the Human Top


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Davy Mitchell is an altered human, a young man who was exposed to bizarre energies thanks to the meddling of the diabolical Agent Axis. Not only was he not harmed by said exposure, but he'd gained fantastic powers that he uses to fight evil as the Human Top!


Gyration (a): Davy's primary power is his astounding ability to spin his body at extremely high speeds! He may do this with intensity 5 ability, allowing him to move about at like ground speeds (180 miles per hour), and he's evinced these power stunts thus far:

* Cyclone (i): when spinning at nigh-reckless speeds, Davy can whip the air around his person into something of a frenzy! This fast-moving air reduces the intensity of physical and energy damage by 1 point, and inflicts power intensity damage to anyone adjacent to him!

* Invulnerability to Vertigo (s): his body now adapted to spinning at impossible velocities, Davy is completely immune to dizziness and vertigo. Even if artificially applied by super-human abilities, such sensations cannot derail Davy's activities whatsoever!

Hindrances / Augmentations:





Biology / Botany (i): as a floral arranger and delivery guy, Davy would need a basic knowledge of plants to simply tell them apart. He can easily make use of this skill to easily identify plants easily, and knows what berries not to eat in the wilderness.

Fast Exit (a): Davy has the ability to make a physical attack and then move into firing distance before his target can strike back. This only works, of course, if said target has an Intellect rating lower than Davy's - though with most of his foes, this isn't an issue.

Trivia / Baseball (i): Davy is a true baseball fanboy. He loves the sport, everyone that plays it, and can tell you just about anything about baseball you could ever want (or not want) to hear. He makes knowledge actions in this area at a reduced difficulty.


A member of the Kid Commandos, Davy Mitchell can readily rely upon his three teammates for help should he need it. Furthermore, being active as a high profile domestic super hero, he can likely request aid from his peers and the American military in a pinch.


Youthful Exuberance: Davy is a young patriot, and thoroughly enjoys entering melee with evil Nazi ruffians, doing so with unabashed glee. Of course, he's overstepped his bounds on occasion, getting his inexperienced self into severe trouble on more than one occasion.


While active as the Human Top, Davy wears a somewhat simple costume. It consists of green and black striped, stretch fabric trousers, a green and black striped stretch fabric shirt, the latter of which had a blue collar, green and black striped boots, and a blue belt.


Though an avid baseball fan, Davy was an otherwise normal teenager who stumbled into the fantastic upon meeting the Invaders. He wields his newly found abilities with aplomb, and is more than happy to do so in the service of his country - especially considering its enemies.

Real Name: Davy Mitchell
Occupation: adventurer, floral delivery man
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Kid Commandos

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 145 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Little is known about Davy's history, save that he was an orphan who quite literally stumbled into the kidnapping of a then-critically wounded Toro from the Pacifica General Hospital. A witness to the hero's abduction by Agent Axis, Davy was also taken hostage by the fiend.

As it turned out, Agent Axis had several other captives as well, including Bucky and Doctor Sam Sabuki, whom he'd forced into performing a bizarre procedure to split him into his three component selves; the villain was in fact three separate Axis agents somehow merged into one.

Strapping Davy and Sabuki's daughter, Gwenny Lou, onto the equipment Dr. Sabuki was using, Agent Axis never got to see his plan bear fruit, as the injured Toro woke up and attacked immediately. In the ensuing fight, the equipment Davy and Gwenny Lou were strapped to exploded!

Instead of killing them outright, the bizarre energies released actually gave the two youths super-human powers. Davy himself gained the ability to spin his body at amazing speeds, a skill he decided would come in handy as a super-hero in his own right... the Human Top!

The four angry super-powered beings chased Agent Axis off, even though two of them were freshly empowered, and went about tracking him down. Finding him at the same War Relocation Camp Dr. Sabuki was abducted from, the four teenagers soundly trounced the man.

Of course, this 'Agent Axis' turned out to be Namor in disguise, who for some reason thought it would be prudent to use the identity as a good test of the youths' power and conviction. Of course, the Sub-Mariner said he 'only' used the amount of power that Agent Axis had access to.

Nonetheless proud that they managed to defeat the legendary hero, they decided to stick together... as the Kid Commandos! The quartet were mostly active domestically, fighting Nazi infiltrators, attending war bond rallies, and working hard to boost American morale.

Davy and his fellow Kid Commandos performed these duties for the remaining duration of the second World War.

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