The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: D

Daemon: a youthful computer programmer whose adventures in virus creation got him in trouble with the FBI, Daemon was arrested for his hijinks. However, instead of serving jail time, he was put to use by the GI Joe team, and ordered to crack Cobra's nano-mites! Availability:

Daemon (MSH Classic)

Daemon (4C System)

Daemon (Marvel Saga)

Daina: a Czechoslovakia native, Daina is a competent tactician, an excellent helicopter pilot and a world-class sniper. She's also got a murderous temper, a strange sense of humor, and what she describes as an utter lack of charm - simply the will to win! Availability:

Daina (MSH Classic)

Daina (4C System)

Daina (Marvel Saga)

Dakor the Magician: sorcerous detective of the Golden Age, Dakor is a powerful wizard that utilized his myriad powers as a private eye, working on a global scale to right wrongs, do good deeds, and solve mysteries - all for a hefty price! Availability:

Dakor the Magician (MSH Classic)

Dakor the Magician (4C System)

Dakor the Magician (Marvel Saga)

Dark Scream: able to transform into a large flying squirrel, Dark Scream functions well as the Predacons' field squad aerial combatant. When he's not fighting Autobots hand-to-hand, he's often spying on - or plotting an ambush from - above! Availability:

Dark Scream (MSH Classic)

Dark Scream (4C System)

Dark Scream (Marvel Saga)

Darklon: a unique villain in Cobra's orbit, Darklon is the leader of his very own, albeit tiny European nation: Darklonia! An unrepentant mercenary, privateer, and investment banker, Darklon has continued his crime spree unabated thanks to diplomatic immunity! Availability:

Darklon (MSH Classic)

Darklon (4C System)

Darklon (Marvel Saga)

Dart: an expert woodsman since he was a child, Jimmy Tall Elk was a trained tracker even before he enlisted. A qualified Airborne Ranger, Jimmy has earned a place on the Joe team as one of their best trackers, despite his hang-up about Cobra CLAWS! Availability:

Dart (MSH Classic)

Dart (4C System)

Dart (Marvel Saga)

Dasher: the New York Smashers' stylish wide receiver, Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin is also a full-time member of Kickers, Inc., a paranormal investigation firm founded to help people with nowhere else to turn to in regard to their bizarre problems. Availability:

Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin (MSH Classic)

Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin (4C System)

Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin (Marvel Saga)

Daytonus: an odd man out among the Autobots, Daytonus is cursed with a mind that functions several times faster than his fellows, causing him to get bored insanely fast. As such, he's somewhat unreliable, and tends to wander off to occupy his attention. Availability:

Daytonus (MSH Classic)

Daytonus (4C System)

Daytonus (Marvel Saga)

Dave Dean: master seaman and diver, Dave Dean is known in some circles as the Deep Sea Demon. He specializes in pillaging the booty of sunken ships to finance his life of high seas adventure - despite a rogue or two trying to keep him down. Availability:

Dave Dean (MSH Classic)

Dave Dean (4C System)

Dave Dean (Marvel Saga)

Decatons (Modron): caring for all the base modrons, the one hundred decatons are the weakest hierarch modrons. Each of Regulus' 64 cogs and each of its 36 great armies are managed by a decaton, who also perform other duties as is needed. Availability:

Decatons (MSH Classic)

Decatons (4C System)

Decatons (Marvel Saga)

Decimators: responsible for a Hammerhead submersible assault platform, each Decimator is an elite Cobra operative. With lighting reflexes and outstanding peripheral vision, they can use their amphibious vehicles to lethal effect on land or underwater! Availability:

Decimators (MSH Classic)

Decimators (4C System)

Decimators (Marvel Saga)

Dee-Jay: a disc jockey in Boston with a penchant for tinkering with both electronics and electronic music, Thomas ultimately decided he wanted more in life than fame and fortune. Enlisting soon afterward, he found what he was looking for - in Battle Force 2000! Availability:

Dee-Jay (MSH Classic)

Dee-Jay (4C System)

Dee-Jay (Marvel Saga)

Deep Six: having deep-seated people problems, Malcom joined the Navy to serve as a deep sea diver, and 'to be alone'. He did so well on long-term missions that he ultimately landed a job on the GI Joe team - a (thankfully) small unit of elite soldiers. Availability:

Deep Six (MSH Classic)

Deep Six (4C System)

Deep Six (Marvel Saga)

Willy Deere: mad inventor, super spy, and general creep, Willy Deere clandestinely studied Dr. Swensen's technology for years. However, he did build Jenny a suit with the stuff, that being the Mark 4 MAX armor she used against Saxon St. John! Availability:

Willy Deere (MSH Classic)

Willy Deere (4C System)

Willy Deere (Marvel Saga)

the Defense Mech: sometimes heavy mechanized armor is too bulky or impractical for the job at hand. For such situations, the GI Joe team breaks out their Defense Mechs - weaponized exoskeletons armed to the teeth with missiles and laser cannons! Availability:

the Defense Mech (MSH Classic)

the Defense Mech (4C System)

the Defense Mech (Marvel Saga)

the Defiant Space Vehicle Launch Complex: the crown jewel of the GI Joe arsenal, this incredible equipment consists of a crawler gantry, a booster rocket / space station, and a space vehicle, and allows the team to take the fight against Cobra to space itself! Availability:

the Defiant Space Vehicle Launch Complex (MSH Classic)

the Defiant Space Vehicle Launch Complex (4C System)

the Defiant Space Vehicle Launch Complex (Marvel Saga)

Deion: a former sociologist who truly hates his fellow man, Andy is a curious would-be god - deities usually have to mollify large numbers of people, you know. Being in it solely for personal satisfaction, Andy may just manage his goal after all. Availability:

Deion (MSH Classic)

Deion (4C System)

Deion (Marvel Saga)

Depth Charge: Nick joined the Navy to get experience in explosives handling, and his particular job involves him detonating such devices beneath the waves. This would be perfect, except for the fact that Nick simply loathes getting into the water! Availability:

Depth Charge (MSH Classic)

Depth Charge (4C System)

Depth Charge (Marvel Saga)

the Depth Ray: a curious example of engineering even for the BTR line of vehicles, the Depth Ray can function as either a submarine or a dune buggy. This allows Wet-Suit (or whoever else drives the thing) to attack a Cobra foe almost anywhere on earth! Availability:

the Depth Ray (MSH Classic)

the Depth Ray (4C System)

the Depth Ray (Marvel Saga)

the Desert Apache AH-74: a modified version of the AH-64, GI Joe's Desert Apache has been optimized for use against Cobra. Featuring desert colors, the Desert Apache is perfect for rooting out Sand Vipers and other Cobra terrorists hiding in the dunes! Availability:

the Desert Apache AH-74 (MSH Classic)

the Desert Apache AH-74 (4C System)

the Desert Apache AH-74 (Marvel Saga)

the Desert Coyote: to picture the Desert Coyote, imagine a weaponized go-kart. Yes, GI Joe made use of such a vehicle, armed and armored as much as is physically possible, to make lightning raids on Cobra territory. It may be small, but packs a crazy punch! Availability:

the Desert Coyote (MSH Classic)

the Desert Coyote (4C System)

the Desert Coyote (Marvel Saga)

the Desert Fox: a high speed reconnaissance and attack vehicle, the Desert Fox is designed to operate quickly and quietly, even in the harshest terrain. This 6WD ride is most often driven by Skidmark, GI Joe's resident, completely unhinged speed freak! Availability:

Desert Fox (MSH Classic)

Desert Fox (4C System)

Desert Fox (Marvel Saga)

Desert Scorpions: unpleasant work as Cobra's bottom rung of desert operatives is a punitive task, given to those Vipers of varying stripes who fail to live up to the organization's expectations. And getting promoted out requires perfect service and behavior! Availability:

Desert Scorpions (MSH Classic)

Desert Scorpions (4C System)

Desert Scorpions (Marvel Saga)

Destro: the latest in a long line of arms traders, James McCullen Destro XXIV has no problem selling his family's wares to the highest bidder. While personally honorable, he has no qualms about working with the likes of Cobra and other despotic villains. Availability:

Destro (MSH Classic)

Destro (4C System)

Destro (Marvel Saga)

Destro's Despoiler: Destro leads his Iron Grenadiers from the front, which most often requires the high ground to see the big picture. He thus flies his Despoiler into battle, which helps him direct the fight, and serve as a powerful symbol for his troops! Availability:

Destro's Despoiler (MSH Classic)

Destro's Despoiler (4C System)

Destro's Despoiler (Marvel Saga)

the Detonator: this long-range, anti-aircraft assault vehicle holds some of Cobra's most deadly armaments! Featuring three ICBMs and several high-powered machine guns on the front and the back, the Detonator is a weapon that can flatten just about anything! Availability:

the Detonator (MSH Classic)

the Detonator (4C System)

the Detonator (Marvel Saga)

the Devastator: resembling something akin to a souped-up trike, the Devastator features three treads which propel it on or off the road. Armed with twinned 50 cal cannons and four surface-to-surface missiles, it can inflict astounding damage for its size. Availability:

the Devastator (MSH Classic)

the Devastator (4C System)

the Devastator (Marvel Saga)

the Devil-blasted Man: Marvin Walters was an anthropologist who fell into a hellish portal back in 1919 and was changed terribly as a result. Though he survived his decades-long ordeal, Marvin has been twisted into... the Devil-blasted Man! Availability:

the Devil-blasted Man (MSH Classic)

the Devil-blasted Man (4C System)

the Devil-blasted Man (Marvel Saga)

the Devilfish: a small, high speed riverine assault craft, the Devilfish is built to get the Joes in and out of Cobra territory as fast as possible - all while doing a serious amount of damage, thanks to the astounding amount of firepower it possesses! Availability:

the Devilfish (MSH Classic)

the Devilfish (4C System)

the Devilfish (Marvel Saga)

Dial-Tone: an electronics whiz and ham radio expert before graduating high school, Jack enlisted to further his knowledge - but found military life an end unto itself. His sheer joy in working with his hobby helped him become the best RTO out there! Availability:

Dial-Tone (MSH Classic)

Dial-Tone (4C System)

Dial-Tone (Marvel Saga)

Dice: a former Night Creeper ejected from that band of techno-ninjas for various reasons, Dice eventually drifted into a partnership with fellow ninja outcast, Slice. This duo has repeatedly found itself in Cobra's service in lieu of Storm Shadow! Availability:

Dice (MSH Classic)

Dice (4C System)

Dice (Marvel Saga)

the Dictator: designed and constructed by those followers who felt he would make a great leader, the Dictator is the personal combat chariot of Cobra's so-called Overlord. While his attempted takeover may have never occurred, his versatile ride remains! Availability:

the Dictator (MSH Classic)

the Dictator (4C System)

the Dictator (Marvel Saga)

Ding, Maurice: Maurice Ding is a young man who, after being mercilessly tortured by his peers throughout his formative years, spent his adult life getting even. Of course, having finally done so, Maurice finds himself without a target for his hate. Availability:

Ding, Maurice (MSH Classic)

Ding, Maurice (4C System)

Ding, Maurice (Marvel Saga)

Direct Action Americans (Typical): while most D.A.A. operatives are in fact fiercely individual, they nonetheless share a couple of common characteristics. Save for those with ascendant powers, most Direct Action Americans follow this mold. Availability:

Direct Action Americans (Typical, MSH Classic)

Direct Action Americans (Typical, 4C System)

Direct Action Americans (Typical, Marvel Saga)

Director Red: after drug dealers killed her husband and then got off on a technicality, Randi Cole decided the law wasn't doing its job. To help it out, this former Marine Corporal and current F.B.I. agent, and bearer of two PhDs, helped form the D.A.A.! Availability:

Director Red (MSH Classic)

Director Red (4C System)

Director Red (Marvel Saga)

Director White: a former helicopter pilot in the Marines, the Colonel was 'encouraged' to retire after an odd incident involving a rogue psi, and has dedicated himself to eradicating the threat paranormals pose to the United States from that day forward! Availability:

Director White (MSH Classic)

Director White (4C System)

Director White (Marvel Saga)

Director Blue: becoming a lawyer to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, Mia Ottos was given a Reality Check ™ once she passed the Bar. Quickly disenfranchised, she dropped out of sight for ten years, returning to society as a force of equality! Availability:

Director Blue (MSH Classic)

Director Blue (4C System)

Director Blue (Marvel Saga)

the Dirty Hippie: left for dead in a barrel of toxic goo by Pastordyne thugs, formerly mild-mannered biologist and environmental activist Gilbert Giles was transformed into the hyper-nimble eco-terrorist known as the Dirty Hippie! Availability:

the Dirty Hippie (MSH Classic)

the Dirty Hippie (4C System)

the Dirty Hippie (Marvel Saga)

Disco Head: born to evangelical parents as Job Hand, the man who became Disco Head could've been the world's greatest hero - but was waylaid by an immortal being acting as the President of the United States, and jailed for many, many years...! Availability:

Disco Head (MSH Classic)

Disco Head (4C System)

Disco Head (Marvel Saga)

Doc (GI Joe): a Harvard Medical School graduate, Carl also spent time at John Hopkins. Though he could've made more money in civilian practice, the man wanted to put his skills to their best possible use, and enlisted in the hopes of joining GI Joe! Availability:

Doc (MSH Classic)

Doc (4C System)

Doc (Marvel Saga)

Doc (New U): a South Vietnamese army field medic, the Doc doubled as gun-toting infantry woman, one who fought tooth and nail to save her patients. After her nation was defeated, she took up mercenary work to protect others from her country's fate. Availability:

the Doc (MSH Classic)

the Doc (4C System)

the Doc (Marvel Saga)

Doc 2: the niece of the GI Joe team's original Doc, Carla P. Greer followed in her uncle's footsteps to become a doctor. With her smarts, determination and sheer gumption, Carla rapidly earned herself a place on the GI Joe team - a family tradition! Availability:

Doc 2 (MSH Classic)

Doc 2 (4C System)

Doc 2 (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Mindbender: formerly a mild-mannered orthodontist, Doctor Mindbender came into being after the man tested out brain-wave altering devices meant to alleviate dental pain on himself. His personality polarized, he became a literal mad scientist! Availability:

Doctor Mindbender (MSH Classic)

Doctor Mindbender (4C System)

Doctor Mindbender (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Nemesis: one of the original mutants of our era, Dr. James Nicola Bradley, M.D., had the evolutionary benefit of super intelligence. In addition to making him a brilliant scientist, it's also made it difficult for him to relate to others. Availability:

Doctor Nemesis (MSH Classic)

Doctor Nemesis (4C System)

Doctor Nemesis (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Venom: this veritable mad scientist is primarily responsible for Cobra's early technological prowess. Devoid of scruples, Doctor Venom will happily build anything Cobra requires of him - as long as they keep funding his increasingly insane (yet effective) projects! Availability:

Doctor Venom (MSH Classic)

Doctor Venom (4C System)

Doctor Venom (Marvel Saga)

Dodger: an old hand at the fine art of tank warfare, Richard is also an expert in the newest electronic gewgaws installed within armored vehicles. As such, he was picked to join the Battle Force 2000 unit to put this expertise to good use! Availability:

Dodger (MSH Classic)

Dodger (4C System)

Dodger (Marvel Saga)

Dogfight: possessed of uncanny hand-eye coordination and depth perception, not to mention a mean throwing arm, James R. King was the scourge of many an Alabama county fair. Upon growing up, he turned these skills to a more practical use as a fighter pilot! Availability:

Dogfight (MSH Classic)

Dogfight (4C System)

Dogfight (Marvel Saga)

Dojo: a former military man trained in the martial arts by a hidden Ninja, Michael P. Russo isn't your average hand-to-hand fighter. A veritable motormouth, he constantly cracks wise and engaging in snappy patter with foes to disrupt their concentration! Availability:

Dojo (MSH Classic)

Dojo (4C System)

Dojo (Marvel Saga)

Doll: the wife of the one and only Mr. Magnificent, Jack Magniconte, Darlene was drawn into the paranormal investigation firm known as Kickers, Inc. when Jack developed super-powers - and the subsequent need to use them for the good of humanity! Availability:

Darlene 'Doll' Magniconte (MSH Classic)

Darlene 'Doll' Magniconte (4C System)

Darlene 'Doll' Magniconte (Marvel Saga)

the Dominator (Cobra): a marvel of modern engineering, Destro's Dominator can transform between its tank and helicopter configurations, allowing its operators to outgun and outmaneuver their opponents whether fighting them on land or in the skies! Availability:

Destro's Dominator (MSH Classic)

Destro's Dominator (4C System)

Destro's Dominator (Marvel Saga)

the Dominator (GI Joe): a cold weather tank, the Dominator can be split into two components, one of which is much more mobile than the other. Both are heavily armed and armored, however, which helps this vehicle serve as the base of the Future Fortress! Availability:

the Dominator (MSH Classic)

the Dominator (4C System)

the Dominator (Marvel Saga)

Donner Kopf: unlike most of his fellow Web field ops, Donner Kopf isn't a paranormal - he's a cyborg, one with Doctor Swensen's MAX technology implanted in his throat! This allows him to wield his voice as a deadly weapon should he choose to do so. Availability:

Donner Kopf (MSH Classic)

Donner Kopf (4C System)

Donner Kopf (Marvel Saga)

Double Blast: innovative and inquisitive, Charles can fix broken down appliances with an almost MacGyver-like skill. This ability got him recruited onto the GI Joe team who, also taking advantage of his immense muscle, put him to work as a heavy machine gunner. Availability:

Double Blast (MSH Classic)

Double Blast (4C System)

Double Blast (Marvel Saga)

Downtown: while his uncanny ability to make every foul never got him a basketball scholarship, Thomas P. Riley made good use of his knack for ranges and trajectories in the Army. An amazing mortar man, he lends those skills to the fight against Cobra! Availability:

Downtown (MSH Classic)

Downtown (4C System)

Downtown (Marvel Saga)

Drag: Bartholomew Smithers is a bitter scientist who was laughed out of 'respectable' scientific circles for his idea of growing living armor suits. Deemed mad by his peers, he proved them wrong by building himself a bio-suit to use against mankind! Availability:

Drag (MSH Classic)

Drag (4C System)

Drag (Marvel Saga)

Dragon-men: one of several sentient species which rose on the planet Ligra, the Dragon-men crave conquest above all else. Using their incredible physical might and inexplicable technological acumen, they strive to rule their home world! Availability:

Dragon-men (MSH Classic)

Dragon-men (4C System)

Dragon-men (Marvel Saga)

the Dragonfly: the Joes' signature helicopter for years, the Dragonfly XH-1 has earned them victory countless times, and not just because of it's legendary pilot. It's armed to the teeth and incredibly maneuverable - in other words, ideal air support! Availability:

Dragonfly XH-1 (MSH Classic)

Dragonfly XH-1 (4C System)

Dragonfly XH-1 (Marvel Saga)

Dragonsky: having been a fighter since he was but five years old, Andrei Freisov is a Hero of the Soviet Union. A mechanic, combat driver and flamethrower expert, he was a shoe-in for membership in the U.S.S.R.'s elite anti-terror unit, the Oktober Guard! Availability:

Dragonsky (MSH Classic)

Dragonsky (4C System)

Dragonsky (Marvel Saga)

Basil Drake: a renowned chemist and utter madman, Basil Drake was driven to murder after his romantic advances were spurned. Luckily for the target of his ire, Professor Zog and his Marvel of the Age, Electro, were able to stop his killing spree! Availability:

Basil Drake (MSH Classic)

Basil Drake (4C System)

Basil Drake (Marvel Saga)

Dreadwind: a brutish engine of destruction, Dreadwind single-mindedly focuses on smashing things! Lacking a fine focus in this regard, his Decepticon bosses thought it prudent to team him with the more tactically capable Smokejumper. Oddly, this worked. Availability:

Dreadwind (MSH Classic)

Dreadwind (4C System)

Dreadwind (Marvel Saga)

Dretches (Tanar'ri): when a manes shows a spark of self-awareness, if often grows into a dretch. The first form of 'real' tanar'ri, the teeming masses of dretches are small, dim-witted and petty, and long to rise from their lowly station. Availability:

Dretch (MSH Classic)

Dretch (4C System)

Dretch (Marvel Saga)

Drop Zone: Sky Patrol's 'dog face', Drop Zone loves the Army way of life. He loves the smell of gun oil, feels out of place when not wearing olive drab clothing, and finds KP relaxing. He's also at his best when jumping out of an airplane at 20,000 feet! Availability:

Drop Zone (MSH Classic)

Drop Zone (4C System)

Drop Zone (Marvel Saga)

the DEMON: the original ground assault vehicle designed for his personal army, the DEMON is the Iron Grenadiers' offensive powerhouse! Equipped with multiple laser banks and anti-aircraft missile launchers, the DEMON can easily seize and hold enemy ground! Availability:

the DEMON (MSH Classic)

the DEMON (4C System)

the DEMON (Marvel Saga)

Duke: with his years of experience in special ops, Duke was an excellent choice to be GI Joe's field leader. Second only to Hawk in the team's command structure, Duke has consistently led the Joes to victory against Cobra over the years! Availability:

Duke (MSH Classic)

Duke (4C System)

Duke (Marvel Saga)

Duodrones (Modron): a minor evolutionary step above monodrones in capability, duodrones possess speech and limited problem solving abilities. More importantly, they work as intermediaries between tridones and the masses of monodrones. Availability:

Duodrones (MSH Classic)

Duodrones (4C System)

Duodrones (Marvel Saga)

Dimitri Durovich: Dimitri was a Soviet scientist working at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, one who remained behind in his attempt to stave off a meltdown even while his peers fled. Little did he know that Chernobyl's radiation would change him forever! Availability:

Dimitri Durovich (MSH Classic)

Dimitri Durovich (4C System)

Dimitri Durovich (Marvel Saga)

Dustoff: with his military background, this mysterious pilot is one of the best aerial combatants in the Medusa Web's roster. With his considerable skills, he's usually tapped to shuttle the Web's paranormal operatives to and from more remote areas. Availability:

Dustoff (MSH Classic)

Dustoff (4C System)

Dustoff (Marvel Saga)

Dusty: born and bred in dry, dusty Las Vegas, Ronald grew up surrounded by desert - and has loved it his entire life. As such, he makes a perfect desert specialist, a vital skill the Joes need since Cobra frequently works in desert climes. Availability:

Dusty (MSH Classic)

Dusty (4C System)

Dusty (Marvel Saga)

Dwarves (Typical): the rugged, diminutive, humanoids known as dwarves by humans are creatures of both myth and fact. With their strong affinity for earth and stone, they're just as likely to be found underground as they are in human trappings! Availability:

Dwarves (MSH Classic)

Dwarves (4C System)

Dwarves (Marvel Saga)

Dynamic Man: built by Doctor Goettler before his death, the Dynamic Man is an artificial being bent on the preservation of order. To this end he serves as a fully-fledged FBI agent, using their vast information to handle problems out of their league. Availability:

Dynamic Man (MSH Classic)

Dynamic Man (4C System)

Dynamic Man (Marvel Saga)

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