Golden Girl


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Gwenny Lou Sabuki is an altered human, a young girl who was exposed to bizarre energies thanks to the meddling of the diabolical Agent Axis. Not only was she not harmed by said exposure, but she'd gained fantastic light powers that she used as the Golden Girl!


Force Blast (a): caught in an explosion caused in her father's experimental equipment by Agent Axis, Gwenny Lou developed the ability to emit a powerful burst of concussive energy, a blast she can use to inflict intensity 10 force damage per golden strike.

Hindrances / Augmentations:





Boxing (s): an accomplished scrapper, Gwenny Lou can divide her total action score by two, which allows her to make two unarmed melee attacks within one exchange. The first will happen normally, and the other will occur as a contingent action.

Languages / English and Japanese (i): though a natural born American citizen, Gwenny Lou was raised with the help of Japanese immigrant grandparents. As such, she grew up mastering both English and Japanese, and can speak and write in both fluently.

Martial Arts (a): Gwenny Lou is an accomplished martial artist, being able to fight evil even without her impressive super-powers. She may reduce the difficulty of unarmed assaults, as well as efforts to dodge attacks and catch thrown weapons, by one difficulty level.


A member of the Kid Commandos, Gwenny Lou Sabuki can readily rely upon her three teammates for help should she need it. Furthermore, being active as a high profile domestic super hero, she can likely request aid from her peers and the American military in a pinch.


Youthful Exuberance: Gwenny Lou Sabuki is a teenage heroine, and as such, she pursues the forces of darkness with reckless enthusiasm. While she usually fights evil within the United States, she nonetheless gives the good fight her all.


Golden Girl's costume was a very short-cut yellow robe with red trim. It was tied shut with a yellow belt bearing a large triangular belt buckle adorned with a sun emblem. She wore red shoes with tie strips that ran all the way up to her mid-calves.


A rambunctious teenager, Gwenny Lou Sabuki thoroughly enjoyed trouncing Nazi villains with or without her golden concussion beams - she found either satisfying, really. This didn't seem to be for 'payback' as much as the whole 'doing what's right' thing.

Real Name: Gwenny Lou Sabuki
Occupation: student, adventurer
Legal Status: American citizen with a criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Kid Commandos

Height: 5' 5"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 115
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


The daughter of famed surgeon and scientific genius Sam Sabuki, Gwenny Lou is a second generation American citizen. Having lived there all her life, you can imagine her dismay as she and her family were relocated to a Japanese Internment Camp during the War.

When the Invader hero known as Toro was severely injured in battle, it was determined that only Dr. Sabuki could save his life, and as such his cohort Bucky asked the intrepid surgeon for help - and at this point, the sinister Agent Axis struck!

You see, Agent Axis himself was three separate men, all of whom were fused into one terrifying entity in a bizarre accident. Wishing to be returned to normal, Axis also sought Sabuki's help but didn't know where to look for him; luckily, the Invaders did.

Abducting Dr. Sabuki, Agent Axis also seized Gwenny Lou and Bucky. When Agent Axis realized a mortally wounded Toro was nearby, he nabbed that hero as well, along with Davy Mitchell, a youth who had happened upon the area and witnessed Axis' actions.

Strapping Gwenny Lou and Davy to a bizarre device while Dr. Sabuki saved Toro's life, Agent Axis then demanded the surgeon repair his fractured existence as well. Toro chose this time to wake up, however, and his powers caused said bizarre device to overload.

Instead of killing Agent Axis' two hostages, it seemed to grant them incredible powers. While Davy gained the ability to spin at super-human speeds, Gwenny Lou developed the power to fire bolts of golden, concussive energies at anyone and anything in her vicinity.

Now facing four angry super-humans, Agent Axis quickly fled the scene. Thinking that they worked well together, the foursome attempted to track down the villain behind all this mess, seemingly finding him at Dr. Sabuki's War Relocation Camp.

Pooling their powers, the teenagers bested Agent Axis - though it turned out that the villain they'd tracked down was in fact a disguised Namor, who wanted to test the youth's powers and ability to work together. Proud of this achievement, they decided to stick together.

As the Kid Commandos, Gwenny Lou and her new friends would fight crime domestically, especially Nazis, and went out of their way to build up civic morale during the War. On one such operation, Gwenny Lou was abducted during a plot hatched by Lady Lotus.

This mysterious villainess was herself intrigued by Gwenny Lou's status as a Japanese-American girl with super-powers, and had Designs on her Future. The Invaders and her fellow Kid Commandos came to her rescue, but they were rather late to the party.

Gwenny Lou had dealt with Lady Lotus before they could even arrive. After this debacle, Gwenny Lou returned to domestic heroism with her three Kid Commandos teammates, and continued working hard for the American people for the duration of the War.

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