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Mighty Destroyer 2

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Brian Falsworth, the second Union Jack, is a doubly altered altered human. He first ascended to a super-human status upon receiving a variant version of the Super Soldier Serum, and then acquired additional powers after exposure to the deific lightning of Thor himself!

Known Powers:

Electricity Generation: while his original 'powers' consisted of being raised to peak human capability, Brian's second brush with the fantastic gave him the ability to generate lightning! He may do so with rank value 40 ability, inflicting like Stunning Energy damage with each attack!

Limitations / Enhancements:



.455 Caliber Webley Revolver: before gaining his electrical powers, Brian carried this six-shooter that had a range of 3 sectors and struck for rank value 6 Piercing damage. The bullets were silver tipped, the better to hunt monstrous vampires with.

Dagger: made from a silvered steel, this dagger is of material value 20, and Brian can use it to inflict like Slashing damage with each strike. As is the case with his Webley, Brian quit carrying this weapon on his person once he acquired his electrical powers.




Acrobatics: taught how to fight by his father, the original Union Jack, Brian is exceptionally nimble in his movements. He has the ability to make Dodge, Escape, Evasion, Feint and Weave maneuvers as if the applicable trait was +1 RS in value.

Guns: while he's a devil of an unarmed combatant, Brian can wield firearms with the best of 'em. Whether he's brandishing a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Brian may fire such a weapon as if his Coordination trait was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts styles A, B, C, and E: Brian has learned several fighting styles from his father, which allows him a +1 RS to unarmed melee and wrestling attacks, a +1 initiative modifier in unarmed combat, and the ability to Pound or Concuss targets regardless of their defenses.

Piloting: having been seen flying Namor's jet craft on several occasions, it is assumed that Brian is a competent air pilot, as that craft was years ahead of its time. In other words, he can operate any World War 2 era or earlier aircraft.

Skill / Knives: while he's been extensively tutored in the fine art of unarmed combat, Brian has had to fight vampires - and thus, often relies upon special bladed weapons to dispatch them. He may handle such implements at his Melee value +1 RS.

Weapon Specialist / Webley Pistol and Silver Dagger: Brian is highly skilled in the use of his two weapons of choice, having specialized in their use. As such, he wields them at +2 RS to his normal ability with such items, and can add a +1 initiative modifier when using them in battle.

Wrestling: in addition to his other combat training, Brian has been schooled in the fine arts of wrestling. Combining this skill with his type C martial arts, Brian may make wrestling maneuvers at his Brawn trait +3 RS, and adds a +1 RS to any damage such moves may inflict.


Union Jack was Britain's version of Captain America, and as such, could call upon most government officials for aid if necessary. He is a member of the Invaders and very close to the third Destroyer. As such a visible hero, he's likely on good terms with any other Allied hero.


Originally, Brian wore a rather interesting 'union suit'. It consisted of a gray, long-sleeved shirt with a skull drawn on it, gray trunks, a blue belt, red boots and gloves, red and blue striped stretch pants, a red belt, and a full, red head-covering hood with a pale blue face mask.

When he adopted his father's heroic identity, however, this all changed. Navy blue in hue, his costume was adorned with a red and white Union Jack symbol across the chest and back. It also had a mask that fully covered his face, and a hip hostler and knife sheath for his weapons.


Brian Falsworth is English patriot and bears his role as Union Jack with great pride and seriousness.

Brian loves his family and goes to incredible lengths to protect them, which sometimes leads to reckless behavior on his part. He often finds himself having difficulty justifying his role as an Invader, but lost these doubts upon acquiring his electrical powers.

Real Name: Brian Falsworth
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: British citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: the Mighty Destroyer 2
Group Affiliation: the Invaders

Height: 6'
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 230 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Not too much has been revealed about the childhood of Brian Falsworth. It is known that he grew up with his sister, Jacqueline, but other than that most of this period is a mystery. He has been a life-long compatriot and partner of Roger Aubrey, however, the two having apparently grown quite close before their fateful trip to Germany, when both men had their brush with the fantastic!

The two went there to see if Germany was as bad as everyone was saying, and found out this was quickly the case soon enough. The two were jailed and separated upon attempting to leave the country, with Brian being dumped into a cell with Eric Schmitt, who had developed a series of successful German variants on the Super-Soldier Serum, and was being held until he surrendered them.

Of course, this had happened to Schmitt before, and he had administered one to Keen Marlowe to keep it out of Nazi hands. Seeing another such opportunity, Schmitt gave his newest formula to Brian, drastically enhancing him - both physically and mentally. Escaping, Brian took on Marlowe's identity for a time, helping him to do his job behind German lines and further lower enemy morale.

Brian eventually accepted his own legacy in time, becoming the second Union Jack with his father's blessings, and quickly managed to rescue a captive team of Invaders in his new identity. Invited onto the team afterward, Brian did his best to pull his weight but felt he was a bit outclassed - at least until a chance encounter with a time-displaced Thor: God of Thunder!

Upon being struck by this immortal's lightning, Brian was further changed. Developing electrical powers of his own, Brian used them both solo and with his fellow Invaders, fighting the forces of evil with both his augmented physical prowess and lightning wherever he could find them. Now more confident in his role as a super-hero, Brian feels he is living up to his father's mighty legacy!

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