The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: M

Mace: Thomas S. Bowman is a high-ranking member of Army intelligence, who does extensive undercover work against criminal cartels. This experience, and his ability to actively maintain multiple secret identities, made him a shoe-in as a GI Joe operative! Availability:

Mace (MSH Classic)

Mace (4C System)

Mace (Marvel Saga)

Mack 066: unlike many of his cohorts in the Jensen Congress, Mack 066 is not a scientist. He is however a student of war, and has amassed considerable skill and experience in this area, both during his time as an Army Ranger and after! Availability:

Mack 066 (MSH Classic)

Mack 066 (4C System)

Mack 066 (Marvel Saga)

Madman: sane before the Black Event, the man who would become the Madman cracked when his potent, paranormal dream powers violently manifested in the wake of all that death, but was ultimately put out of commission by Nightmask and Justice. Availability:

Madman (MSH Classic)

Madman (4C System)

Madman (Marvel Saga)

the Maggot: this vehicle is a powerful anti-tank weapon Cobra can field against GI Joe - or any other fools who get in their way. It is able to either split into three separate (yet equally dangerous) components, or terrorize its driver's foes as a whole! Availability:

the Maggot (MSH Classic)

the Maggot (4C System)

the Maggot (Marvel Saga)

Mágico: after being targeted for death by the Proxies of Pleb due to his faerie ancestry, Pete was rescued by Nonce - who then took him in. Due to his unique abilities, Nonce then ensured Pete was trained in the use of his natural magical prowess! Availability:

Mágico (MSH Classic)

Mágico (4C System)

Mágico (Marvel Saga)

Magmanimous: after almost freezing to death in the Northwestern Territories of Canada, stranded truck driver Larry Oxmount instead saw his latent mutant powers emerge, and he was seemingly forever transformed into a walking man-mountain of magma! Availability:

Magmanimous (MSH Classic)

Magmanimous (4C System)

Magmanimous (Marvel Saga)

Mainframe: an Army Vietnam Veteran, Blaine left Silicon Valley out of sheer boredom to re-enlist - this time as a Marine! With his extensive combat experience and out of this world computer know-how, Blaine was a shoe-in for GI Joe membership! Availability:

Mainframe (MSH Classic)

Mainframe (4C System)

Mainframe (Marvel Saga)

Major Altitude: though not actually a Major, Robert D. Owens is a top-shelf helicopter pilot. Graduating at the top of his class at the Aviator School and Flight Warrant Officer School, Robert achieved his life-long dream of becoming a GI Joe soon afterwards! Availability:

Major Altitude (MSH Classic)

Major Altitude (4C System)

Major Altitude (Marvel Saga)

Major Barrage: a towering behemoth with a terrible temper, David Vennemeyer cuts an imposing figure. One that his fellows on the GI Joe team is happy to see wading into combat against Cobra... because that means his ire is pointed away from them, for once! Availability:

Major Barrage (MSH Classic)

Major Barrage (4C System)

Major Barrage (Marvel Saga)

Major Bludd: originally a Major in the Australian Special Air Service, the promise of riches lured Sebastian Bludd away from his patriotic duty and transformed him into a rather amoral mercenary - a path that ultimately led to his employment by Cobra! Availability:

Major Bludd (MSH Classic)

Major Bludd (4C System)

Major Bludd (Marvel Saga)

Major Storm: one of the military's most experienced armor tacticians, Robert was invited onto the GI Joe team to operate the General! Bringing his years of experience to the team, Robert is more than happy to smash Cobras on the government's dime! Availability:

Major Storm (MSH Classic)

Major Storm (4C System)

Major Storm (Marvel Saga)

the Mamba: featuring two counter-rotating, layered-exoxy rotors, and two manned, detachable aerial assault pods, Cobra's Mamba is a high speed powerhouse. Though lightly armored, it more than makes up for this with seemingly impossible maneuverability! Availability:

the Mamba (MSH Classic)

the Mamba (4C System)

the Mamba (Marvel Saga)

Mambo Matilda: little is known or understood about the rather mysterious Voodoo Mambo known only as Matilda. Luckily for the world at large, Mambo Matilda uses her impressive mystical skills only to aid others - not just for her own benefit. Availability:

Mambo Matilda (MSH Classic)

Mambo Matilda (4C System)

Mambo Matilda (Marvel Saga)

the Mark 1 MAX Suit: Doctor Karl Swensen's first Man-Amplified Experimental armor was a revolutionary application of his heuristics technology. Intended for peaceful purposes, it was converted into a weapon by Swensen's corporate backers. Availability:

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (MSH Classic)

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (4C System)

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (Marvel Saga)

the Mark 2 MAX Suit: Karl Swensen's greatest work, the Mark 2 MAX armor was not perverted as was his first. After his death, his daughter Jenny made off with the suit and then used it against all manner of villains who utilized technology for evil. Availability:

the Mark 2 MAX Suit (MSH Classic)

the Mark 2 MAX Suit (4C System)

the Mark 2 MAX Suit (Marvel Saga)

the Mark 3 MAX Suit: the first (and only) MAX armor built by Jenny Swensen, the Mark 3 was a dramatic improvement over the creations of her father. Of course, she built it with government backing, and the finest weaponry their money could buy. Availability:

the Mark 3 MAX Suit (MSH Classic)

the Mark 3 MAX Suit (4C System)

the Mark 3 MAX Suit (Marvel Saga)

the Mark 4 MAX Suit: a smaller, stealthier armor than the previous three MAX suits, this armor was built not by one of the Swensens but instead Willy Deere, a government technician who had apparently been 'studying' Dr. Karl Swensen for years. Availability:

the Mark 4 MAX Suit (MSH Classic)

the Mark 4 MAX Suit (4C System)

the Mark 4 MAX Suit (Marvel Saga)

Manes (Tanar'ri): the spirits of particularly chaotic and evil dead made manifest in the Abyss, manes are the lowest form of tanar'ri - or just powerful petitioners. Weak and spiteful, they lash out as directed... or at anything crossing their path. Availability:

Manes (MSH Classic)

Manes (4C System)

Manes (Marvel Saga)

Mangler: an Army newbie who showed significant promise, Mangler was invited to 'try out' for the GI Joe team, which he did. He passed their horrifying entrance tests, though he died in an almost heroic fashion during his 'final exam' in Trucial Abysmia. Availability:

Mangler (MSH Classic)

Mangler (4C System)

Mangler (Marvel Saga)

the Manned Mobile Unit: this curious device is apparently a military-built prototype designed for urban combat. Half tank and half robotic exoskeleton, this vehicle/armor suit was never used by the Army - as far as anybody knows, at least. Availability:

the Manned Mobile Unit (MSH Classic)

the Manned Mobile Unit (4C System)

the Manned Mobile Unit (Marvel Saga)

the Mantis: an incredibly small vehicle, the Mantis is a one-man submarine. This tiny ride can glide beneath the waves to attack GI Joe's aquatic vessels, rapidly sinking them with torpedoes before the so-called heroes even know what has hit them! Availability:

the Mantis (MSH Classic)

Mantis (4C System)

Mantis (Marvel Saga)

the Manta Ray: built for nocturnal missions, the Manta Ray is an inflatable commando raft with a built in, 'bullet-proof' deck that rests atop the infatable portion of the craft. It's armed with a powerful missile launcher, and is rated as a 'shark-proof' vehicle! Availability:

the Manta Ray (MSH Classic)

the Manta Ray (4C System)

the Manta Ray (Marvel Saga)

Mariliths (Tanar'ri): genius tacticians, the six-armed mariliths are incredibly dangerous. Even without their plethora of magical and psionic powers, mariliths are intractble foes, and are a match for almost anyone, mortal or otherwise. Availability:

Mariliths (MSH Classic)

Mariliths (4C System)

Mariliths (Marvel Saga)

the MANTA: the MANTA, or Marine Assault Nautical Transport; Air Driven, is a weaponized windsail used by GI Joe for quick infiltration missions where swimming or rowing in is too slow and motors would set off too many enemy sensors. Availability:

the MANTA (MSH Classic)

the MANTA (4C System)

the MANTA (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Manyac: though Manyac is likely an alias, this villain is nonetheless a Doctor, for his knowledge of chemistry is without peer. Crafting his exotic green flame with it, Doctor Manyac has engaged in numerous criminal campaigns within New York City! Availability:

Doctor Manyac (MSH Classic)

Doctor Manyac (4C System)

Doctor Manyac (Marvel Saga)

the Marauder: this strange component of the Battle Force 2000 line of theoretical weapons research is a sort of 'motorcycle-tank'. The two components of the Marauder can detach, however, in the event that the driver wants to be in two places at once! Availability:

the Marauder (MSH Classic)

the Marauder (4C System)

the Marauder (Marvel Saga)

Mariner: a somewhat headstrong naval operative, Chief Petty Officer David Adcox didn't join the military to get a pension - he joined to serve his country! And all his hard work at continually improving himself paid off... with membership on the Joe team! Availability:

Mariner (MSH Classic)

Mariner (4C System)

Mariner (Marvel Saga)

Marvel Boy 8: the eighth person known to bear this title, Noh-Varr is a Kree warrior from another universe. Custom-built to perfection with both insectoid DNA and nano-active body fluids, he has been inadvertently let loose on our world! Availability:

Marvel Boy 8 (MSH Classic)

Marvel Boy 8 (4C System)

Marvel Boy 8 (Marvel Saga)

Masque: raised by circus freaks, Alpert Smithingale was taught stage magic until a real wizard took him under his wing. Now a powerful practitioner of philosophical magic, Alpert is trying to convince everybody that magic is the way of the future! Availability:

Masque (MSH Classic)

Masque (4C System)

Masque (Marvel Saga)

Master Man: a disaffected American of German descent, Wilhelm Lohmer was recruited by Nazis to become Captain America's counterpart. When their new Super-soldier Serum actually worked, Wilhelm turned against his home land and became the Master Man! Availability:

Master Man (MSH Classic)

Master Man (4C System)

Master Man (Marvel Saga)

Mastermind Excello: perfect in both mind and body, Mastermind Excello possess an inventor's genius and terrible psionics! Born as mere Earl Everett, Excello uses his exceptional skills, devices and powers in the service of the US government! Availability:

Mastermind Excello (MSH Classic)

Mastermind Excello (4C System)

Mastermind Excello (Marvel Saga)

Master Smith: one of the single most dangerous combatants on earth, Master Smith has been a leader of the Zen Hell-Kites for over a century years. Though he rarely brings his talents to bear, Smith can all too easily kill a man despite his advanced age. Availability:

Master Smith (MSH Classic)

Master Smith (4C System)

Master Smith (Marvel Saga)

Mastodon: a former cheese factory worker, David Landers was dramatically altered by the White Event. His body changed him from a 150 pound normal to the 525 pound man-mountain of muscle, which has forced him to face down his 'freak' status ever since! Availability:

Mastodon(MSH Classic)

Mastodon (4C System)

Mastodon (Marvel Saga)

(just) Matsu: a Japanese spy of particularly mysterious background, Matsu works with dissidents within the United States to cripple its efforts abroad. His schemes are so diabolical that they have attracted the attention of America's heroes! Availability:

(just) Matsu (MSH Classic)

(just) Matsu (4C System)

(just) Matsu (Marvel Saga)

Matsu, Satokata: a Japanese spy and saboteur, Matsu serves his Emperor with a ruthless efficiency. His cool-headed cunning has seen him assigned to various operations in the continental United States, and only that nation's heroes could stop him! Availability:

Satokata Matsu (MSH Classic)

Satokata Matsu (4C System)

Satokata Matsu (Marvel Saga)

the Mauler MBT: a replacement for GI Joe's MOBATs, the Maulers are a more advanced offensive animal. Faster and more durable, the Mauler Manned Battle Tank packs a considerable punch in the GI Joe team's never-ending fight against terrorism! Availability:

the Mauler MBT (MSH Classic)

the Mauler MBT (4C System)

the Mauler MBT (Marvel Saga)

Maurezhi (Tanar'ri): the ghoulish maurezhi stalk the multiverse in search of victims to consume. Those whose bodies and souls they ingest surrender all they know, along with some personal power... allowing the maurezhi to grow even more terrible! Availability:

Maurezhi (MSH Classic)

Maurezhi (4C System)

Maurezhi (Marvel Saga)

Maverick: having flown since he was a child, Thomas joined the Air Force as soon as he could, and participated in countless experimental flight programs upon graduating from the Air Force Academy. Which is naturally why Battle Force 2000 snatched him up! Availability:

Maverick (MSH Classic)

Maverick (4C System)

Maverick (Marvel Saga)

Mayday: a frighteningly good shot with almost any firearm, Army Sergeant Paige Adams was one of the very first military operatives chosen to become a new Joe upon its reactivation in '01 - and thus, one of its first Greenshirts to graduate onto the team proper! Availability:

Mayday (MSH Classic)

Mayday (4C System)

Mayday (Marvel Saga)

Geoffrey McAlister: born in money and raised in priviledge, Geoffrey McAlister was surprised to learn that he was meant for even more, at least until he got a handle on his latent psionic potential. Now he's truly powerful, and has an ego to match! Availability:

Geoffrey McAlister (MSH Classic)

Geoffrey McAlister (4C System)

Geoffrey McAlister (Marvel Saga)

Andrew 'Andy' Meadows: the Troubleshooters' electronic expert, Andy was able to break down the lasers in Jenny's MAX armor and develop his own gear with it: Beam-Splitter! He was perfecting this weapon when he was murdered by Steel Hawk. Availability:

Andrew 'Andy' Meadows (MSH Classic)

Andrew 'Andy' Meadows (4C System)

Andrew 'Andy' Meadows (Marvel Saga)

the Mean Dog: a powerful 6WD combat vehicle, the Mean Dog is equipped with a 20mm automatic cannon and twin missile banks. While that's respectable in and of itself, the Mean Dog's secret is that it can split into three separate components when necessary! Availability:

the Mean Dog (MSH Classic)

the Mean Dog (4C System)

the Mean Dog (Marvel Saga)

Med Alert: a former emergency room doctor, Kirk stepped up to the plate when he felt his country needed him, and enlisted. As a combat medic and as a Tai Chi Chuan instructor, Kirk excels as both a friend, mentor, and caretaker of his fellow GI Joes! Availability:

Med Alert (MSH Classic)

Med Alert (4C System)

Med Alert (Marvel Saga)

Mega-Octane: leader of the five-robot team of Combatrons, Mega-Octane rules his squad with a cold iron fist. Merciless and exacting, he would've been in charge of all earth's Decepticons save for Scourge's meddling - and he remembers that daily! Availability:

Mega-Octane (MSH Classic)

Mega-Octane (4C System)

Mega-Octane (Marvel Saga)

Mega-Vipers: specialized Cobra operatives who excel at animal handling, Mega-Vipers have the thankless job of directing that organization's genetically engineered monstrosities into battle. They live and train amongst their aberrant charges, and fight as one! Availability:

Mega-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Mega-Vipers (4C System)

Mega-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Megabolt: a massive Vehicon warrior from the future, Megabolt is bent on universal conquest, and he's already seized several worlds on his own. Of course, for his own purposes, he is aiding Megatron in the theft of Fortress Maxmius. For the time being. Availability:

Megabolt (MSH Classic)

Megabolt (4C System)

Megabolt (Marvel Saga)

Megatron (G1): leader of the Decepticons, Megatron forged this faction of Transformers in the distant past to serve as his tools of universal conquest. Recently reawakened on earth, he plans to seize the planet's energies to fuel his lust for more power! Availability:

Megatron (MSH Classic)

Megatron (4C System)

Megatron (Marvel Saga)

Megatron (RiD): sent to the earth by the Predacon Council to both steal its vast energy resources and to acquire control of the most powerful Cybertronian of all, Megatron is a dangerous warrior who truly intends to seize both for his own purposes! Availability:

Megatron (MSH Classic)

Megatron (4C System)

Megatron (Marvel Saga)

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado: an elite physical therapist, Lita Mercado was hired by Doctor Lucian Ballad to help rehabilitate the Remsen children after they barely survived a bombing. And to help them better utilize their paranormal powers! Availability:

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado (MSH Classic)

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado (4C System)

Estrellita 'Lita' Mercado (Marvel Saga)

Mercer: an ex-Cobra Viper who has 'seen the light', Felix has turned on his former terrorist allies and is all about bringing them down. Though unable to work for the Joes in an official capacity, he has found a home in Sergeant Slaughter's Renegades! Availability:

Mercer (MSH Classic)

Mercer (4C System)

Mercer (Marvel Saga)

Merzah the Mystic: having used his powerful psionics to assist others all his life, whether ferreting out spies during World War II or simply making retired psychic heroes comfortable in their dying days, Merzah is a kind and helpful soul. Availability:

Merzah the Mystic (MSH Classic)

Merzah the Mystic (4C System)

Merzah the Mystic (Marvel Saga)

Mesharu: the daughter of Shamash and Aya, Mesharu serves as the former's left hand. It falls onto her to dispense the justice that Shamash judges necessary, though on occasion she will stand in as the sun when his duties require him elsewhere. Availability:

Mesharu (MSH Classic)

Mesharu (4C System)

Mesharu (Marvel Saga)

Mesmeroticist: young Nancy Albrecht meant to talk to a psychologist at a high school job fair, but instead was introduced to a parapsychologist. This fellow ultimately trained her in the psipathic arts, which she uses as the enigmatic Mesmeroticist! Availability:

Mesmeroticist (MSH Classic)

Mesmeroticist (4C System)

Mesmeroticist (Marvel Saga)

Metal-Head: a walking, talking anti-tank weapon, Metal-Head gleefully destroys armor (or just about anything else) with the utmost of skill. Sure, he almost compulsively hones his skills on everything in his environment, but you can't argue with results! Availability:

Metal-Head (MSH Classic)

Metal-Head (4C System)

Metal-Head (Marvel Saga)

Mhunghus (Typical): sentient, mushroom-like fungusoids hailing from the world of Mhung, the Mhunghus are, indeed, among us. This is because the psi-noise of their fellows irritates them to no end, prompting them to seek out places where they can be alone! Availability:

Mhunghus (MSH Classic)

Mhunghus (4C System)

Mhunghus (Marvel Saga)

Michelle 232: though Michelle Jensen is one of the more recent 'Mikes' that Mike 013 encountered via the Jensen Congress, she's been one of his most reliable friends. So much so, in fact, that she often helps Agency 13 on its various clandestine jobs! Availability:

Michelle 232 (MSH Classic)

Michelle 232 (4C System)

Michelle 232 (Marvel Saga)

Midnight Express: youngest of the three Team Bullet Train members, Midnight Express has a youthful demeanor and vigor that is hard to deny. He's harsh on his enemies, but overall he's a dependable component of the team that they cannot do without! Availability:

Midnight Express (MSH Classic)

Midnight Express (4C System)

Midnight Express (Marvel Saga)

Mighty Destroyer 1: after his capture behind enemy lines, investigative journalist Keen Marlow was given a Super-soldier Serum variant by an imprisoned scientist. Using the power it afforded him, Keen waged a one war against fascism! Availability:

the Mighty Destroyer 1 (MSH Classic)

the Mighty Destroyer 1 (4C System)

the Mighty Destroyer 1 (Marvel Saga)

The Mighty Destroyer 3 / Dyna-Mite: brainwashed and experimented on by Nazis after his capture alongside Brian Falsworth, Roger was remade into the inch-tall Dyna-Mite. Eventually breaking his mind control, he became the (third) Mighty Destroyer! Availability:

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (MSH Classic)

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (4C System)

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (Marvel Saga)

Mikalea 101: the fraternal twin sister of her earth's Mike Jensen, Mikaela is an inveterate computer hacker and programmer who has earned her way into the Jensen Congress on a technicality, and constantly works to improve their software. Availability:

Mikaela 101 (MSH Classic)

Mikaela 101 (4C System)

Mikaela 101 (Marvel Saga)

Mike 001: founder of the Jensen Congress, Mike 001 is the first known Congressman to cross time under his own power. Having worked hard to maintain the Congress however, Mike 001 hasn't really excelled in a specific area like his fellows. Availability:

Mike 001 (MSH Classic)

Mike 001 (4C System)

Mike 001 (Marvel Saga)

Mike 002: something of a super-villain, the Mike Jensen of Earth Two is the inventor of the Congress' force field technology. Though he misbehaves on his own world however, he's quite amicable to his counterparts across the multiverse. Availability:

Mike 002 (MSH Classic)

Mike 002 (4C System)

Mike 002 (Marvel Saga)

(Disco) Mike 003: a former Marine and extensive inventor, Disco Mike was something of a hero in his own timeline. As a member of the Jensen Congress, he has given them access to laser weaponry, and is well-respected by just about all of his peers! Availability:

(Disco) Mike 003 (MSH Classic)

(Disco) Mike 003 (4C System)

(Disco) Mike 003 (Marvel Saga)

Mike 013: Mike Jensen was driven to prove the validity his odd notions regarding space and time, and once he did so he met various variant versions of himself that felt the same. Having done this, Mike now seeks out new mysteries to occupy his time. Availability:

Mike 013 (MSH Classic)

Mike 013 (4C System)

Mike 013 (Marvel Saga)

the Military Utility Vehicle: the Military Utility Vehicle, or MUV, is an all-terrain ride that GI Joe can use no matter how remote their location may be. This vehicle is heavily armed, and can take that firepower almost anywhere in the Pursuit of Cobra! Availability:

the Military Utility Vehicle (MUV) (MSH Classic)

the Military Utility Vehicle (MUV) (4C System)

the Military Utility Vehicle (MUV) (Marvel Saga)

Mindgame: with a heritage of psychic prowess and criminal justice in her veins, Tamara 'Tammy' Jones is the terror of the Atlanta, Georgia underworld. They killed her entire family, after all, so she does her level best to kill them all in turn! Availability:

Mindgame (MSH Classic)

Mindgame (4C System)

Mindgame (Marvel Saga)

Mindwatch Agents (Typical): this is a generalized description of Mindwatch operatives one may encounter in the field. Some have different abilities and/or skills than indicated here, but this serves as a handy 'template' of sorts for these vigilantes. Availability:

Mindwatch Agents (Typical, MSH Classic)

Mindwatch Agents (Typical, 4C System)

Mindwatch Agents (Typical, Marvel Saga)

Mindwolf: his ambition amplified exponentially after gaining incredible psychic powers, this KGB operative decided only he was fit to run the Soviet Union, and intended to collect all the paranormals he could get his hands on to do his bidding. Availability:

Mindwolf (MSH Classic)

Mindwolf (4C System)

Mindwolf (Marvel Saga)

Mirage (GI Joe): exceptionally proficient with line-of-sight weaponry, Joseph was recruited onto the GI Joe team, and then into their elite Mega Marines sub-unit, to fight Cobra's freak-show genetic experiments. This is a fight that continues to this very day, it seems! Availability:

Mirage (MSH Classic)

Mirage (4C System)

Mirage (Marvel Saga)

Mirage (G1): somewhat standoffish, Mirage isn't liked too much by his fellow Autobots, particularly due to his regular doubts about their cause. He always comes through when someone needs to slip behind Decepticon lines and do their dirty work, however. Availability:

Mirage (MSH Classic)

Mirage (4C System)

Mirage (Marvel Saga)

Mirage (RiD): fastest of the Spychangers, Mirage is also their best sharpshooter - he can hit just about anything, no matter how fast or far away it is! In fact, Mirage has a galaxy-wide reputation for his uncanny, almost supernatural marksmanship capabilities. Availability:

Mirage (MSH Classic)

Mirage (4C System)

Mirage (Marvel Saga)

Mirage GT: Mirage GT was a Vehicon experiment of Megatron's. The idea was to use his stealth and teleportational powers to boost the intelligence link between his Vehicon generals and their drones. The problem was that Mirage was kind of dim... Availability:

Mirage GT (MSH Classic)

Mirage GT (4C System)

Mirage GT (Marvel Saga)

the Misdirector: Errando Vasquez is a former soldier and private eye who has the curious ability to be in multiple locations at once. This makes for one heck of a spy, one which the Direct Action Americans snapped up as soon as they learned about him! Availability:

the Misdirector (MSH Classic)

the Misdirector (4C System)

the Misdirector (Marvel Saga)

Miss America: after being zapped with enough current to 'kill a thousand men', young Madeline Joyce developed various super-powers! Though most have faded, she uses her abilities to fight for truth, justice, and the American Way! Availability:

Miss America (MSH Classic)

Miss America (4C System)

Miss America (Marvel Saga)

Miss Behavin' Maven 2: daughter of the original Maven and Disco Head, Elise is a disturbed, confused young woman. She shifts between good and evil at the drop of a hat, and is fighting hard to find her very own place in this strange world of ours. Availability:

Miss Behavin' Maven 2 (MSH Classic)

Miss Behavin' Maven 2 (4C System)

Miss Behavin' Maven 2 (Marvel Saga)

Miss Fury: using a strange, leopard-skin costume acquired from a tribal shaman, bored socialite Marla Drake wore it as Miss Fury! Nazi spies, South American dictators and worse fell before the rage of Miss Fury - and they were just her warm-up! Availability:

Miss Fury (MSH Classic)

Miss Fury (4C System)

Miss Fury (Marvel Saga)

Missile Command Headquarters: scattered around the globe, Cobra's missile command headquarters are facilities used to house and launch their most devastating weaponry. Often disguised or inaccessible, they are staffed by hundreds of Cobra agents. Availability:

Missile Command Headquarters (MSH Classic)

Missile Command Headquarters (4C System)

Missile Command Headquarters (Marvel Saga)

Mister Brewer: the creator of Technohol, Mister Ezekiel Brewer experimented with it on himself, both out of curiosity as well as a need to be one with his creation. This put this mad scientist even further over the sociopathic edge than he was before, however. Availability:

Mister Brewer (MSH Classic)

Mister Brewer (4C System)

Mister Brewer (Marvel Saga)

Mister E: feeling a burning need to fight against injustice, wealthy sportsman Victor Goldstein donned the identity of Mister E, and began to fight crime on the street - both isolated incidents and those perpetrated by the diabolical Vampire! Availability:

Mister E (MSH Classic)

Mister E (4C System)

Mister E (Marvel Saga)

Mister Matter: born Chris Williams, this mutant has the power to transmutate large amounts of matter at will (hence the alias). When not wandering the earth, he provides rare and prohibitively expensive materials to whoever can meet his fee. Availability:

Mister Matter (MSH Classic)

Mister Matter (4C System)

Mister Matter (Marvel Saga)

Mister Million: though his secret identity is unknown to the world at large, Mister Million nonetheless maintains a public presence in a downtown office building - from where he works to change the world with his direct action philanthropy! Availability:

Mister Million (MSH Classic)

Mister Million (4C System)

Mister Million (Marvel Saga)

Mistress Midnight: losing the ability to dream as a child, Vivianne eventually went completely insane, developing multiple personalities. When the White Event gave her strange dream powers, Doctor Kleinmann molded her into a psychic assassin! Availability:

Mistress Midnight (MSH Classic)

Mistress Midnight (4C System)

Mistress Midnight (Marvel Saga)

the Mobile Battle Bunker: a high-speed mini-fortress, the Mobile Battle Bunker can hunker down and compact itself into a nigh-impregnable hidey hole or expand out into a versatile, maneuverable weapons platform - and can do so rapidly as is necessary! Availability:

the Mobile Battle Bunker (MSH Classic)

the Mobile Battle Bunker (4C System)

the Mobile Battle Bunker (Marvel Saga)

the Mobile Command Center: simply huge, the MCC is a three story tall, tracked vehicle that GI Joe uses as an on-the-go forward base in the never-ending war against Cobra terrorism. It has everything the Joes need to keep tabs on and counter their enemy with! Availability:

the Mobile Command Center (MSH Classic)

the Mobile Command Center (4C System)

the Mobile Command Center (Marvel Saga)

the Mobile Missile System (MMS): the MMS is a towable rocket launcher system, which can fire three Patriot rockets at anything within its range. Whether said targets are in the land, on the sea, or in the air itself, the MMS can easily take 'em out! Availability:

the Mobile Missile System (MMS) (MSH Classic)

the Mobile Missile System (MMS) (4C System)

the Mobile Missile System (MMS) (Marvel Saga)

Modrons (in general): creatures of flesh and gears, modrons evolved in the plane of absolute law: Mechanus. Led by Primus, the One and the Prime, the modron race strives to bring order (as they understand it) to the rest of the multiverse. Availability:

Modrons, in General (MSH Classic)

Modrons, in General (4C System)

Modrons, in General (Marvel Saga)

Moebius: mostly human with a sprinkling of the diabolical in her ancestry, the temporal wizard known only as Moebius is currently slumming in our space-time, having left (or fled?) her former residence amongst the planes for her own reasons. Availability:

Moebius (MSH Classic)

Moebius (4C System)

Moebius (Marvel Saga)

the MASS Device: built using technology stolen from Doctor Laszlo Vandermeer, the MASS Device is a game-changing implement which allows for globe-spanning teleportation effects - which Cobra naturally appropriated for its own, diabolical purposes! Availability:

MASS Device (MSH Classic)

MASS Device (4C System)

MASS Device (Marvel Saga)

Molydeus (Tanar'ri): the only known form of guardian tanar'ri, molydei are true tanar'ri who have been empowered by an unknown agency to further the Blood War effort - and these fanatical fiends have the power necessary to keep true tanar'ri on task! Availability:

Molydeus (MSH Classic)

Molydeus (4C System)

Molydeus (Marvel Saga)

Monako: the Prince of Magic, Monako grew up in India, where he learned of the black arts. Bringing his knowledge to the rest of the world, he uses his staggering and inexplicable powers to combat various menaces to civilized society! Availability:

Monako, Prince of Magic (MSH Classic)

Monako, Prince of Magic (4C System)

Monako, Prince of Magic (Marvel Saga)

Monkeywrench: something of a firebug, Monkeywrench has never liked anything so much as a nice, loud explosion. Naturally, this made him immensely favorable to the Dreadnoks, who are more than happy to indulge his overwhelming destructive urges! Availability:

Monkeywrench (MSH Classic)

Monkeywrench (4C System)

Monkeywrench (Marvel Saga)

Monodrones (Modron): these lowly servitors sit at the bottom of modron society. Non-sentient and barely intelligent, the endless throngs of monodrones are ultimately what keep the gears of Mechanus forever turning against the chaos of existence. Availability:

Monodrones (MSH Classic)

Monodrones (4C System)

Monodrones (Marvel Saga)

the Monster Blaster APC: considering what they fight daily, the Mega Marines need one tough ride. The Monster Blaster APC fits that bill, as it's big enough to carry oodles of Joes to the fight, and strong enough to win it no matter how ugly the foes they face! Availability:

the Monster Blaster APC (MSH Classic)

the Monster Blaster APC (4C System)

the Monster Blaster APC (Marvel Saga)

Monstro-Vipers: former Range-Vipers forever altered after Doctor Mindbender utilized his latest chimeric genetic cocktail on them, Cobra's Monstro-Vipers are near-mindless rampaging machines - a hodge podge of angry, cryptozoological menaces! Availability:

Monstro-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Monstro-Vipers (4C System)

Monstro-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Moon-Man: on nights when the moon is full, criminals who the law can't touch fear... the Moon-Man! Once a month, this vigilante dons his costume and wages war on evil, ferreting out those who scoff at the laws of otherwise civilized society! Availability:

Moon-Man (MSH Classic)

Moon-Man (4C System)

Moon-Man (Marvel Saga)

Mor the Mighty: a powerful sorcerer wishing to conquer all, Mor the Mighty possessed the ability to make monsters out of mundane creatures! He used this knowledge in a bid to conquer all, but was crushed by Professor Zog and his robot, Electro. Availability:

Mor the Mighty (MSH Classic)

Mor the Mighty (4C System)

Mor the Mighty (Marvel Saga)

the Moray: arguably Cobra's greatest water-borne craft, the Moray is a high speed hydrofoil that lends itself to pursuit and attack missions. It is fast even before its hydrofoils are deployed, and is armed with numerous guns and missiles. Availability:

the Moray (MSH Classic)

the Moray (4C System)

the Moray (Marvel Saga)

Mos Quito: after his vampiric transformation, Father Quincy Alvarez snapped, his veritable sainthood being reduced to 'mere' heroism, and he donned the persona of a sword-wielding swashbuckler in his abject denial of his new state of being! Availability:

Mos Quito (MSH Classic)

Mos Quito (4C System)

Mos Quito (Marvel Saga)

Motor-Vipers: Cobra's Recon and Perimeter Defense Force, Motor-Vipers patrol, defend, and scout any real estate that group has laid claim to. While sharing the same basic rank (and pay) of regular Cobra troopers, Motor-Vipers at least have their own ride! Availability:

Motor-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Motor-Vipers (4C System)

Motor-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Motorized Micro-Accessories (Cobra): bucking the trend of most Cobra equipment at the time, these devices are small, and can be carried by a single operative if necessary. Assembled in the field, these motorized items provide Cobra various useful capabilities. Availability:

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (MSH Classic)

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (4C System)

Cobra's Motorized Micro-Accessories (Marvel Saga)

Motorized Micro-accessories (GI Joe): bucking the trend of most GI Joe equipment at the time, these small devices can be carried by a single operative if necessary. Assembled in the field, these motorized items provide the Joes various useful capabilities. Availability:

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (MSH Classic)

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (4C System)

GI Joe's Motorized Micro-Accessories (Marvel Saga)

Movor: while he's not the most powerful Combatron, Movor arguably has their most important job: the acquisition of space-based intelligence. Not that he minds, as he seems to enjoy the cold depths of orbital space more than tolerating fleshlings. Availability:

Movor (MSH Classic)

Movor (4C System)

Movor (Marvel Saga)

the Mudbuster: a weaponized monster truck, the teal Mudbuster is designed as a 4WD all-terrain fighting vehicle. It has a hydraulic ramming bumper as well as a multi-use launcher in its bed, which can project missiles or a poweful grappling hook! Availability:

the Mudbuster (MSH Classic)

the Mudbuster (4C System)

the Mudbuster (Marvel Saga)

the Mudfighter: sometimes you need a high-performance, super-sonic fighter, while other times you need to drop a lot of bombs on some poor slob. The Mudfighter isn't the fastest GI Joe aircraft, but it packs enough bombs to make almost anything 'go away'. Availability:

the Mudfighter (MSH Classic)

the Mudfighter (4C System)

the Mudfighter (Marvel Saga)

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen: the captain of a merchant vessel of ill repute and poor repair, Barnabus Mullen, known to friends and enemies alike as just Barney, would take on any cargo, no matter how insanely dangerous having it on board could be! Availability:

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen (MSH Classic)

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen (4C System)

Barnabus 'Barney' Mullen (Marvel Saga)

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT): essentially a highly advanced variation on one of the Army's classic treaded fighting vehicles, the MOBAT is what the GI Joe team turns to when all their other hardware isn't enough to take down an opponent. Availability:

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT) (MSH Classic)

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT) (4C System)

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT) (Marvel Saga)

Murdermouth: powerful in both body and mind, Murdermouth stalked the spaceways solo for the longest time, until introduced to the idea of materialism by the Void Kings' mysterious leader. Now working for them, she eats others for fun and profit! Availability:

Murdermouth (MSH Classic)

Murdermouth (4C System)

Murdermouth (Marvel Saga)

Muro: something of a villainous polymath, there was no source of power that Muro wouldn't use to further his aims of global conquest. Whether brandishing science or sorcery at the world, Muro could only be stopped by one man: Monako - Prince of Magic! Availability:

Muro (MSH Classic)

Muro (4C System)

Muro (Marvel Saga)

Muskrat: born and raised in the swamps around Thibodaux, Louisiana, Ross grew up tough and quick. He breezed through his Ranger training and Jungle Warfare school as a result of his background, and easily earned his place within GI Joe upon being invited! Availability:

Muskrat (MSH Classic)

Muskrat (4C System)

Muskrat (Marvel Saga)

Mutt & Junkyard: an amazing animal handling ability caused Stanley to gravitate towards military K-9 units upon enlisting, which ultimately led to his assignment to the GI Joe team! There, he and Junkyard provide security on base and in the field. Availability:

Mutt & Junkyard (MSH Classic)

Mutt & Junkyard (4C System)

Mutt & Junkyard (Marvel Saga)

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