the Maximals: 2002

Robots in Disguise

While he's from the far future - though possibly not as far as the other heroic Cybertronians on modern-day earth are - Optimus Primal is nonetheless currently active on our world. Of course, being that he's technically deceased, having died in final battle with his era's Megatron, this makes for an interesting tale. After all, not too many robot souls wander the twists and turns of the material world.

Having finally brought peace to his world, you see, Optimus Primal merged with the Matrix itself, but has found his spirit form, his very Spark, is somewhat restless. As such, he's left the era of his birth to roam space and time, and has wound up on our modern-day earth to find a Tranformer conflict raging. Though immaterial, Optimus Primal still continues to serve a purpose vital to the cause of goodness.

For the most part, he has settled into the welcome role of a spiritual advisor for the Autobots active on this planet, teaching them in the ways of defensive battle so their war with the Decepticons / Predacons / Vehicons does not cause undue harm to the human occupants of earth. While more Maximals may eventually show up here, Optimus is the only one known to be present thus far.

Modern-day Maximals:

Optimus Primal: Optimus Primal fell in final battle with the evil Megatron, sacrificing his life for all of Cybertron itself. Though he merged with the Matrix, his spirit form has re-emerged in the modern day, helping the many Autobots on earth! Availability:

Optimus Primal (MSH Classic)

Optimus Primal (4C System)

Optimus Primal (Marvel Saga)

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