Brain Drain


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Werner Schmidt was a brilliant, if twisted German scientist who, after developing a variant of the Super-soldier serum for the Nazis, was struck by a falling spacecraft. Rebuilding their unintentional victim, these friendly aliens gave him a cybernetic body and (accidentally) dangerous psionic powers, which he used in several bids to dominate both them and the world at large!


Crowd Control (w): after grasping the Ring of the Nebulas, a device which could reportedly enhance the properties of mechanical devices, Werner's will was vastly increased, to the point that he could easily impose it on others. He can control up to eight people at a time, if he can pass an easy mind control action opposed by the Willpower scores of his would-be victims. This is an intensity 14 power.


Full Body Conversion (i): when aliens inadvertently crushed his body with their spacecraft, Werner was rebuilt by them... they had the technology, after all! Mounting his brain and eyes in a nigh-indestructible, life supporting transparent dome, these so-called Star-Gods gave Werner a new lease on life... not that he changed at all. His new body gives him these super-human powers:

* Body Armor (s): Werner's new body, a robotic conveyance for his brain tank, is highly resistant to conventional injury. It provides this evil scientist intensity 8 protection from physical attack - which either applies 'as is' or adds a +2 to whatever ability score he is currently basing his protection upon. He's that tough!

* Brain Tank (s): this life support unit is what maintains Werner's remaining biological tissues. It is basically a transparent dome that houses his brain and eyes, offering his tissue matter intensity 30 environmental independence. Furthermore, this dome is virtually indestructible, being made of strength 20 materials despite its transparency. Keen, eh?

* Flight (a): after his replacement body was crushed by the actions of the Invaders, Werner revealed that he was just as dangerous without it. It turns out that the Axi-Tun builders of his new body made it such that his brain tank could abandon it when necessary, and achieve intensity 7 flight - which translates into approximately 225 miles per hour movement.

* Resistance to Disease and Toxins (s): since the vast majority of Werner's body is robotic in nature (and the rest within a self-sealed system), he benefits from these resistances as a matter of course. Functioning at intensity 20 (+5) levels, these resistances demonstrate Werner's virtual immunity to all but the most powerful of such contaminants.

* Implant Psychosis Statistic: intensity 22.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Implant Psychosis Statistic: as a cyborg, Werner is subject to the problem of implant psychosis. Under duress, he must pass an easy difficulty Willpower action against his IPS, or suffer from extreme mental instability - usually until he next falls unconscious. When subject to IPS, Werner is at Willpower zero (0) to resist the urge to engage in over the top villain activity, such as an extended monologue.

Monstrous: Werner's appearance is hideous, so much so that folks with zero edge will flee on sight of him, and he is at zero (0) Willpower to convince such people not to do so. But then, if you saw a brain coming at you in a big robot body, wouldn't you run away as well? Of course, others with this hindrance are not affected in this manner, as they're used to freakiness (they see it in the mirror every day).


Ring of the Nebulas (w) holding this device for a brief time, Werner could use it to enhance the properties of mechanical devices, even those that were connected to organic tissues! Items so affected by this mysterious device of dubious origin should receive a +2 to +5 boost to either their material strength or their operating intensities. It may have been destroyed, but it could always be rebuilt.

Super-soldier Serum (s): before his horrific transformation, Werner had developed a variant of the American Super-soldier Serum, one that could boost the Strength of a person as far as intensity 14, and grant them the power of flight. While his laboratory was destroyed by the Invaders and the Star-Gods, Werner could presumably recreate this formula if he chose to.


Biology (i): more than anything else, Werner is a master of biology, years ahead of his time concerning such matters. In areas of biology, especially the enhancement of biological systems, he should make all Intellect actions at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary.

Chemistry (i): Werner is also good at brewing up advanced chemical formulae, which he can use for all manner of purposes. When attempting actions that identify, create, or modify chemical substances, Werner may do so as if the difficulty were one level lower than is normally required.


Werner served the third Reich for a time, and as he was their supplier of a variant of the Super-Soldier Serum, it is likely that the Nazis looked upon him with favor. Should he need it, they would likely help him - particularly those who benefit from his work, like Master Man.


World Domination: Werner has always wanted to conquer the world, either with the aid of the Nazi party or all by himself. He will occasionally serve as a minion of other villains to further this end, but his ultimate goal involves eventually removing such obstacles once the difficult work is done, and taking his - according to him - rightful place as earth's ruler.


Originally, Werner wore a Nazi uniform over his rather clunky robotic body, which he really didn't wear very well; it was kind of loose on him. After his robotic body was destroyed, he simply floated about as was necessary, 'naked' to the world (after a fashion).


Werner, while a brilliant scientist, is thoroughly insane. Who wouldn't be, after having one's brain transplanted into a poorly-built machine? While he was an evil supporter of the Nazi regime before his transformation, he transformed into a psychotic, would-be despot afterward.

Real Name: Werner Schmidt
Occupation: criminal, would-be dictator
Legal Status: German citizen wanted for the perpetration of war crimes in several nations
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: not applicable
Eyes: brown
Weight: 500 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: well, for one thing, Werner's remaining tissues consists of a brain and a pair of eyeballs floating in a transparent tank atop a robotic body.


Not too much has been revealed about the origins of the Brain Drain. This mad scientist was born under the name of Werner Schmidt, and quickly rose to prominence in Nazi Germany as they attempted to conquer the world. With his advanced skills in biochemistry, he proved invaluable to his fascist masters, as they needed to build super-powered warriors with which to combat Captain America.

Oddly enough, with both his own skill and after scraping up bits and pieces of the American Super-Soldier formula, Werner managed to develop his own version of the compound. He tested it out on a subject similar to the one the Americans used, transforming a waifish American of German descent into the diabolical Master Man - and while Werner's formula worked, it had some kinks to be worked out.

Werner never got a chance to do this though, for someone dropped a spacecraft on his head.

This ship, piloted by four Axi-Tun adventurers, felt bad about wrecking up this perfectly good human, and rebuilt him using their advanced science. They did this by giving him a powerful robotic body, not to mention gear to preserve what was left of his functioning organic tissue. They also exposed him to their Ring of the Nebulas, hoping he could use it to help repair their spacecraft, but that's when everything went wrong.

Exposure to its power gave Werner vast psionic potential, with which he quickly dominated the unsuspecting aliens. Renaming them after figures of German myth, he proceeded to use them in his scheme to take over the world. Of course, the Invaders were hot on his trail after having defeated Master Man, and in their attack, the Axi-Tun managed to shake free of Werner's control.

And killed themselves to keep Werner from regaining control of them again.

Though they tried to take Werner with him, he survived in his nigh-indestructible brain tank. Thanks to what he'd managed to learn from their craft, Werner then proceeded to plan the construction of a mobile arsenal, a massive flying swastika that could gun down anything it couldn't merely fly through. The plans called for several special components he needed to seize from American sources.

Deploying several Nazi villains to collect these components, Werner came into conflict with both the Liberty Legion and a time-traveling Thing. Victorious at first, Werner managed to complete his horrifying weapon of mass destruction, but the Thing (with the Legion's help) managed to take the diabolical device apart. Though defeated, Werner fled to safety while his pawns were captured.

Still at large, he presumably schemes to take over the world to this very day!

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