hard work, the Autobots (and their new friends) have trounced this newer Megatron as well, leaving Mirage (who has since become Mirage GT, since there was already a Mirage active in this era) with little to do with himself.

It is assumed that he returned to Cybertron with his new Autobot allies, traversing time and space to arrive at a world he hardly recognized; the Cybertron that his Autobot friends hailed from was, after all, further along than even his own, temporally speaking.


There is no actual information about Mirage GT in any of the Robots in Disguise product literature, or anywhere else for that matter. Being a Vehicon repaint, who even has Vehicon symbols here and there, I have tied his story into that of the 'ghost' of Optimus Primal.

I used the tech specs of Beast Machines Mirage as a foundation for this fellow, though keep in mind there is nothing 'canonical' here - this is as close as I could get to 'official' with nothing to point me in the right direction. Use this description, or not, as you see fit.

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