The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: Q

Quadrones (Modron): Mechanus' elite labor force and field officers, the clever quadrones can decide how to best accomplish the tasks assigned them by their pentadrone superiors, delegating smaller chunks of said tasks to tridrones as they see fit. Availability:

Quadrones (MSH Classic)

Quadrones (4C System)

Quadrones (Marvel Saga)

Quartons (Modron): the sixteen quartons oversee the octons, if indirectly, in the management of their domains. This ties up most of their time, though one will occasionally assist in the transfer of data up and down the modron hierarchy. Availability:

Quartons (MSH Classic)

Quartons (4C System)

Quartons (Marvel Saga)

Quasar: appointed the Protector of the Universe by the mighty Eon, Wendell Elvis Vaughn uses the mighty Quantum bands to perform his duties. His time as the champion of our cosmos has seen Wendell suffer greatly, but ultimatly come out on top in the end. Availability:

Quasar (MSH Classic)

Quasar (4C System)

Quasar (Marvel Saga)

Quasits (Tanar'ri): like manes, some argue that quasits aren't 'real' tanar'ri. They are formed from special larvae to aid in the temptation of mortals with deep, evil passions - and if they serve well, quasits can ascend into greater tanar'ri forms. Availability:

Quasits (MSH Classic)

Quasits (4C System)

Quasits (Marvel Saga)

Queen Nara: when her spacefaring parents were slain by Dragon-men on the planet Ligra, young Nara Gale was raised on that world by its more benevolent Lion-people. As it turned out, they liked her so much that they decided to make her their queen! Availability:

Queen Nara (MSH Classic)

Queen Nara (4C System)

Queen Nara (Marvel Saga)

Quentin's Quirky Quack: Quigley Quirtsquip is a quandary, a man with a genetic quirk that lets him reorder the physiology of others at a whim. Developing this skill as something of an experimental doctor, he's become known as Quentin's Quirky Quack! Availability:

Quentin's Quirky Quack (MSH Classic)

Quentin's Quirky Quack (4C System)

Quentin's Quirky Quack (Marvel Saga)

the Quickstrike: Bazooka's sweet new ride is an armored 6WD vehicle that has, of course, a large missile launching platform mounted on the rear. He (or any other Joe) can use this and the built-in ring turret to decimate Cobra's forces, whether normal or enhanced! Availability:

the Quickstrike (MSH Classic)

the Quickstrike (4C System)

the Quickstrike (Marvel Saga)

Quick Kick: a Hollywood stunt man before he was recruited by GI Joe, MacArthur was raised by immigrant parents in Watts and grew up tough. A master of numerous martial arts, MacArthur has become a silent weapons specialist in the fight against Cobra! Availability:

Quick Kick (MSH Classic)

Quick Kick (4C System)

Quick Kick (Marvel Saga)

Quintons (Modron): as are the hextons before them, the twenty-five quintons are constantly busy. There is always one in the towers of the quartons and the secundi, relaying data back and forth in the modron hierarchy, and five within Primus' tower. Availability:

Quintons (MSH Classic)

Quintons (4C System)

Quintons (Marvel Saga)

Quintuple Bartender: after leaping through a rift in his basement, Morris Inglebert came back a changed man - five changed men, in fact. Seizing opportunity as it arose, he founded the Club Invertebrate to cash in on the troublemaking nexus downstairs! Availability:

Quintuple Bartender (MSH Classic)

Quintuple Bartender (4C System)

Quintuple Bartender (Marvel Saga)

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