Agent Axis

Rm 30
Rm 30
Ex 20
Ex 20
Gd 10
Rm 30
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex -20



Agent Axis is in fact three different Axis spies, all of whom were fused together into a singular being thanks to a chance lightning strike. This new, composite being has the Strength, Agility, and cunning of three master spies, making him one of the most dangerous men alive.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Blade: when the use of his Luger just isn't proper in a given situation, Agent Axis will instead rely on a solid steel blade of Nazi manufacture. This knife, of Remarkable (30) material strength, can be used in his hands to inflict Edged Attack damage with each deadly strike.

Luger: this easily concealable weapon, Agent Axis' favorite, can be used to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage per shot, and may be fired up to nine times (eight rounds in a magazine, plus one in the chamber) before it needs to be reloaded.


Multiple Personality: the conglomeration of three foreign spies, the mind of Agent Axis must be a terrible, terrible place. He switches accents regularly, indicating a shift of which mind is currently in domination of his body. This didn't seem to affect his effectiveness as a spy, however.


Detective / Espionage 3: the single most dangerous spy of his time, Agent Axis is a veritable master of espionage operations. When performing surveillance or gathering intelligence, or simply investigating a crime or other occurrence, he should gain a +3 CS on applicable FEATs.

Guns: his extensive, overlapping military training has granted Agent Axis the ability to use any gun, from pistols to full-auto death machines, with fluid ease. In combat, he makes all gun attacks as if his Agility score was +1 CS in rank.

Languages / English, German, Italian, and Japanese: since he's technically a native of the latter three nations listed here, Agent Axis can speak these tongues rather fluently. However, his espionage work has forced him to adopt the English language as well, which he uses with ease.

Martial Arts types A and E: the evil Agent is well versed in unarmed fighting techniques. He can inflict Slam or Stun results regardless of the Strength and Endurance differences between him and his opponent, and he receives a +1 initiative modifier in unarmed combat.

Military: the servant of three separate military regimes, Agent Axis is highly fluent in military protocols, being able to function in (or blend into) such organizations seamlessly. This also grants him the guns and knives talents described elsewhere, in addition to free military contacts.

Skill / Knives: when the use of his trademark Luger isn't practical, Agent Axis will fall back on a much quieter, but just as lethal dagger. Skilled in the use of all small, bladed weaponry, Axis makes attacks with such items as though his Fighting score was +1 CS higher.

Wrestling: supplementing his two other martial arts techniques, this talent allows Agent Axis to make particularly effective grappling attacks. In battle, he may add a +2 CS to his Strength for such purposes, though this bonus does not apply to any damage he causes.


As an intelligence agent of all three Axis powers, Agent Axis can call upon any of them for aid or other favors while on a mission for them - or else why bother? Similarly, he was known to several Axis super-operatives, such as the Shark and the Hyena, and even worked with them in the past.


Agent Axis uses a predominantly black outfit while on the job. He wore a black, exquisitely cut suit, a black cape, black leather boots, and a black executioner's hood with white eye-covers. Also, Axis wore a gray fedora with a black band just above the rim of the hat.


Agent Axis believes the Axis powers must take their rightful place as the masters of the world, and is wholly dedicated and loyal to this cause. He does wish to be returned to normal, but that desire is but a secondary goal to his helping the Axis nations conquer the earth!

Real Names: Aldo Malvagio, Hiroyuki Kanegawa, Berthold Volker
Occupation: none, former Nazi spy
Legal Status: technically a citizen of three different nations: Germany, Italy and Japan
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: white (original hair color unknown)
Eyes: unknown
Weight: 155 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: according to some accounts, Agent Axis looks like a hideously deformed amalgamation of 3 different men underneath his hood. However, in his final appearance, he seemed to be a perfectly normal, if older man.


The mysterious man known only as Agent Axis is in fact three separate individuals, all of which were accidentally blended together into a composite entity during a freak accident. You see, all three were master spies, one from Germany, Italy, and Japan, and when their plane was struck by lightning, the energy discharge caused them to merge into a single, super-powered spy!

Since his component bits still held allegiance to all three Axis powers, this strange new Agent served all three as a dangerous intelligence operative. On one such mission for the Nazis, Agent Axis partnered with the minor villains known as the Shark and the Hyena to seize samples of the Invaders' uniforms and tissues for German research, but this plot ultimately failed.

However, Agent Axis detested his current state, and wished to separate himself back into his three component fascists. To this end, he kidnapped American doctor Sam Sabuki, who he felt was the only man that could perform the necessary operation. Agent Axis held the doctor's daughter and her friend hostage to ensure his cooperation, but he didn't plan on the Invaders interfering with his scheme.

Thanks to their meddling, the operation went awry. Due to the resultant power surge in the equipment Doctor Sabuki was using, his daughter and her friend were bathed in strange energies, and gained super-powers of their own. The two youngsters subsequently teamed up with Toro and several of the Invaders to defeat Agent Axis, who fled the scene and disappeared for several years.

It is assumed that, for the rest of the War, Agent Axis continued to serve as an intelligence officer for the Axis powers, though the nature and scope of whatever other missions he participated in have yet to be revealed.

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