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Members of GI Joe's part-time Steel Brigadiers who serve as that unit's Paratroopers are all normal humans. Though they excel in their field and are typically quite skilled, each Paratrooper of the Steel Brigade is but a normal human, no matter how exceptional they seem to be.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Grenades: Steel Brigadiers usually go into combat with at least one grenade handy. Their Paratroopers can fling these explosive devices to inflict rank value 30 Slashing damage to all targets within a given sector that are not currently under cover.

Helmet: their signature equipment, the helmets of Steel Brigade Paratroopers are as powerful as they are bizarre. As big metal cans, they provide their wearers rank value 10 protection against any physical attacks striking them anywhere in the head. But that's not all!

The Brigadier Paratrooper helmets also provide their wearer both infravision and ultravision of rank value 10, along with an oxygen breather, and a close-range (rank value 2) communications network centered around the helmet of the current Steel Brigade Commander.

Knife: a vital tool for armed representatives of the government, all Steel Brigadiers carry one of these. Made from m.v. 40 materials, this blade can either be used to cut through items of up to like m.v. in time, or to inflict Slashing damage in melee combat.

Machine Gun: the primary weapon of all Steel Brigade Paratroopers, it can discharge one round to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage, a short burst of such to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage, or be fired continuously to inflict rank valud 20 Piercing damage.

Sidearm: Steel Brigade Paratroopers all carry a backup weapon on a chest-mounted holster. They may either discharge one round from this weapon to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage, or a three-round burst of lead to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage.




Detective / Espionage: usually acting as forward observers behind enemy lines, this is a vital skill for Steel Brigade Paratroopers. They should receive a +1 RS on attempts to either unearth information, move inconspicuously, or infiltrate other groups.

Guns: all Steel Brigadiers are trained in the use of most modern firearms. Whether they're handling a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Steel Brigade operatives may do so as though their Coordination trait was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts style B: the Steel Brigade is big on self-defense, and can easily fight the forces of darkness without a weapon when necessary. While attempting unarmed strikes (punches, kicks, etc.), their Paratroopers may do so at their Melee trait +1 RS.

Military / United States: the source of all their talents, the Steel Brigade in their entirety have this skill as a general matter of course. They are well-versed in the SOP, and can seamlessly blend into, and function within, a military group of men and women.


As members of the GI Joe team, albeit part-timers, Steel Brigade Paratroopers can rely upon the Joes - and each other - for assistance should they need it. In fact, that's part of the point of their unit, to map out enemy territories and call the Joes in to wreck them!


Steel Brigade Paratroopers wear a uniform distinct from their fellows. It is comprised of a long sleeved, gray camouflage jacket under a black vest, gray camouflage trousers, black leather boots and gloves, a black leather belt, black web gear, and a distinctive chrome helmet.


Like the rest of the Steel Brigade, its Paratroopers are a force of part-time military talent that the GI Joe team can rely upon for assistance in the never-ending fight against costumed terrorists and villains. There are more villains than there are Joes, after all!

Before the Joes can handle such threats, however, they need data on their lairs and territories. That's where the Steel Brigade's Paratroopers come in. They can be activated from regular forces and put to work gathering intelligence on feedom's enemies anywhere around the world.

And once their job is done, the Steel Brigade's Paratroopers can either clear out or join the action alongside the other Joes!

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