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Here's a list of sites that I've found thus far that have at least a fair modicum of New Universe material on 'em. Some are still in the process of being built proper, so keep that in mind if you find some incomplete links - but don't let that stop you at all. But hey, in the interest of maximizing the New Universe's exposure (since I haven't given up on it yet), here's some New U sites:

Nuke Me with the New: a fresh New Universe reference by Lee K. Seitz, this site has a bevy of handy features in the making. These include a checklist of published books, a publishing timeline, and - most interestingly - a timeline of all the events in the New Universe proper. This site should quickly grow into a powerhouse of handy New Universe goodies, so head there and bookmark it A.S.A.P.!

Tensen 2099: this is a truly interesting experience. The author has composed a series of Tensen 2099 fan fiction stories, which make use of not only John Tensen, but a plethora of New Universe, Marvel 2099, and other Marvel Universe characters. Not only that, mind you, but the guy's got a lot of information on the Justice series (which I currently lack). Check it out today - I really dig it!

the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe is a site that has a whole lot of Marvel Comics character biographies on it, including an ever-growing bunch of folks from the New Universe - both major and incredibly minor. They're pretty darn thorough, too, so if you're looking for people I haven't hit yet (or a different perspective on some) head on over there today!

the Marvel Chronology Project: this unique resource is an attempt to detail every single appearance of every single major (and thousands of minor) characters in the Marvel Universe. Though it has a few gaps here and there, the project is shaping up VERY nicely, and is useful to keep an eye on those Marvel Universe heroes that interact with the New Universe, like Quasar, the Living Tribunal, etc...

Got Links?

That's right. If you've got a New Universe site that I haven't yet stumbled across, and would like me to mention it here (or don't like the descriptions I've given to a site I've linked to already), feel free to shoot me an electronic mail message at the address listed on the Technohol 13 entry page. After all, us New Universe fan types really ought to stick together, now, shouldn't we?

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