Thin Man

Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Rm 30
Rm 30
Gd 10
Gd 10
Rm 30
Ex +20



Doctor Bruce Dickson, the uncanny Thin Man, is a polymath explorer that was transformed into something more than human by the power of the people of Kalahia. Altered beyond mere mortal limits, he can expand and contract his physical dimensions at his leisure!

Known Powers:

Body Armor: the pliable nature of Bruce's body allows him to shrug off large amounts of damage. If attacked, his form will usually distort as it absorbs a large portion of it, before rebounding back into his original shape. His Excellent (20) body armor offers this protection:

Ex 20 / Ty 6 / Fe 2 / Shift 0 / Shift 0

Elongation: in addition to his body's pliable, plastic state, Bruce can extend his physical dimensions far beyond what his volume would indicate is possible. He may do so with Good (10) ability, reaching anywhere within four areas with relative ease.

Plasticity: Bruce has the ability to force his body into a highly pliable state. In this condition, he can stretch, deform, compress, or expand his body (or any part of it) as he sees fit, molding it into virtually any shape. He can do this with Incredible (40) ability.

One of Bruce's favorite tricks with this power is making his body extremely thin (hence his heroic identity), which allows him to slip his body through any cracks or seams. He can make himself as thin as a slice of paper, though he cannot actually achieve a two dimensional state.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Stratoplane: an artifact of Kalahia that Bruce brought with him to the 'real' world, this aircraft is built from Duragen steel, which apparently has the ability to resist corrosion for over one hundred years. Advanced years beyond its contemporaries, it has these capabilities:

Gd 10
Un 100
Rm 30
Ty 6

* Bombs: in addition to the Stratoplane's cannons, it is also armed with powerful bombs with which to pelt less mobile foes. Dropped on a target from above, these huge explosives detonate on impact to inflict Incredible (40) Edged Attack damage to all within the area they strike.

* Machine Guns: the Stratoplane is armed with twin machine guns, one mounted beneath each wing of the aircraft. These weapons can fire bursts of lead that inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage individually, raised by +1 CS when both are wielded in tandem.

* Viewer: a more advanced example of Kalahian technology, this high tech device can be used to spy upon anything occurring within five miles of the Stratoplane, as long as it is in a direct line of sight; it can't see through objects but its visual acuity is of Remarkable (30) rank.


Dependent: his girlfriend (and later wife) is a native of the 'lost' society of Kalahia, and is likely dependent on Bruce for most information about her new home. But don't let the word 'dependent' fool you, for she may very well have the same powers as Bruce.


Engineering: one of several sciences Bruce had mastered before his fateful rediscovery of Kalahia, this talent describes his ability to design and build things. When attempting to perform such FEATs, Bruce may make the applicable dice rolls at his Reason rank +1 CS.

Martial Arts types A and B: Bruce has received extensive coaching by both Miss America and the Patriot in melee combat. He may add a +1 CS to unarmed melee attempts, and may inflict Stun or Slam results on an opponent regardless of their relative Strength or Endurance scores.

Medicine: one of several areas of scientific expertise that Bruce has mastered, this talent represents his advanced knowledge of physiology - both in human and other species. This gives him a +1 CS on medical FEAT rolls, and lets him try to resuscitate the recently dead.

Piloting: Bruce has proven to be an accomplished pilot, handling his Stratoplane with ease - quite a feat, especially considering his is so much more advanced that standard human equivalents. He can likely handle those built by his own society just as easily.

Psychology / Philosophy: one of several sciences Bruce mastered before encountering Kalahia, this talent represents his ability to think critically about existence. His Reason should be considered +1 CS when systematically thinking through problems of society or behavior.


Bruce is a member of the Liberty Legion, and as a result, a close associate of the Invaders. Furthermore, Bruce can easily rely upon his wife, Olalla, as well as the Kalahian people for assistance in a pinch, for they admire his brilliance and conviction.


When he first left Kalahia to bring Enlightenment to the human race, Bruce wore a costume that consisted of a tight, collared blue jacket over a green T-shirt, yellow gloves, a yellow belt, red trunks over blue stretch fabric pants, blue and yellow boots, and a blue and yellow cap.

By the time he met Red Raven, he'd switched to a similar costume in different hues. His second costume includes a tight green jacket with an oversized yellow collar, yellow gloves, yellow boots, yellow trunks over green stretch fabric pants, and a green and yellow cap.


Despite his relative inexperience in super-heroic matters, Doctor Bruce Dickson is quite a worldly, savvy hero, easily capable of making his foes look like fools whilst he deals out justice. He loves to crack wise in battle, and works hard to pull his weight in a team setting.

Real Name: Dr. Bruce Dickson, PhD.
Occupation: adventurer, scientist
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: the Liberty Legion

Height: 6'
Hair: blond, later light brown
Eyes: blue
Weight: 170 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Shortly after receiving his multiple degrees, Doctor Bruce Dickson set off on an expedition to the Himalayan mountains, attempting to conquer Mount Kalpurthia. Upon his being hit by a powerful blizzard, he sought shelter in a cave, where he discovered something fantastic!

He found a hidden utopia within the mountain, though he fell unconscious upon the beginning of his exploration of the place. When he awoke, Doctor Dickson discovered the mysterious denizens of this secret land, called Kalahia by the natives, and their incredible secret.

All of the locals possessed the power to make their bodies pliable, and they'd granted him this amazing ability. Staying for a time, he eventually fell in love with the Elder Chief's daughter, Olalla, who became his apparent paramour during their time together.

While there, the Kalahians demonstrated their technological superiority to Doctor Dickson, showing how they can communicate with the spider-like beings that were apparently living on Mars at the time, and their technique for entering the 7th Dimension.

Further, it would seem that the Kalahians shared Bruce's desire to combat evil, as they demonstrate a crime in progress on their long distance viewer thingermabob. This crime is the drive-by shooting by mobsters against some taxi cabbie (perhaps Taxi Taylor).

Seeing this crime taking place, Dickson and Olalla leave Kalahia for the United States, intent on stamping out the evil that they have witnessed in action. They bust into the city they viewed and gunned down several of the criminals with the plane's heat bullets.

Of course, several folks noticed this, and as such, Dickson and Olalla decided to operate at night from then on, so they wouldn't attract too much attention to themselves. That night, in fact, the duo tracked down and went to work on the mobsters killing cabbies.

Thin Man worked them on a personal level, while Olalla gunned them all down with the Stratoplane. The two then tied up their leader, leaving him for the cops, and went looking for new crimes to bust up, the first of which involved a plane-full of German infiltrators.

Attacking their plane as soon as he found it, Bruce liberated a captured Red Raven, and the two heroes defeated their German foes. The two then answered a call for help from Captain America's side kick, Bucky, and eventually joined up with the Liberty Legion.

This team freed the Invaders from mind control at the hands of the Red Skull and his Nulla-Rays, and decided to stick together to defend the nation from threats that arose from within. Over time, though, the two groups eventually blurred into one big association of heroes.

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