Andrew 'Andy' Meadows (deceased)


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Andrew 'Andy' Meadows, in a strictly physical sense, is a normal human. Intellectually, however, he is quite exceptional. So much so, in fact, that he was able to break down Karl Swensen's MAX laser technology and transform it into his very own, high tech weapon!



Hindrances / Augmentations:

Dulled Sense / Vision: Andy has very bad vision, though he can see normally with his large, round-rimmed glassed. Should these be lost or broken, his Agility is treated as if it were zero (0) for the purposes of action resolution, until they are recovered (or replaced).


Beam-Splitter (a): Andy's Troubleshooter claim to fame, this device is derived from Jenny Swensen's MAX technology, and fires a laser beam that inflicts Andy's Agility +5 damage with each deadly assault, one which is in fact armor piercing in nature.


Contingent Attack (a): Andy can divide his total action score between two attacks within one exchange, the second of which happens as a contingent action. He acquired this skill shortly before his death, as he'd been practicing with the Beam-Splitter... a lot.

Electronics 2 (i): Andy is highly skilled in the science of electronics, and as such, can easily build new gadgets from scratch. These devices can be of either a computerized or more industrial nature, depending on Andy's needs, and he resolves related actions with his Intellect or Willpower.

Physics / Optics (i): Andy is well-versed in physical theory, knowing his p's and q's concerning the general and special theories of relativity, principles of energy and matter, and of course, laser theory. That last bit was his favorite part, if you couldn't guess.

Repair / Tinkering (a): a true tinkerer at heart, Andy can easily repair any sort of electrical or mechanical device presented to him. Of course, it may take him a bit to figure the thing out in the first place, but Andy can eventually determine what is ailing a device.


As one of the five Troubleshooters, Andy could readily rely upon his fellow engineering students for aid in a pinch, since they had all gone adventuring together for a while. And naturally, Andy could consider his teacher, Jenny Swensen, a contact as well.


Youthful Exuberance: like all the Troubleshooters, Andy was enamored with the idea of becoming a high tech hero. Even after the others abandoned this goal, he kept it at the forefront of his efforts, practicing in the use of his Beam-Splitter until his untimely demise.


As a primarily normal human, Andy didn't really wear a costume. Of course, he was on the verge of becoming a hero after developing his Beam-Splitter unit, which he wore as a gauntlet on his arm, so given the time he just might have adopted one eventually.


Above and beyond the other Troubleshooters, Andy was really into technology. When even his cohorts were goofing off doing something else unrelated to their studies, Andy was busy taking stuff apart in order to figure out just what made it tick.

This tendency was amplified to a considerable degree once he acquired access to Doctor Karl Swensen's MAX heuristics systems. Using what he gleaned from them, he built his masterpiece, the Beam-Splitter, and wasn't about to give up on it like his fellows.

Real Name: Andrew Meadows
Occupation: student, adventurer
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Troubleshooters (defunct)

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: auburn
Eyes: blue
Weight: 140 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Andy wore a pair of round rimmed glasses.


An exceptionally bright engineering student at MIT, Andy Meadows eventually found himself in a bizarre group of people, a group that was really, really, really into high tech gear (though not as much as himself, mind you). They were the Troubleshooters, the best MIT had to offer in 1986, and Andy was one of their brightest members, hands down!

As an engineering student, it was inevitable that Andy would end up in Jenny Swensen's engineering classes, as she was the head professor in that area on campus. Due to this fact, he and the other Troubleshooters couldn't help but get involved with Jenny's efforts to retrieve her father's work after his death, which she believed was due to foul play on the part of his employer, Fritz Krotze.

Adoring Jenny like the other four Troubleshooters, Andy indeed helped Jenny retrieve Doctor Swensen's work, the prototype for the Mark 2 MAX Armor. This involved breaking into Krotze International, of course, but Andy and the Troubleshooters nonetheless succeeded in their mission, stealing the armor and the lab that it was built in (it was mobile).

After defeating one of Krotze's flunkies later on (who was piloting the Mark 1 MAX prototype), Andy was instrumental in helping Jenny break down the MAX technology in order to determine exactly how it worked. Of course, this work helped the Troubleshooters develop partial MAX suits all their own, which would prove to be an incredibly bad thing down the road.

Eventually, the forces moving against Jenny Swensen landed her in jail, and the five students that were the Troubleshooters decided to use their technology to help Jenny, becoming accidental heroes in the process, having learned of a plot to slay the English Prime Minister in their search for proof of Jenny's innocence. During this mission, Andy debuted his MAX tech: the Beam-Splitter!

After this, however, the other Troubleshooters decided that being heroes was too dangerous, and went to give their MAX tech back to Jenny (who'd since gotten out of jail). Andy was very, very reluctant to do so, though, as he'd begun to like the laser weapon he'd built, as well as the idea of being a hero. In fact, he told the others this when Steel Hawk struck.

The villain who tried to kill the Prime Minister, Steel Hawk wanted revenge, and had managed to track the Troubleshooters down. Knowing that Andy was the deadliest (with that ranged weapon, and all), Steel Hawk went after him first, and managed to grab the arm his Beam-Splitter was on. Triggering the device, Steel Hawk shot Andy's laser right through him, killing him instantly.

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