The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: P

the Paralyzer: a low-profile treaded vehicle, the Paralyzer packs a serious punch! Built around a central cannon comparable to that on the venerable HISS, and sporting communications disrupting missiles, the Paralyzer can make a serious mess of GI Joe! Availability:

the Paralyzer (MSH Classic)

the Paralyzer (4C System)

the Paralyzer (Marvel Saga)

the Parasite: a heavily armored troop transport, the Parasite is built to help Cobra operatives make it to their objectives in one piece. Of course, it's also armed heavily enough that anything in its path won't remain in that state for all that long! Availability:

the Parasite (MSH Classic)

the Parasite (4C System)

the Parasite (Marvel Saga)

Pathfinder: William was raised with a plethora of wilderness survival skills as he grew up in the Florida Everglades. Using these to excel as the Army's premier jungle missions expert, William proved to be a natural fit for the elite GI Joe team. Availability:

Pathfinder (MSH Classic)

Pathfinder (4C System)

Pathfinder (Marvel Saga)

Patriot / Captain America 4: inspired by Captain America, journalist and veteran Jeffrey Mace became a costumed adventurer himself. He wound up donning the mantle of his hero in time, after the third man to bear it was killed in battle. Availability:

Patriot / Captain America 4 (MSH Classic)

Patriot / Captain America 4 (4C System)

Patriot / Captain America 4 (Marvel Saga)

the Patriot: the Patriot is a small, four-tracked vehicle carrying a lot more firepower than you'd expect. It's armed with a 'surface-to-air mortar cannon', a triple-barreled laser cannon, a side machine gun mount, and an anti-personnel battering ram! Availability:

the Patriot (MSH Classic)

the Patriot (4C System)

the Patriot (Marvel Saga)

the Patriot Grizzly: a massive tank that is the latest in a long time of GI Joe artillery pieces, the Patriot Grizzly is a powerful ground weapon used in more standardized combat against the legions of Cobra terrorists, assassins, and genetically engineered freaks. Availability:

the Patriot Grizzly (MSH Classic)

the Patriot Grizzly (4C System)

the Patriot Grizzly (Marvel Saga)

Payload: growing up in Cape Canaveral, Mark always wanted to go to space, and worked towards this goal his entire life. After becoming a bona fide astronaut, this former fighter pilot was picked to fly GI Joe's firt spacecraft, the mighty Defiant! Availability:

Payload (MSH Classic)

Payload (4C System)

Payload (Marvel Saga)

Sgt. Major Peel: a soldier who found himself in mercenary work after the Vietnam War, the Sergeant Major was approached by Mark Hazzard, who hired him to help teach local insurgents to fight against the evil regimes that they lived under. Availability:

Sgt. Major Peel (MSH Classic)

Sgt. Major Peel (4C System)

Sgt. Major Peel (Marvel Saga)

Pentadrones (Modron): the most intelligent and powerful base modrons, the bizarrely shaped pentadrones are the core level of law enforcement amongst their kind. They continually patrol Regulus in a constant search for rogues and troublemakers. Availability:

Pentadrones (MSH Classic)

Pentadrones (4C System)

Pentadrones (Marvel Saga)

Perceptor: one of the Autobots' chief scientists, Perceptor helps his allies to better fit in on whatever world they currently find themselves active. He's also an exceptional boon to his allies in the field, however, as he is a marksman without peer! Availability:

Perceptor (MSH Classic)

Perceptor (4C System)

Perceptor (Marvel Saga)

the Persuader: a small yet powerful vehicle, the Persuader is essentially a rolling laser cannon. Built for defense while packing a staggering offense, this vehicle is a perfect fit for its driver, Backstop, who tends to play hard and fight even harder! Availability:

the Persuader (MSH Classic)

the Persuader (4C System)

the Persuader (Marvel Saga)

Phantom Bullet: though jaded by the abject and brazen corruption befouling the system, wealthy reporter at large Allen Lewis was moved to take direct action against it when an amazing ice gun, which fired untraceable bullets, fell into his lap! Availability:

Phantom Bullet (MSH Classic)

Phantom Bullet (4C System)

Phantom Bullet (Marvel Saga)

the Phantom Reporter: champion wrestler, fencer, boxer, and all-American fullback, Dick Jones is a highly motivated journalist who uses his mental and physical skills to bring villains to justice that the system seems unable... or unwilling... to touch! Availability:

the Phantom Reporter (MSH Classic)

the Phantom Reporter (4C System)

the Phantom Reporter (Marvel Saga)

the Phantom X-19: shrouded in secrecy, the Phantom X-19 is a revolutionary stealth aircraft which can perform as either a reconnaissance or fighter jet. The subject of countless speculation, the Phantom X-19 is a Holy Grail to conspiracy theorists. Availability:

the Phantom X-19 (MSH Classic)

the Phantom X-19 (4C System)

the Phantom X-19 (Marvel Saga)

the Pile Driver: a strange vehicle springing from the minds of the Ninja Force, the Pile Driver is but a mechanized, rotating hammer of immense size. Its operator spins with the hammer as it knocks anyone foolish enough to get too close into the next century! Availability:

the Pile Driver (MSH Classic)

the Pile Driver (4C System)

the Pile Driver (Marvel Saga)

the Pinball Prophet: after he conned a wizard into taking him under his wing, Morris Niver forged something resembling his very own school of magic, one based on a pinball theme, and used his new found power to launch a high-stakes criminal career! Availability:

the Pinball Prophet (MSH Classic)

the Pinball Prophet (4C System)

the Pinball Prophet (Marvel Saga)

Pincer Penny: her modeling career ended by the emergence of freakish, mutant pincers, Marlene Nolan fled the world to became a bounty hunter based on Planet T. There, she founded the Triumvirate of Tribulation to fight against evil mutants! Availability:

Pincer Penny (MSH Classic)

Pincer Penny (4C System)

Pincer Penny (Marvel Saga)

Pinhead: a minor hood before the White Event, the man known only as Pinhead became a much greater menace once that astronomical phenomenon granted him a comically twisted appearance, and deadly physical weaponry atop his cone head. Availability:

Pinhead (MSH Classic)

Pinhead (4C System)

Pinhead (Marvel Saga)

the Pirahna: a one-man gunboat, the Pirahna is a smaller and cheaper aquatic combat alternative to the similarly-hued and equipped Moray. Though they have less range, the Pirahnas have greater maneuverability, letting them sink GI Joe ships with impunity! Availability:

the Pirahna (MSH Classic)

the Pirahna (4C System)

the Pirahna (Marvel Saga)

the Piranha Attack Boat: usually helmed by Shipwreck, the Piranha is a fresh-water attack craft the GI Joe team rolled out in response to new Cobra operatives with aquatic genetic sequences spliced into their bodies - the Piranha hits Venom troops fast and hard! Availability:

the Piranha Attack Boat (MSH Classic)

the Piranha Attack Boat (4C System)

the Piranha Attack Boat (Marvel Saga)

the Pit: regardless of its current location, the GI Joe team's main headquarters, the Pit, invariably takes the form of an underground facility hardened against all threats, up to and incluing a nuclear explosion directly above! Availability:

the Pit (MSH Classic)

the Pit (4C System)

the Pit (Marvel Saga)

Pixies (Typical): the diminutive pixies were once simple humans, but have drifted away from the mundane world and all its silly constraints. Living through the ages and blessed with minor magic skills, pixies like to amuse themselves at humanity's expense. Availability:

Pixies (MSH Classic)

Pixies (4C System)

Pixies (Marvel Saga)

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball: a vehicle of Fred 7's design, the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball can launch itself into the air via short-burst rockets, and continue to bounce around, firing on anything within its domain, on three pneumatically enhanced legs! Availability:

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball (MSH Classic)

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball (4C System)

the Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball (Marvel Saga)

Polanski, Lisa: after being trained in the Art by the Zen Hell-Kites, this one woman army became a professional mercenary. When her Pastordyne employers betrayed her by implanting experimental cybernetics on her person, Lisa put them on her List...! Availability:

Polanski, Lisa (MSH Classic)

Polanski, Lisa (4C System)

Polanski, Lisa (Marvel Saga)

the Polar Battle Bear: snowmobiles with attitude, Polar Battle Bears are 1.4 ton, heavily armored, cold weather combat vehicles. Ideal for use near either pole, the Battle Bear is armed with 50mm cannons and heat seeking miniature missiles! Availability:

the Polar Battle Bear (MSH Classic)

the Polar Battle Bear (4C System)

the Polar Battle Bear (Marvel Saga)

Anne Pollicino: aside from Jenny Swensen herself, Anne was Project: Spitfire's greatest techie. She not only helped Jenny build her Mark 3 MAX armor, but has assisted her both as mission support and in keeping the armor operational. Availability:

Anne Pollicino (MSH Classic)

Anne Pollicino (4C System)

Anne Pollicino (Marvel Saga)

the Post-modern Girl: a computer programmer hired by Argyle's Wizardyne corporation, Harolene Zachs was experimented upon as a part of his byzantine schemes against his corporate superior - but has since joined Agency 13 as one of its investigators! Availability:

Post-modern Girl (MSH Classic)

Post-modern Girl (4C System)

Post-modern Girl (Marvel Saga)

Potiphar: a mercenary, assassin, and fiercely patriotic Egyptian that's been active in Middle-Eastern affairs for over twenty years, this mass murderer has found himself in the Medusa Web's employ of late, and he gleefully does the Web's dirty work. Availability:

Potiphar (MSH Classic)

Potiphar (4C System)

Potiphar (Marvel Saga)

the Power Fighter: an advancement of Robo-Joe's space-based combat technology, the GI Joe Power Fighter is a small mech: a miniaturized - and much cheaper - version of the Armor Bot that GI Joe can use to dominate Cobra during their battles in space! Availability:

the Power Fighter (MSH Classic)

the Power Fighter (4C System)

the Power Fighter (Marvel Saga)

Roger Price: husband of Debbie Felix's friend Jane, Roger got involved with the Star Brand during the Star Child's birth. After being killed by the that entity, Roger was brought back to life better than before - wielding a portion of the Star Brand itself! Availability:

Roger Price (MSH Classic)

Roger Price (4C System)

Roger Price (Marvel Saga)

Priestess: a runaway saved from a life of debauchery by Mark Hazzard when she was fourteen, the girl that became the Priestess developed into first a martial artist, and later a martial arts instructor, that often helped her savior out. Availability:

Priestess (MSH Classic)

Priestess (4C System)

Priestess (Marvel Saga)

Primus (Modron): the One and the Prime, Primus is a singular, unique modron entity. Having no peer, Primus alone possesses individuality within the confines of Mechanus' ultimate law, and consistently strives to share it with the multiverse. Availability:

Primus (MSH Classic)

Primus (4C System)

Primus (Marvel Saga)

Prince Omei: Omei's power was was that of mesmerism, with which he could readily bring to heel the will of other men! The origin of this dread power is unknown, but everyone knows that he used it in the forging of a vast and terrible criminal empire! Availability:

Prince Omei (MSH Classic)

Prince Omei (4C System)

Prince Omei (Marvel Saga)

the PAC/RATs: Programmed Attack Computer Rapid All Terrain units, or PAC/RATs, are experimental Joe-botic assault systems that not only serve as heavy duty fire support, but can act as convenient 'cannon fodder' for GI Joe when necessary. Availability:

the PAC/RATs (MSH Classic)

the PAC/RATs (4C System)

the PAC/RATs (Marvel Saga)

Emmett Proudhawk: a CIA operative investigating the paranormal, Emmett went rogue after his partner sold his list of psis to various foreign and corporate interests. Emmett did everything he could to protect his charges, which ultimately cost him his life. Availability:

Emmett Proudhawk (MSH Classic)

Emmett Proudhawk (4C System)

Emmett Proudhawk (Marvel Saga)

Michael Proudhawk: Emmett Proudhawk's cousin, Michael followed him and Derek Shiningstar into government service. Like his kin, Michael has powerful telepathic abilities, as well as the power to summon forth an apparent Psi-Hawk, to do his bidding! Availability:

Michael Proudhawk (MSH Classic)

Michael Proudhawk (4C System)

Michael Proudhawk (Marvel Saga)

Prowl (G1): chief military strategist for the Autobots, Prowl is often kept close at hand by Optimus Prime, who values his insights about various tactics. The rest of the Autobots, however, tend to think of him as a stuffed shirt and fussbucket. Availability:

Prowl (MSH Classic)

Prowl (4C System)

Prowl (Marvel Saga)

Prowl (RiD): having worked with police officials since arriving on earth, Prowl has developed a deep-seated respect for the law. He is quite an orderly, almost predictable robot - which often clashes with his brothers' independent natures. Availability:

Prowl (MSH Classic)

Prowl (4C System)

Prowl (Marvel Saga)

Prowl 2 (RiD): dedicated to the memory of his hero, Prowl, Prowl 2 has strived to bring law and order to all of Cybertron, but has always felt inadequate to his idol's legacy. Of course, now that he has a serious personality disorder, one can see why...! Availability:

Prowl 2 (MSH Classic)

Prowl 2 (4C System)

Prowl 2 (Marvel Saga)

Psi-Fox: young Roy Shijitzu initially rejected his family's high tech business, instead walking the earth to master his natural psionics. With that done, he's decided to use the company in a bid to prove his inherent superiority to his fellow man! Availability:

Psi-fox (MSH Classic)

Psi-fox (4C System)

Psi-fox (Marvel Saga)

Psi-Hawk: created by the concentration of at least one of the original psionic paranormals collected by the late Emmett Proudhawk, this spectral gestalt is the ultimate weapon in Psi-Force's arsenal - a combination of all their powers and psyches. Availability:

Psi-Hawk (MSH Classic)

Psi-Hawk (4C System)

Psi-Hawk (Marvel Saga)

Psyche-Out: wielding a doctorate in psychology and an expertise in predictive behavioral analysis and paranoia-inducing ultra low frequency radio waves, Kenneth is the perfect psy-ops expert for GI Joe using his experience in countless covert ops! Availability:

Psyche-Out (MSH Classic)

Psyche-Out (4C System)

Psyche-Out (Marvel Saga)

Psychophant: a former bartender who taught himself telekinetic powers after a mid-life crisis, Harvey Smithsonian eventually became a psikinetic overmind, and uses his powers to not only fulfill Mindwatch's mission, but to help those in need! Availability:

Psychophant (MSH Classic)

Psychophant (4C System)

Psychophant (Marvel Saga)

the Pulverizer: the final equipment Battle Force 2000 rolled out before its untimely demise, the Pulverizer is a small tracked vehicle. It can pack an astounding punch with its massive laser cannon, which can stop enemy gear and fortifications dead - and how! Availability:

the Pulverizer (MSH Classic)

the Pulverizer (4C System)

the Pulverizer (Marvel Saga)

Pythona: chief courier and assassin of Golobulus, Pythona is a singularly dangerous citizen of Cobra-La. The left hand of that secret civilization's leader, Pythona works to subvert and annihilate her peoples' enemies before they even know what hit them. Availability:

Pythona (MSH Classic)

Pythona (4C System)

Pythona (Marvel Saga)

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