the Bureau of Ascendant Humans

(Proper Flavor Text To Come Eventually. Until Then, Here Are Some Development Notes.)

Essentially this is the 'top secret super cop' agency in the v13 world, the unbelievably covert super-group that keeps all the other super-groups in check, but is so well hidden that nobody knows about 'em until it's too late. Typical clandestine stuff, originally gub'ment funded but eventually branched out on its own with investments a'plenty until it funds itself, sometimes by leaking out confiscated tech as new patents, etc...

Haven't quite detailed them yet since this would involve Spoilers for those playing in my v13 e mail game, so it may be a bit before you see this proper. However, some hints as to how the group works are of course available in Captain Cocksure's descriptions; I didn't officially plan on making this official organization public just yet - it merely happened as a result of my describing Nonce.

And boy did that take me awhile. He's one of those 'ringer' type people, an ultimate plot hook which does have something to do with the near future of the e mail game, but again, that would be a Spoiler, so sorry 'bout that. But just covering him took me like twelve hours, what with all his powers (he's a veritable superpsi overmind, but I cut him back a bit from my original idea), and the whole Pokémon thing.

But don't hit me for that one. I originally envisioned him as a Poké-trainer for some insane reason, and he just sort of evolved into the lynchpin of several plots, hence his insane array of abilities. At the same time, though, despite the sheer bulk of the powers he possesses, most of them are still relatively lower-level, save for those vital to make him work as envisioned - even if I envisioned him like four times.

(Of course, I have since removed his Pokémans, for the sake of not using other people's content, but you know that by now.)

Though this is meant to be the 'core' page of the BAH, the trick is that BAH actually has several elite teams that are designed to deal with specific threats. Squad Beta handles magic stuff, Squad Delta handles mutants, Squad Gamma the altered humans, Squad Epsilon handles the psis, Squad Omega handles the immortals, yadda yadda. I haven't come up with cool Greek letters for everybody, though, so bear with me. Or did I?

Those groups will get sub-listings if and when they become described and tangible, but I'm not ready for that - I'm still cleaning up other areas of the 13 right now. And all is not prettied up as I would prefer. But I'll quit this, since this isn't even a real description - just me rambling at myself, more than anything else, so I don't forget what I'm supposed to eventually do here, myes?

Captain Cocksure: founder of the BAH, Jake Russell was a normal human adventurer until tapped to form the group by then-President Ford. After this, Jake went from being a vigilante to the world's last, best hope against rogue ascendants! Availability:

Captain Cocksure (MSH Classic)

Captain Cocksure (4C System)

Captain Cocksure (Marvel Saga)

Nonce: a life-long victim of tyranny, Clark is bent on preventing new ones from forming. This is why he acts as a BAH 'mole' within Mindwatch's ranks, working hard to keep them from turning their considerable power against humanity. Availability:

Nonce (MSH Classic)

Nonce (4C System)

Nonce (Marvel Saga)

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