the Predacons: 2002

Robots in Disguise

The Predacons are Transformers who can change into various animal forms, who were sent to earth under the command of Megatron to seize the most powerful Autobot of all - Fortress Maximus! Of course, they were low on power upon first arriving on our world, and thus has to waste valuable time seizing the energy they needed to accomplish their goals...! These are the Predacons active on earth:

the Large Predacons:

Cryotek: a frighteningly intelligent criminal mastermind, Cryotek has been behind some of Cybertron's most heinous crimes for centuries, appearing in various time periods - and working with various Megatrons - to achieve his own ends. Availability:

Cryotek (MSH Classic)

Cryotek (4C System)

Cryotek (Marvel Saga)

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