The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: S

Salvo (GI Joe): David is quite like Rampart, having joined the military to indulge in his favorite hobby. The difference is that while Rampart blows things up as a part of his love for computerized gaming action, David prefers a more 'low tech' approach! Availability:

Salvo (MSH Classic)

Salvo (4C System)

Salvo (Marvel Saga)

Salvo (New U): Michael Crawley is a stereotypical nerd, more interested in science than in people. When the White Event 'blessed' him with the ability to blow things up with his mind, his lack of social skills hindered his ability to mesh with fellow paranormals. Availability:

Salvo (MSH Classic)

Salvo (4C System)

Salvo (Marvel Saga)

Saxon St. John: an insane genius in the employ of the Club, Saxon had developed advanced, cybernetic armor paradigm. Of course, since he could find no volunteers to undergo the surgery to tie them to the armor, Saxon had to improvise... Availability:

Saxon St. John (MSH Classic)

Saxon St. John (4C System)

Saxon St. John (Marvel Saga)

Sand Razor: this minimally armored, swift vehicle is perfect for ambushes or hit and run operations in desert climates. It makes up for a lack of driver protection by having both an impressive maximum speed and a staggering complement of weaponry. Availability:

the Sand Razor (MSH Classic)

the Sand Razor (4C System)

the Sand Razor (Marvel Saga)

Satan's Little Elf: an ill-tempered lout, the pixie known only as Satan's Little Elf has learned how to grow himself to about half a normal human's size, a trick he uses to engage in a petty and relentless crime spree posing as one of Santa's little helpers. Availability:

Satan's Little Elf (MSH Classic)

Satan's Little Elf (4C System)

Satan's Little Elf (Marvel Saga)

Scar-face: one of Cobra's elite officers, Scar-face has extensive espionage experience, which helped him to get far in Cobra's hierarchy. Through no fault of his own, however, he wound up getting on Cobra's bad side, and paid the price for his allegiance! Availability:

Scar-face (MSH Classic)

Scar-face (4C System)

Scar-face (Marvel Saga)

Scarlett: having trained as a martial artist since she was nine years old, and then being put through more 'dirty tricks' training in the Army, Shana's combat prowess and ability to gain intelligence on various Cobra operations is second to none! Availability:

Scarlett (MSH Classic)

Scarlett (4C System)

Scarlett (Marvel Saga)

Scavenger (RiD): once one of countless Vehicon drones built by Megatron, this mechanoid was brought back in time by Optimus Primal, and given an all new Spark by the Matrix. He now has free will, but Scavenger is still driven by his primary, destructive purpose. Availability:

Scavenger (MSH Classic)

Scavenger (4C System)

Scavenger (Marvel Saga)

Sci-Fi: Seymour does everything slow; no matter how hard you try, you simply can't get the man to hurry anything along. Of course, that's what you want in someone who has to focus energy weapons onto targets a mile away: a whole lot of patience! Availability:

Sci-Fi (MSH Classic)

Sci-Fi (4C System)

Sci-Fi (Marvel Saga)

Scoop: with his electrical engineering and journalism degrees, Leonard Michaels could've easily joined the network news team of his choice. However, he enlisted in the Army to get at the 'real' stories out there, and documents them alongside GI Joe! Availability:

Scoop (MSH Classic)

Scoop (4C System)

Scoop (Marvel Saga)

the Scorpion: a small yet mighty all-terrain vehicle, the black and tan (or tan and black, or tan, or black, depending) Scorpion is a two-seated menace machine. Heavily armed and light on its feet, the Scorpion excels for high-speed raids and patrol duty! Availability:

the Scorpion (MSH Classic)

the Scorpion (4C System)

the Scorpion (Marvel Saga)

Scourge (RiD): most powerful of the Decepticons save for Galvatron himself, Scourge was originally an Autobot who was turned to evil, thanks to the power of Megatron's diabolical Spark. Of course, he gained ambition along with Megatron's evil, so watch out! Availability:

Scourge (MSH Classic)

Scourge (4C System)

Scourge (Marvel Saga)

Scrap-Iron: originally just an employee of Destro's MARS corporation, Scrap-Iron joined Cobra in an effort to field test his latest armament designs. The never-ending opportunities to destroy the imperfect are simply a fringe benefit of the job! Availability:

Scrap-Iron (MSH Classic)

Scrap-Iron (4C System)

Scrap-Iron (Marvel Saga)

Scrunch: after encountering two insane paranormals, Mr. Lovejoy was swept up in their mania. Blessed by the White Event himself, Mr. Lovejoy had incredible strength - a power twisted to the end of the deranged psychics who held him in their thrall. Availability:

Mr. Lovejoy (MSH Classic)

Mr. Lovejoy (4C System)

Mr. Lovejoy (Marvel Saga)

Scuzz: abused child and general hooligan Dennis Cuzinski was on the fast track to a life of crime when the White Event cursed him by making all of his bodily fluids acidic. Naturally, this didn't help the disposition of 'Scuzz' a bit! Availability:

Scuzz (MSH Classic)

Scuzz (4C System)

Scuzz (Marvel Saga)

the Sea Ray: built with stealth in mind, the Sea Ray is a submersible aircraft, which can lurk in the sky or beneath the waves, as is required. Furthermore, it can also split into two distinct vehicles: a miniature submarine and a jet-powered glider! Availability:

the Sea Ray (MSH Classic)

the Sea Ray (4C System)

the Sea Ray (Marvel Saga)

Sea Slugs: Cobra Eels who learn who to pilot aircraft are given the option of becoming Sea Slugs. These elite aquatic operatives receive greater pay, a flashier uniform, and a highly advanced, flying submersible craft in the form of the Sea Ray! Availability:

Sea Slugs (MSH Classic)

Sea Slugs (4C System)

Sea Slugs (Marvel Saga)

Seamus Shish Kebab: after a chance encounter with a particularly tough and inquisitive human, Seamus Shish Kebab decided to learn more about them, and now wanders the highways and byways of the world while meeting (and occasionally pranking) them! Availability:

Seamus Shish Kebab (MSH Classic)

Seamus Shish Kebab (4C System)

Seamus Shish Kebab (Marvel Saga)

Secundus (Modron): the very existence of the four secundus is something few are aware of, as they only associate with the nine tertians below them - and Primus itself. Each secundus oversees four quartons (and thus, sixteen of Regulus' cogs). Availability:

Secundus (MSH Classic)

Secundus (4C System)

Secundus (Marvel Saga)

Secto-Vipers: defenders of Cobra Island's beaches, each Secto-Viper is responsible for patrolling a patch of that terrorist nation's borders. Using their powerful, amphibious BUGGs, the highly motivated Secto-Vipers are a pain to friend and foe alike! Availability:

Secto-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Secto-Vipers (4C System)

Secto-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Sedara: a young Mujahedin warrior with the parability of teleportation, Sedara Bakut used it to devastating effect against the Soviets. After her own father betrayed her to the enemy, she decided she was done with that war, joining Psi-force instead. Availability:

Sedara (MSH Classic)

Sedara (4C System)

Sedara (Marvel Saga)

Seņor Surly: after a life of abandonment and betrayal, lesser men would've descended into abject self-pity and despair. Enrique Gutierrez did no such thing however, instead becoming a college student and vigilante, and later a member of the Crazy Hate! Availability:

Seņor Surly (MSH Classic)

Seņor Surly (4C System)

Seņor Surly (Marvel Saga)

Septons (Modron): the forty-nine septons primarily serve as messengers, relaying commands between hextons and octons. However, several septons also toil within the tower of Primus, where they perform special duties as assigned by the hextons. Availability:

Septons (MSH Classic)

Septons (4C System)

Septons (Marvel Saga)

Sgt. Misha: drawn from the ranks of the Soviet Union's elite Spetsnaz units, Sgt. Misha was recruited onto the Oktober Guard after most of the original team met its demise. Misha is very well-read, and often waxes philosophical on the battle field. Availability:

Sgt. Misha (MSH Classic)

Sgt. Misha (4C System)

Sgt. Misha (Marvel Saga)

Sergeant Smasher: when Sergeant Slaughter was captured by the Python Patrol, there was only one drill sergeant the GI Joe team trusted to liberate him: Sergeant Smasher! Naturally, Mr. C (as Smasher is often called) remained on the team afterwards! Availability:

Sergeant Smasher (MSH Classic)

Sergeant Smasher (4C System)

Sergeant Smasher (Marvel Saga)

Sgt. Slaughter: a force of nature, Sgt. Slaughter was born on Parris Island, and raised to become as tough and mean as is humanly possible - a perfect Marine! The ultimate drill instructor, the Sarge is who GI Joe relies upon to keep themselves on their toes! Availability:

Sgt. Slaughter (MSH Classic)

Sgt. Slaughter (4C System)

Sgt. Slaughter (Marvel Saga)

Serpentor: built from the genetic remnants of history's greatest military geniuses, (and a few more recent ingredients), the being known as Serpentor was naturally inclined to take command of Cobra for himself, and in time, that's precisely what he did! Availability:

Serpentor (MSH Classic)

Serpentor (4C System)

Serpentor (Marvel Saga)

the Seven Dimensional Man: Horace Bison was one of Mindwatch's most arrogant - yet most effective - field operatives. His hubris ultimately got him booted from the group when he used his powers on a fellow Mindwatcher for personal gain. Availability:

the Seven Dimensional Man (MSH Classic)

the Seven Dimensional Man (4C System)

the Seven Dimensional Man (Marvel Saga)

Shamash: the god of the sun, Shamash illuminates the earth on his daily journey across the sky. From his vantage point over all, Shamash can see the wrongs committed by man, which helps him to judge both truth and justice when necessary. Availability:

Shamash (MSH Classic)

Shamash (4C System)

Shamash (Marvel Saga)

the Shark: instead of using his revolutionary submersible technology to aid humanity, Stephen Morgan wielded it as the Shark, a dread undersea pirate, one whose crimes against the seven seas were only halted by Electro: Marvel of the Age! Availability:

the Shark (MSH Classic)

the Shark (4C System)

the Shark (Marvel Saga)

the Shark 9000: Cutter's latest ride is smaller than his first, but has similar abilities. A heavy duty patrol boat armed with a water cannon and a dual torpedo launcher, the Shark 9000 can pursue an opponent on the water, or on land for short periods of time! Availability:

the Shark 9000 (MSH Classic)

the Shark 9000 (4C System)

the Shark 9000 (Marvel Saga)

Derek Shiningstar: a close friend of Emmett Proudhawk's, Derek entered government service with him. Derek subsequently sold Emmett and his work out to the highest bidder to secure a piece of the psi pie for himself, which would ultiamtely prove his undoing. Availability:

Derek Shiningstar (MSH Classic)

Derek Shiningstar (4C System)

Derek Shiningstar (Marvel Saga)

Shipwreck: born and raised around the San Diego Naval Grounds, young Hector X Delgado was practically fated to become a sailor - and he joined the Navy to do just that. He was good enough at his job to eventually become a Joe - and even a Navy SEAL! Availability:

Shipwreck (MSH Classic)

Shipwreck (4C System)

Shipwreck (Marvel Saga)

Shivowtnoeh (Animal): formerly a Russian high school student, the White Event was not kind to Irina Mityushova. Transformed into a slavering, bestial terror, Irina has slowly, but increasingly lost her tenuous grip on her remaining humanity. Availability:

Shivowtnoeh (Animal) (MSH Classic)

Shivowtnoeh (Animal) (4C System)

Shivowtnoeh (Animal) (Marvel Saga)

Shockwave (GI Joe): showing true bravery as a member of Detroit's SWAT team, Jason applied for a position on the GI Joe team to use his skills for even more good. Being accepted, he was trained up in the SOP and made one of GI Joe's experts in urban combat! Availability:

Shockwave (MSH Classic)

Shockwave (4C System)

Shockwave (Marvel Saga)

Shockwave (New U): Kathy Ling was a spoiled rich girl who felt like a freak after developing her parability. Hating it at first, Kathy eventually grew to revel in her telekinetic might when she'd had enough of being hounded by various interests intent on using her. Availability:

Shockwave (MSH Classic)

Shockwave (4C System)

Shockwave (Marvel Saga)

Shooter: leading a spiritual and charitable life outside of the military, few would guess at SFC Jodie Craig's actual Army job. A highly decorated sniper, she was one of the original members of the GI Joe team - even if they didn't even know it! Availability:

Shooter (MSH Classic)

Shooter (4C System)

Shooter (Marvel Saga)

Short-Fuze: coming from two previous generations of Army guys, it was only natural that Eric would himself enlist. His natural mathematical capabilities made him a demon with a mortar, a skill which made him a candidate for the new GI Joe team! Availability:

Short-Fuze (MSH Classic)

Short-Fuze (4C System)

Short-Fuze (Marvel Saga)

Shrage: a former East German infantryman, Shrage was drawn into the Oktober Guard thanks to his spotless record and unique personality profile. While not big on things like 'words' or 'talking', Shrage definitely says what he means as a man of action! Availability:

Shrage (MSH Classic)

Shrage (4C System)

Shrage (Marvel Saga)

Side Burn: youngest of the Autobot Brothers, Side Burn is rambunctious, enthusiastic, and powerful. He's also impulsive, not to mention recklessly obsessive about red sports cars, a bizarre fetish that has gotten him into trouble on many occasions. Availability:

Side Burn (MSH Classic)

Side Burn (4C System)

Side Burn (Marvel Saga)

Side Swipe (RiD): crude and blunt, Side Swipe is a curious member of the Autobot team; while he has a good heart, he's more aggressive than most of his opponents. When not fighting, he relieves his combative urges by competing in demolition derbies...! Availability:

Side Swipe (MSH Classic)

Side Swipe (4C System)

Side Swipe (Marvel Saga)

Sideswipe (G1): about as competent in a scrap as is his fraternal twin brother, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe is a lot more likable. Having a tendency to bend the rules far beyond their stated intention, Sideswipe is known for getting results unconventionally. Availability:

Sideswipe (MSH Classic)

Sideswipe (4C System)

Sideswipe (Marvel Saga)

Sideswipe (GI Joe): Andrew has wanted to help others since he was a child, and eventually became a doctor. He joined the Army to become a field medic after he'd graduated from medical school, and quickly became one of its most respected medical personnel! Availability:

Sideswipe (MSH Classic)

Sideswipe (4C System)

Sideswipe (Marvel Saga)

Sidetrack 1: after a particularly adventurous uncle took him on safari as a wee youth, Sean found he no longer enjoyed urban environs. He began camping and hiking shortly thereafter, eventually joining the Army (and later, GI Joe) as a survival specialist! Availability:

Sidetrack 1 (MSH Classic)

Sidetrack 1 (4C System)

Sidetrack 1 (Marvel Saga)

Sidetrack 2: loud and belligerent, John was as a pro wrestler who felt something was missing. Quitting to enlist in the Army, he found what he was looking for: armed conflict! His enthusiasm for mayhem naturally led this Ranger to an eventual GI Joe assignment. Availability:

Sidetrack 2 (MSH Classic)

Sidetrack 2 (4C System)

Sidetrack 2 (Marvel Saga)

Sideways: an ultra-efficient Autobot scout, Sideways was summoned to earth to help the Autobots there locate the mighty Fortress Maximus, who (though immensely large) was continually eluding the Autobots and the Decepticons who wished to control him! Availability:

Sideways (MSH Classic)

Sideways (4C System)

Sideways (Marvel Saga)

Sightline: ready for combat ever since his youth, Gary Goggles enlisted as early as he could, and ultimately became an anti-aircraft weapon specialist. He may not topple most enemies himself, but the Joes would have a much harder time doing it without him! Availability:

Sightline (MSH Classic)

Sightline (4C System)

Sightline (Marvel Saga)

Silhouette: an extraplanar expatriate, the enigmatic Silhouette has written several works of 'fiction' based on her real life adventures. The fans of her work have made her plenty of money, and quite famous, which only helps her to adventure more! Availability:

Silhouette (MSH Classic)

Silhouette (4C System)

Silhouette (Marvel Saga)

Sillatochca (Force Point): though he abhors violence, Leonid Vishnevesky was forced by the KGB into joining the Red Sun combat team after his parability became known to them - though his peaceful ways were a constant thorn in their side. Availability:

Sillatochca (Force Point) (MSH Classic)

Sillatochca (Force Point) (4C System)

Sillatochca (Force Point) (Marvel Saga)

the Silver Mirage: the hue of its namesake, this replacement for the GI Joe team's RAM is a lightweight motorcycle with a heavily armed side car. It is equipped with four tiny missiles it can use to total small vehicles and armored personnel! Availability:

the Silver Mirage (MSH Classic)

the Silver Mirage (4C System)

the Silver Mirage (Marvel Saga)

Silver Scorpion: secretary Betty Barlow made a heroic costume for a ball one night, and wound up using it as an real crime fighter: the Silver Scorpion. While a competent martial artist, she eventually added a silvery exoskeleton to her arsenal! Availability:

Silver Scorpion (MSH Classic)

Silver Scorpion (4C System)

Silver Scorpion (Marvel Saga)

Sir Tophat: after disappearing to seek his Purpose in life, Barnaby Clay was lost to human memory. He resurfaced years later as the one and only Sir Tophat, Voodoo Houngan extraordinare, a powerful mage determined to protect America from harm! Availability:

Sir Tophat (MSH Classic)

Sir Tophat (4C System)

Sir Tophat (Marvel Saga)

Six-fingered Tommy: an apparent mutant since birth, Tommy had been treated badly by his peers in school. Later, Tommy's peers became his fellow D.A.A. vigilantes, who not only don't beat him up for being different, but appreciate his uniqueness! Availability:

Six-fingered Tommy (MSH Classic)

Six-fingered Tommy (4C System)

Six-fingered Tommy (Marvel Saga)

Skid-Z: like Side Burn, Skid-Z is built for speed. Furthermore, he possesses incredibly accurate reflexes that allow him to handle better than any other Autobot out there, making him a great scout - when he's not obsessively participating in races... Availability:

Skid-Z (MSH Classic)

Skid-Z (4C System)

Skid-Z (Marvel Saga)

Skidmark: Cyril seems a perfectly tempered young man with an uncanny attention for detail and propriety - at least, until you put him behind the wheel of any vehicle. That's when you meat the real Cyril, and learn why he received his curious code name! Availability:

Skidmark (MSH Classic)

Skidmark (4C System)

Skidmark (Marvel Saga)

Skids: though something of a scatterbrain and definitely slower than his fellows, Skids is definitely a valued member of the Autobot team. This because, in his role as their theoretician, he's always got some data useful against the Decepticons! Availability:

Skids (MSH Classic)

Skids (4C System)

Skids (Marvel Saga)

the Skipper: a friend of Emmett Proudhawk and ex-wife of Colby Shaw, it was inevitable that the Skipper became involved in the lives of Proudhawk's psionic charges. Though friendly to them at first, his attitude changed after they got Colby killed. Availability:

the Skipper (MSH Classic)

the Skipper (4C System)

the Skipper (Marvel Saga)

Sky Creeper: leader of the Night Vultures, Sky Creeper has spent his life committing various crimes with gliders. After being recruited by the Dreadnoks in prison, Sky Creeper wound up joining Cobra, ultimately finding himself in charge of their ADDERS! Availability:

Sky Creeper (MSH Classic)

Sky Creeper (4C System)

Sky Creeper (Marvel Saga)

the Sky Hawk: handy when standard air support and cover simply isn't practical and/or possible, the Sky Hawk is a small, lightweight vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that can easily help the Joes attain air superiority! Availability:

the Sky Hawk (MSH Classic)

the Sky Hawk (4C System)

the Sky Hawk (Marvel Saga)

the Sky Sweeper: Knockdown's ride is an advanced anti-aircraft vehicle, with an optional stand-alone sentry post that can be installed either by itself or within the Future Fortress. It also lets Knockdown deal with his phobic aversion to aircraft! Availability:

the Sky Sweeper (MSH Classic)

the Sky Sweeper (4C System)

the Sky Sweeper (Marvel Saga)

the Sky Sweeper Jet: something of a miniature stealth bomber, the Sky Sweeper Jet is a small, flying-wing style aircraft built for stealth. Instead of dropping bombs however, it can deploy a micro-jet with Cobra markings to infiltrate its air force! Availability:

the Sky Sweeper Jet (MSH Classic)

the Sky Sweeper Jet (4C System)

the Sky Sweeper Jet (Marvel Saga)

Sky-Byte: Sky-Byte is both incredibly intelligent and incompetent at the same time, being simultaneously a first-rate sycophant and a neurotic wreck. One should never underestimate him though, for Sky-Byte's not Megatron's right hand 'bot for nothing! Availability:

Sky-Byte (MSH Classic)

Sky-Byte (4C System)

Sky-Byte (Marvel Saga)

Skybreaker: an arms smuggler before the White Event, James acquired the ability to fly shortly thereafter, and that - combined with his underworld skills - made him an excellent choice to assist the Medusa Web in its clandestine operations. Availability:

Skybreaker (MSH Classic)

Skybreaker (4C System)

Skybreaker (Marvel Saga)

Skydive: as their leader and mentor, Lynton constantly pushes the Sky Patrol to be 'all they can be,' in an effort to prepare them for the worst in the field, far from support. This is, of course, when he himself isn't dropped off in the wilds, with only a blade in hand! Availability:

Skydive (MSH Classic)

Skydive (4C System)

Skydive (Marvel Saga)

Skyfire: one of two fighter jets in Megatron's employ, Skyfire finds that he generally has Autobots at a disadvantage in combat, since most of them couldn't fly at first. Efficient and deadly, Skyfire doesn't waste time with witty banter. Availability:

Skyfire (MSH Classic)

Skyfire (4C System)

Skyfire (Marvel Saga)

Skymate: though he isn't the glider fan that Cloudburst is, Daniel T. Toner makes use of his works as a high flying, silent weapons combatant. He hails from the Australian SAS, and lends his skills to the GI Joe team in their fight against Cobra's thuggery! Availability:

Skymate (MSH Classic)

Skymate (4C System)

Skymate (Marvel Saga)

the Skystorm X-wing Chopper: a prototype, stopped-rotor aircraft, the Skystorm can take off and land like a helicopter, but its rotor can stop in mid-flight to let its jet turbines take over. This means it's a helicopter and a fighter jet at the same time! Availability:

the Skystorm X-wing Chopper (MSH Classic)

the Skystorm X-wing Chopper (4C System)

the Skystorm X-wing Chopper (Marvel Saga)

Skystriker: Alexander Russo was born to fly. His father ran a Maryland Air Force base, and he became a fighter pilot himself after watching them flying over head for so long. He's so good that GI Joe snatched him up for their elite Tiger Force unit! Availability:

Skystriker (MSH Classic)

Skystriker (4C System)

Skystriker (Marvel Saga)

the Skystriker: GI Joe's first high-speed combat aircraft is a modified Grumman F-14 Tomcat. This swing-wing, super-sonic fighter jet was adopted by the Joe team after Cobra upped the ante, so to speak, when using their own high speed craft in terrorist operations. Availability:

the Skystriker XP-14F Combat Jet (MSH Classic)

the Skystriker XP-14F Combat Jet (4C System)

the Skystriker XP-14F Combat Jet (Marvel Saga)

Skywarp: Skywarp excels in the Decepticon ranks thanks to his unique ability to teleport short distances. Of course, being that he's not too creative, he often resorts to performing violent, yet juvenile pranks on others with this power. Availability:

Skywarp (MSH Classic)

Skywarp (4C System)

Skywarp (Marvel Saga)

the Slaggregator: an unrepentant burglar, the earth-native dwarf known to the authorities as the Slaggregator is their worst headache ever. There seems almost no treasure safe from his depredations, and the man scoffs at the very idea of jails! Availability:

Slaggregator (MSH Classic)

Slaggregator (4C System)

Slaggregator (Marvel Saga)

Slapper: a Predacon who can transform into an oversized horny toad, Slapper is rather well-equipped for amphibious operations. Slapper enjoys scrapping with the Autobots, at least when he's not sampling all of our planet's beers...! Availability:

Slapper (MSH Classic)

Slapper (4C System)

Slapper (Marvel Saga)

the Sledgehammer: most often operated by Heavy Duty, the Sledgehammer is basically a delivery system for a dual missile launcher. It can be configured in a treaded, off-road mode or a wheeled configuration for use on more level terrain. Availability:

the Sledgehammer (MSH Classic)

the Sledgehammer (4C System)

the Sledgehammer (Marvel Saga)

Slice: a rogue member of the already infamous Arashikage ninja clan, Slice isn't interested in perfecting his martial prowess. No, he only wants to utilize it to line his pockets, something he and his partner, Dice, easily manage working for Cobra! Availability:

Slice (MSH Classic)

Slice (4C System)

Slice (Marvel Saga)

Slipstream: computer hacker, video game addict, and amateur pilot, Gregory has many interests. As airplanes became more computerized, this condensed all his loves into a single job, and Gregory has proven more than adept with most futuristic aircraft. Availability:

Slipstream (MSH Classic)

Slipstream (4C System)

Slipstream (Marvel Saga)

Slow Jim: an Atlantean altered by toxic goo at birth, Slow Jim was found and ultimately sold to a circus to serve as its greatest freak. Eventually breaking free, he worked as a mercenary before finally joining the mysterious Variety Show! Availability:

Slow Jim (MSH Classic)

Slow Jim (4C System)

Slow Jim (Marvel Saga)

Sludge-Vipers: villains who literally wield toxic waste against their foes, the Sludge-Vipers gleefully destroy the world for fun and profit. Thanks to their Sludge-producing weaponry, the Sludge-Vipers are feared and hated by environmentalists everywhere! Availability:

Sludge-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Sludge-Vipers (4C System)

Sludge-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Slugger: the Slugger is an exceptionally large (175 mm) cannon mounted on top of a big ol'diesel engine. Weighing in at around 29 tons, this massive hunk of metal is one of the most powerful artillery pieces in the Joe arsenal! Availability:

the Slugger (MSH Classic)

the Slugger (4C System)

the Slugger (Marvel Saga)

Slythor: the bizarre alien creature known only as Slythor is one of the Manimals, expatriates of the Lunartix Empire that have found themselves in the Milky Way galaxy. Naturally, this means that Slythor drops by earth to cause mayhem every now and then! Availability:

Slythor (MSH Classic)

Slythor (4C System)

Slythor (Marvel Saga)

Smokejumper: an amazing tactician, the high-flying Smokejumper is also rather light on armament. Since he's so focused on doing his job, the high-ups thought it a good idea to team him with the heavily armed, if not too bright Dreadwind. Oddly, this worked. Availability:

Smokejumper (MSH Classic)

Smokejumper (4C System)

Smokejumper (Marvel Saga)

the Smoke Screen Transport: the aptly named Smoke Screen Transport looks like a combat truck, but is in fact a delivery mechanism for a small, vectored thrust spy craft that it houses. When in position, its drivers can launch the craft to spy on Cobra! Availability:

the Smoke Screen Transport (MSH Classic)

the Smoke Screen Transport (4C System)

the Smoke Screen Transport (Marvel Saga)

Snake-Eyes: a singularly mysterious man, the commando known only as Snake-Eyes has experienced nothing but tragedy in his life. However, he's persevered through the years, and become a true force to be reckoned with - as would any other ninja master! Availability:

Snake-Eyes (MSH Classic)

Snake-Eyes (4C System)

Snake-Eyes (Marvel Saga)

Sneak Peek: growing up with a love of nature in eerie Bangor, Maine, Owen King enlisted as soon as he could. Using his wilderness skills to become an Army Ranger, Owen has since gone on to become one of the GI Joe team's greatest reconnaissance operatives! Availability:

Sneak Peek (MSH Classic)

Sneak Peek (4C System)

Sneak Peek (Marvel Saga)

the Snow Cat: the Snow Cat can traverse the nastiest of icy terrain thanks to its half track design, in even the coldest of Katabatic winds. Armed with surface-to-surface / air missiles and ground based 'ski torpedoes', the Snow Cat commands winter battles. Availability:

the Snow Cat (MSH Classic)

the Snow Cat (4C System)

the Snow Cat (Marvel Saga)

Snow Job: an olympic contender, Harlan decided best training that he could get, for cheap, could only come from of the Army. Expecting him to compete, you can imagine how unhappy the military was when he instead accepted a job with GI Joe! Availability:

Snow Job (MSH Classic)

Snow Job (4C System)

Snow Job (Marvel Saga)

Snow Serpents: Snow Serpents are Eels who've been extensively trained in cold weather operations, and are further schooled in Arctic and Antarctic survival techniques. Capable of fighting on the ice or under the waves, Snow Serpents are intractable foes! Availability:

Snow Serpents (MSH Classic)

Snow Serpents (4C System)

Snow Serpents (Marvel Saga)

Snow Storm: originally a Cuban native, Guillermo works in about the last place you'd expect him to - the polar ice caps! He hates the cold, but he wound up being so darn good at hunting Vipers in the snow and ice that the Joes talked him into keeping at it Availability:

Snow Storm (MSH Classic)

Snow Storm (4C System)

Snow Storm (Marvel Saga)

the Solder Monkey: though he looks like a primitive brute, the degenerate known as Bolivar Tweed is cursed with a super-human intellect. Pushed to the edge by humanity's rejection of his simian aspect, Tweed intends to destroy them all - as the Solder Monkey! Availability:

Solder Monkey (MSH Classic)

Solder Monkey (4C System)

Solder Monkey (Marvel Saga)

Soundwave: the sadistic Soundwave seemingly hears all. Cementing his place as Megatron's right-hand 'bot thanks to habitually blackmailing his fellow Decepticons, Soundwave is despised by just about all of them, save for his many cassette minions. Availability:

Soundwave (MSH Classic)

Soundwave (4C System)

Soundwave (Marvel Saga)

the Space Boy: built by Wendell Wherever and Little-Spore-Resting-On-The-Squishy-Lakefront, the Space Boy is a quirky vehicle that can traverse space and time. They built several copies of the thing, since the duo leaves them all over the place. Availability:

the Space Boy (MSH Classic)

the Space Boy (4C System)

the Space Boy (Marvel Saga)

Space Shot: an inexplicable interstellar freighter pilot with a stubborn streak, George A. Roberts was recruited by the GI Joe team despite the activities of his mysterious benefactors. He's been put to good use since the day he survived GI Joe's entrance exam! Availability:

Space Shot (MSH Classic)

Space Shot (4C System)

Space Shot (Marvel Saga)

Sparks: Alex Verdi was General Flagg's assistant and a liaison between GI Joe and the rest of the military - at least until the General's death. He retired for a time, but came back when General Colton personally requested his return! Availability:

Sparks (MSH Classic)

Sparks (4C System)

Sparks (Marvel Saga)

Spasma: Spasma is the single most volatile of all the Manimals, particularly where humans are concerned. He just doesn't like the hairless apes one bit, and it's all Duke's fault! Whenever he makes his way to earth, watch out - he might have you for lunch! Availability:

Spasma (MSH Classic)

Spasma (4C System)

Spasma (Marvel Saga)

Spearhead & Max: an incredibly persuasive insurance salesman, Peter Millman gave that up to enlist, because he felt guilty about fleecing so many peoples' hard-earned money. He is just as charismatic in the military, and has proven to be a great leader! Availability:

Spearhead & Max: (MSH Classic)

Spearhead & Max: (4C System)

Spearhead & Max: (Marvel Saga)

Spider Queen: wanting vengeance for her husband's murder so badly that she hooked up with several traitors to get it, Sharon Kane's life has taken several turns for the worse. This is why she's descended into a life of crime upon getting out of prison. Availability:

Spider Queen (MSH Classic)

Spider Queen (4C System)

Spider Queen (Marvel Saga)

Spirit: a psychologist and Vietnam veteran, Charlie is an expert woodsman that brings considerable talent to GI Joe. His fellows fail to understand him now and then, but they respect his skill and his ability to keep them alive! Availability:

Spirit (MSH Classic)

Spirit (4C System)

Spirit (Marvel Saga)

The Spirit of '76 / Captain America 3: the patriotic William Naslund became a costumed vigilante known as the Spirit of '76. After his hero's untimely demise, William was chosen by the United States government to fill Captain America's shoes! Availability:

The Spirit of '76 (MSH Classic)

The Spirit of '76 (4C System)

The Spirit of '76 (Marvel Saga)

Spitfire: given an emergency transfusion by the Human Torch after she was bitten by the vampiric Baron Blood, Lady Jacqueline Falsworth was forever changed, the two artificial influences within transforming her into the startling Spitfire! Availability:

Spitfire (MSH Classic)

Spitfire (4C System)

Spitfire (Marvel Saga)

the Split Fire: essentially a weaponized pickup truck, the Split Fire is a sight to behold. It's as if someone crammed as much armament into one as is physically possible, while still retaining the available cargo space and mobility they're so famous for! Availability:

the Split Fire (MSH Classic)

the Split Fire (4C System)

the Split Fire (Marvel Saga)

Spotty: a would-be villain, the thug known as Spotty was a two bit hood before the White Event, and got even worse once he gained a horrific appearance and subtle illusion generating powers. He tends to perpetrate various crimes with his pal, Pinhead. Availability:

Spotty (MSH Classic)

Spotty (4C System)

Spotty (Marvel Saga)

SAW-Vipers: bearers of Cobra's Squad Attack Weapons, SAW-Vipers bring the firepower. They're strong enough to haul their heavy weaponry and ordnance anywhere needed, and are usually more than happy to discharge every bullet they bring along! Availability:

SAW-Vipers (MSH Classic)

SAW-Vipers (4C System)

SAW-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Stalker: though he started out as an urban warlord in Detroit, Lonzo cleaned up his act and joined the Army, quickly becoming one of its very best operatives. A qualified Ranger, helicopter pilot, and field medic, Stalker is an invaluable GI Joe operative! Availability:

Stalker (MSH Classic)

Stalker (4C System)

Stalker (Marvel Saga)

the Star Brand: the Star Brand is an artifact of infinite power, one which requires a sentient being to contain and command its energies. Taking the form of a star-shaped tattoo, the Star Brand can be moved about one's body, or transferred to another, at will. Availability:

the Star Brand (MSH Classic)

the Star Brand (4C System)

the Star Brand (Marvel Saga)

the Star Brigade Armor: as they began their ascent into space in pursuit of Cobra, the GI Joe team developed basic space combat armor for use by its nascent Star Brigade team. These suits are powerful, versatile, and proof against the extremes of vacuum! Availability:

the Star Brigade Armor (MSH Classic)

the Star Brigade Armor (4C System)

the Star Brigade Armor (Marvel Saga)

Star-Vipers: the most effective Strato-Vipers are given the option of undergoing further surgical augmentation, for the purposes of becoming Star-Vipers! These literal starfighter pilots have access to superhuman reflexes, and their very own spacecraft! Availability:

Star-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Star-Vipers (4C System)

Star-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Starduster: originally a circus acrobat, Edward was recruited by GI Joe after Duke saw his act, and thought it'd be even better with a jet pack. Somehow convincing Edward of this logic, Duke got him to enlist, where he's been wowing the Joes ever since! Availability:

Starduster (MSH Classic)

Starduster (4C System)

Starduster (Marvel Saga)

Starscream: skilled, powerful, and (in his own mind) dashing, Starscream feels that he would be a better choice to lead the Decepticons to victory. And, ambitious to a fault, Starscream continually plots and schemes to seize control from Megatron. Availability:

Starscream (MSH Classic)

Starscream (4C System)

Starscream (Marvel Saga)

Static Line: an expert in demolitions and aircraft maintenance, Wallace is great at not only making sure the Sky Patrol's gear gets them to missions safely, but in making sure that the enemy's explosives don't waylay the team once they're on the job! Availability:

Static Line (MSH Classic)

Static Line (4C System)

Static Line (Marvel Saga)

Steam-roller: Averill has always enjoyed driving big rigs, from Great Lakes cargo cranes to Appalacian strip mine earth movers. He even enlisted to get at the Army's immense rides, a career path that put him behind the wheel of the Mobile Command Center! Availability:

Steam-roller (MSH Classic)

Steam-roller (4C System)

Steam-roller (Marvel Saga)

the Steel Brigade: GI Joe excels in all areas, but sometimes it comes in handy to work with someone having more localized knowledge. When they need such a specialist, they call the Steel Brigade, their reservists and regional contacts around the world! Availability:

the Steel Brigade (MSH Classic)

the Steel Brigade (4C System)

the Steel Brigade (Marvel Saga)

Steel Brigade Commanders: only one individual can claim this rank at any given time, but while individual Steel Brigade Commanders come and go, there's no denying the essential role these leaders have in maintaining GI Joe's support apparatus! Availability:

Steel Brigade Commanders (MSH Classic)

Steel Brigade Commanders (4C System)

Steel Brigade Commanders (Marvel Saga)

Steel Brigade Deltas: while standard Steel Brigadiers can have any number of specialties, the Brigade's Deltas excel in vehicular combat. Whether the are behind the wheel of a truck or the control stick of a fighter jet, Steel Brigade Deltas bring the ride! Availability:

Steel Brigade Deltas (MSH Classic)

Steel Brigade Deltas (4C System)

Steel Brigade Deltas (Marvel Saga)

Steel Brigade Paratroopers: the first specialists amongst their part-time help, GI Joe's Steel Brigade Paratroopers are Steel Brigadiers who work behind enemy lines when called upon, most often in a forward observation role, but often more aggressively! Availability:

Steel Brigade Paratroopers (MSH Classic)

Steel Brigade Paratroopers (4C System)

Steel Brigade Paratroopers (Marvel Saga)

Steel Hawk: terrorist, mercenary, and mass murderer, this dangerous man is one of the Club's elite enforcers. Though he claims to do what he does to liberate his country, Arun Bahkti enjoys the devastation left in his wake far, far too much. Availability:

Steel Hawk (MSH Classic)

Steel Hawk (4C System)

Steel Hawk (Marvel Saga)

the Steel Marauder: hatched in the mind of Kickstart, the Steel Marauder is a powerful mech, or humanoid vehicle. Heavily armed and armored, the Steel Marauder and similar technology is absolutely devastating against enemy forces, whether mounted or otherwise! Availability:

the Steel Marauder (MSH Classic)

the Steel Marauder (4C System)

the Steel Marauder (Marvel Saga)

Steeler: Ralph has an affinity for large, mechanized vehicles, and loves blowing things up. Once he passed the unbelievably tough GI Joe entrance exam, Ralph served on the team with distinction, having a proper outlet for both of his predilections. Availability:

Steeler (MSH Classic)

Steeler (4C System)

Steeler (Marvel Saga)

the Stellar Stiletto: the Stellar Stiletto is Cobra's first mass-produced vehicle that can achieve orbit. While they've wielded other spacecraft previously, the Stellar Stiletto was built primarily with combat in mind - whether above or even beyond the earth! Availability:

the Stellar Stiletto (MSH Classic)

the Stellar Stiletto (4C System)

the Stellar Stiletto (Marvel Saga)

Sticks McLellan: a priestess of Nike with a predilection for extreme violence, Danielle McLellan was chosen by Mike 013 to be one of his special investigators of the bizarre - even if, more than anything, she smashes her way through most crises. Availability:

Sticks McLellan (MSH Classic)

Sticks McLellan (4C System)

Sticks McLellan (Marvel Saga)

Stiletto: a former Cobra operative who 'saw the light' alongside fellow defector Mercer, Paithoon Kwaingo eventually followed him into membership onto the GI Joe team, as well. Now known as Stiletto, she fights her old allies for her own reasons! Availability:

Stiletto (MSH Classic)

Stiletto (4C System)

Stiletto (Marvel Saga)

Stinger Drivers: those Cobra officers who show a special dispensation for vehicular violence are often trained in the fine art of driving the Stinger 4x4 Night Attack Vehicle, making them even more dangerous and destructive than ever before! Availability:

Stinger Drivers (MSH Classic)

Stinger Drivers (4C System)

Stinger Drivers (Marvel Saga)

Stone Cold: when Jeremy Michael Irons' mutantcy surfaced in his early teens, the youthful orphan was forever changed. Doing what came naturally, he decided to become a super hero, and people in Atlanta know him as Stone Cold to this very day! Availability:

Stone Cold (MSH Classic)

Stone Cold (4C System)

Stone Cold (Marvel Saga)

Stormavik: a Moscow native, Stormavik was raised in an environment brimming with patriotic imagery, and grew up as a highly motivated patriot as a result. This has allowed him to excel in the Soviet military, which easily earned him a place in the Guard! Availability:

Stormavik (MSH Classic)

Stormavik (4C System)

Stormavik (Marvel Saga)

the Storm Eagle: another in a long line of experimental GI Joe fighter jets, the Storm Eagle is advanced in both aeronautics and offensive prowess. It primarily makes use of a high-power laser cannon to down enemy jets, along with a small brace of missiles. Availability:

the Storm Eagle (MSH Classic)

the Storm Eagle (4C System)

the Storm Eagle (Marvel Saga)

Storm Jet: having quite a temper, the aptly named Storm Jet is nonetheless a professional, taking his responsibility as the Autobots' aerial support on earth very seriously. He likes putting his foes in their place, but doesn't go nuts doing it...! Availability:

Storm Jet (MSH Classic)

Storm Jet (4C System)

Storm Jet (Marvel Saga)

Storm Shadow: Tommy Arashikage, Cobra's greatest ninja, didn't originally start out with evil aims. Thanks to the machinations of Cobra Commander, however, he was swept into a life of crime and terrorism, one that continually comes back to haunt him! Availability:

Storm Shadow (MSH Classic)

Storm Shadow (4C System)

Storm Shadow (Marvel Saga)

the SDI Laser Emitter: this experimental weapon was, obviously, a laser emitting device developed by Krotze International for the Department of Defense's Strategic Defense Initiative - you know, Reagan's whole 'Star Wars' concept. Availability:

the Strategic Defense Initiative Laser (MSH Classic)

the Strategic Defense Initiative Laser (4C System)

the Strategic Defense Initiative Laser (Marvel Saga)

the SLAM: the Strategic Long-range Artillery Machine (aka the SLAM) is a self-propelled weapon of immense destructive potential. It has the same firepower as an Armadillo mini-tank while being even smaller - and is loaded up with missiles, to boot! Availability:

the SLAM (MSH Classic)

the SLAM (4C System)

the SLAM (Marvel Saga)

Strato-Vipers: while some Air-Vipers strive to become AVACs, others instead work at becoming Strato-Vipers! These elite pilots have logged thousands of hours in the air, have considerable combat experience, and have even been surgically augmented! Availability:

Strato-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Strato-Vipers (4C System)

Strato-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Stretcher: a former Olympic weight lifter, Thomas needed a new calling - and source of income - after the games. The Army was good for both, and after proving himself as a field medic time and again, he eventually earned a place on the GI Joe team. Availability:

Stretcher (MSH Classic)

Stretcher (4C System)

Stretcher (Marvel Saga)

Strongman: Percy van Norton worked hard to acquire vast sums of wealth, to turn the tables on his his bullying tormentors. When his money gained him a shot at a miracle drug cocktail, Percy took it, becoming incredibly strong - and dim! Availability:

Strongman (MSH Classic)

Strongman (4C System)

Strongman (Marvel Saga)

the Stun: the vehicle of choice for the Cobra Recon and Perimeter Defense Forces, the Stun is a three-wheeled, off-road vehicle. Lightly armored but heavily armed, the Stun can assault anything within one hundred and eighty degrees of its current location! Availability:

the Stun (MSH Classic)

the Stun (4C System)

the Stun (Marvel Saga)

Agent Dale Sturm, FBI: a Quantico, Virginia FBI academy graduate, Dale Sturm quickly ascended to a top position in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Possessing incredible physical and mental skill, he made short work of the nation's criminals. Availability:

Dale Sturm, FBI (MSH Classic)

Dale Sturm, FBI (4C System)

Dale Sturm, FBI (Marvel Saga)

Sub-Zero: Mark just enjoys being mean! As such, when he enlisted, Mark felt the need to become a cold weather specialist because, since he hates the cold, it only serves to make him angry all the time. The trick is saving all that bile for Cobra! Availability:

Sub-Zero (MSH Classic)

Sub-Zero (4C System)

Sub-Zero (Marvel Saga)

the SHARC: a mainstay of the GI Joe naval arsenal for over twenty years, the SHARC - or Submersible High-Speed Attack and Reconnaissance Craft - is a vehicle ahead of its time, in that it is a submarine that can take to the air at a moment's notice! Availability:

the SHARC (MSH Classic)

the SHARC (4C System)

the SHARC (Marvel Saga)

Succubi (Tanar'ri): eerily beautiful seductresses, succubi journey forth from the Abyss to exploit the dark passions of mortals. Succubi feed upon their energies directly, or often just abduct them to the Abyss to serve as slaves - or worse, food. Availability:

Succubi (MSH Classic)

Succubi (4C System)

Succubi (Marvel Saga)

Suicide: running back for the New York Smashers, Thomas 'Suicide' Smythe is one of Jack Magniconte's many pals that helped him to form Kickers, Inc. Something of a practical joker, the young-at-heart Suicide is mostly in it for the adventure. Availability:

Thomas 'Suicide' Smythe (MSH Classic)

Thomas 'Suicide' Smythe (4C System)

Thomas 'Suicide' Smythe (Marvel Saga)

Sunstreaker: something of an egotistical sociopath, Sunstreaker's a violent Transformer you'd generally expect to be a Decepticon. He's on the other side of the Cybertronian civil war however, and thus fights the good fight alongside the Autobots. Availability:

Sunstreaker (MSH Classic)

Sunstreaker (4C System)

Sunstreaker (Marvel Saga)

Super Trooper: Phil Lattimer got into West Point the hard way - right out of Basic. Making it in against the odds, Super Trooper then became the top graduate of a brand new, covert ops school combining advanced technical ability and public relations skill. Availability:

Super Trooper (MSH Classic)

Super Trooper (4C System)

Super Trooper (Marvel Saga)

Sure Fire: though he grew up in abject poverty in an urban wasteland, David escaped the blight he was trapped within - and did so legally. He then became a member of the LAPD, the FBI, and finally the exclusive GI Joe team, his diligence finally paying off! Availability:

Sure Fire (MSH Classic)

Sure Fire (4C System)

Sure Fire (Marvel Saga)

SEA Legs: submersible vehicles designed to be controlled by a singular operator, the SEA (Surprise, Engage, and Attack) Legs can transform into walkers to assault targets on land - which makes them brilliant for ambushes, if not for extended combat missions. Availability:

SEA Legs (MSH Classic)

SEA Legs (4C System)

SEA Legs (Marvel Saga)

the Swampfire: a swamp skimmer with a twist, the Swampfire can fire up its rotors and take flight whenever necessary. Furthermore, it is uniquely capable of changing color, blending into the background to better sneak up on the Dreadnoks' foes. Availability:

the Swampfire (MSH Classic)

the Swampfire (4C System)

the Swampfire (Marvel Saga)

the Swampmasher: a small, twelve-wheeled ride (using three of each as a 'triad' bogey of sorts), the Swampmasher is designed to navigate thick and muddy terrain. It can readily churn through almost any kind of terrain, doing so at a slow yet reliable pace. Availability:

the Swampmasher (MSH Classic)

the Swampmasher (4C System)

the Swampmasher (Marvel Saga)

Jenny Swensen (before the Pitt): the first Spitfire, Professor Jenny Swensen became an armored heroine after recovering her late father's MAX suit from evildoers. After this, Jenny began to help the government battle the proliferation of MAX gear. Availability:

Jenny Swensen (before the Pitt) (MSH Classic)

Jenny Swensen (before the Pitt) (4C System)

Jenny Swensen (before the Pitt) (Marvel Saga)

Jenny Swensen (after the Pitt): after her exposure to Pitt-Juice, Jenny Swensen was forever altered. This mutagenic compound rendered her paranormal, and she developed an organic steel skin to replace the MAX armor she'd lost to the government. Availability:

Jenny Swensen (after the Pitt) (MSH Classic)

Jenny Swensen (after the Pitt) (4C System)

Jenny Swensen (after the Pitt) (Marvel Saga)

the Swinging Sultan: a would-be bounty hunter with a robot fetish, Ed volunteered to be one of the Electronicists' League's first cyborg guinea pigs, and miracuously survived. Donning a 'sultan' costume, he then began to make quite a name for himself! Availability:

the Swinging Sultan (MSH Classic)

the Swinging Sultan (4C System)

the Swinging Sultan (Marvel Saga)

Switch Gears: incredibly strong in both mind and body, Jerome is a perfect addition to the GI Joe team. Skilled enough to obliterate opponents with a tank or sneak into their headquarters to collect intelligence, this tenacious guy is a force to be reckoned with! Availability:

Switch Gears (MSH Classic)

Switch Gears (4C System)

Switch Gears (Marvel Saga)

the Synergy Cyborgs: developed by Saxon St. John, this system of integrated armor is a generation of robotics beyond MAX technology: cybernetic armor. Of course, as it requires a permanent graft to a living body to function, Saxon's upgrades had few volunteers. Availability:

the Synergy Cyborgs (MSH Classic)

the Synergy Cyborgs (4C System)

the Synergy Cyborgs (Marvel Saga)

Synthetic Sapien: having always felt he was meant to be more than human, Edgar Lockwood has dreamed of becoming a robot all his life. Thanks to the encouragement of his Anthropist 'friends', he's finally found the motivation to make this happen! Availability:

Synthetic Sapien (MSH Classic)

Synthetic Sapien (4C System)

Synthetic Sapien (Marvel Saga)

Syphon: Thomas Boyd was a damaged youth from a bizarre household, one that only grew wierder after he accidentally killed his sister. When his powers manifested, he was shaped into a killer by Derek Shiningstar, but eventually struck out on his own. Availability:

Syphon (MSH Classic)

Syphon (4C System)

Syphon (Marvel Saga)

the System: Neutralizer - Armored Kloaking Equipment: designed and built by Doctor Venom, these battlesuits make an ordinary infantryman as powerful as a tank. Additionally, Brainwave Scanner components in the armor allow a remote operator to seize control of its pilot. Availability:

the System: Neutralizer - Armored Kloaking Equipment (MSH Classic)

the System: Neutralizer - Armored Kloaking Equipment (4C System)

the System: Neutralizer - Armored Kloaking Equipment (Marvel Saga)

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