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Due to irregularities in both his parents' genes, Thomas Raymond was born a mutant. For reasons unknown, he developed super powers identical to those of Human Torch, which he then used as that hero's crime fighting partner during the second World War!


Fire Generation (a): Thomas can generate large amounts of fire at will, inflicting intensity 13 SD energy damage per strike. These fiery assaults take the basic form of miniature fireballs, though Thomas has also mastered these power stunts thus far:

* Aura / Fire (a): by surrounding his body in an envelope of open flames, Thomas can cause intensity 13 SD energy damage to anyone foolish enough to touch him - though he can suppress this effect while, say, carrying someone. These flames offer him like (or +3) protection.

* Fire Control (i): Thomas also has a certain level of control over fiery energy, control he exercised with intensity 10 ability. Any fiery shapes or other tricks attempted utilizing this power would be based upon this intensity, making them quite dangerous in scope.

* Flight (a): by projecting a cushion of heat under himself, and then propelling himself forward with his fiery power, Thomas can achieve intensity 5 flight, which allows him to move through the air at approximately 150 miles per hour.

* Resistance to Fire and Heat (s): though he isn't truly invulnerable to sources of fire and heat, Thomas is resistant to such energies at intensity 24 (+6), which protects him from all but the most powerful sources of flame - including most super-humans.

* Regeneration (s): finally, it has been revealed that 'flaming on' allows Thomas to rapidly recover from seemingly critical injuries in relatively short order. He possesses this power at intensity 2, allowing him to recover lost Health slightly faster than others.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Achilles' Heel: Thomas' fiery powers are especially vulnerable to cold, water, or wind attacks. Cold attacks ignore his aura's protection altogether, and either water of five or more gallons or wind attacks of intensity 10 or greater can douse his flames for an aura duration.


Boxing (s): Thomas has been trained in the fine art of unarmed melee combat by Bucky. As such, he can divide his total action score by two, and use this total for two unarmed melee attacks, the second of which will occur as a contingent action.

Skill / Fire Generation (a): Thomas has been extensively trained in the use of his fire control powers by the Human Torch. As such, he makes all actions with this power at one difficulty level lower than is normally required (though his damage is unchanged).

Trivia / Comic Books (i): when he wasn't Invading or Kid Commando-ing or otherwise fighting crime, Thomas made sure he enjoyed a handful or two of comics in his down time. If asked a question about them, he can answer at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary.


Youthful Exuberance: totally enamored with his super heroic life style, Thomas throws himself into the battle against Evil with an exceptionally wide-eyed fervor. He loves his life as he's always having fun - and helping people at the same time!


As one of the founding members of the mighty Invaders, Thomas can easily rely upon his fellows for assistance in a pinch. The same applies to his fellows in the Kid Commandos, not to mention the Liberty Legion, the American military, and most every other hero of the Golden Age.


Despite his truly bizarre history, Thomas behaved like a typical teenager. He was cocky in most situations (that didn't involve girls, at least), believing that his fiery powers could protect him from most any form of harm. He was very close to his heroic partner, the Human Torch.

Real Name: Thomas Raymond
Occupation: adventurer, former circus fire-eater
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Invaders, the Kid Commandos

Height: 5' 4"
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Weight: 115 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Even before he was born, Thomas' history was rife with peculiarities. You see, his father Fred was an expert in asbestos flame-proofing, and worked with Professor Phineas T. Horton - creator of the Human Torch and other oddball androids like Volton and Adam II.

Prolonged exposure to asbestos had given the poor man cancer. Meanwhile, his mother Nora was a scientist who experimented with various nuclear compounds, including radium. Of course radiation shielding wasn't what it is these days, and her dedicated work had made her ill.

Despite their physical ailments, the two were blessed with a son, Thomas, who they tended to call Toro - a reminder of the romantic bull fights they'd seen down in Mexico. They weren't able to raise him as they would've liked though, thanks to their scientific connections.

You see, they were targeted by the Asbestos Girl, a criminal mastermind who set fires in the course of her crimes and needed the Raymonds' expertise in building a Human Torch-proof suit. Suspecting she would try something like this, the Human Torch showed up to chase her off.

All too easily, the Asbestos Girl harbored a grudge, and as such she arranged a terrible demise for the Thomas family. Causing a train they were riding to derail shortly thereafter, Fred and Nora were killed in the subsequent blaze - but Thomas survived just fine.

As it turned out, he was completely immune to the fire and heat which has claimed his parents. Found by a traveling circus, Thomas was taken in by Tom and Ellie Alexander, the circus' fire eaters, who thought he'd make a great addition to the traveling show's nightly performance.

News spread about the fire-proof boy, and both the Human Torch and the Asbestos Girl came looking for him. After dealing with his would-be nemesis, the Torch found Thomas at the circus, and his mere proximity caused the youth to ignite - his powers fully manifesting at last.

Taking him under his wing, the Human Torch became Thomas' legal guardian, and the two eventually developed a crime fighting partnership. In other words, Thomas was the Human Torch's side kick, but he didn't mind second billing because he was just glad to help people.

When World War II broke out, Thomas and the Human Torch felt a need to lend their country a hand, and formed the mighty Invaders with both Captain America and his own side kick, Bucky, and Namor: the Sub-Mariner! Thomas was a member for the duration of the War.

When he wasn't engaged in side-projects like the Kid Commandos, at least. Or keeping up with the latest comics. Or ogling girls. Hey, the guy's still a teenager, after all!

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