Hand Size:
4 (25)


As are most of his fellow GI Joes, T'jbang is but a normal human. He has extensive combat training as a member of the Arashikage ninja clan, and could conceivably have some of that group's 'mystic' training, but has never revealed such - at least, not to us.



Hindrances / Augmentations:

Personal Code: for reasons known only to himself and Storm Shadow, T'jbang has taken a vow of silence. He will not talk under normal circumstances, and will only do so if he must to save lives. Doing this requires that he pass a daunting difficulty Willpower action.


Battle Axe (s): this oriental style 'axe' is actually two sword blades, hooked on the outside of each, both of which are attached to a spiky hilt. T'jbang can use this weapon to inflict his Strength +5 in slashing damage with every deadly swipe.

Body Armor (s): T'jbang wears armor on several locations across his body, including his bullet-proof chest padding, and plating on his lower legs and forearms. This armor provides him intensity 8, or +2, protection against physical attacks, and adds a +2 to blocking attempts.

Concussion Grenades (i): T'jbang usually carries several of these in the event that he must take down a crowd quickly. These devices explode to inflict intensity 10 concussive damage to all uncovered targets within near missile distance, often enough to clear it out entirely.

Katana (s): the blade with which he developed his Silent Backlash technique, T'jbang can inflict devastating damage with this weapon. He can use it to inflict his Strength +4 in damage with each attack, and is highly skilled in its use (see below).

Shuriken (a): finally, T'jbang makes use of these projectiles, secured on his ankle pads when not in use. He can fling each of these blades to inflict his Strength +2 in damage, and typically has six of them on his person at any given time.


Acrobatics (a): T'jbang is but a normal human, though he sometimes seems to have a super-human sense of balance. He can easily walk tightropes and the like, and benefits from a reduced difficulty when attempting to dodge attacks or lower falling damage.

Boxing (s): T'jbang's a ninja. The man is a master of unarmed fighting, and one ability this grants him is the skill to launch such attacks fast. He can divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Guns (a): though he specializes in melee combat, T'jbang has been trained in the use of most firearms by the United States military. As such, he can fire any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol at one difficulty lower than is normally necessary.

Martial Arts (a): again, T'jbang's a ninja. The man can resolve unarmed attacks with either his Strength or Agility (whichever he chooses), and receives a reduced difficulty on actions intended to dodge attacks, catch thrown objects, or strike in unarmed melee.

Martial Arts Weapons (s): T'jbang is a master of a variety of 'ninja' styled weaponry, from his bizarre 'battle axe' to his shuriken, including other odd items like the nunchuk or sai. Whenever he wields such implements, T'jbang may do so without penalty.

Military / United States (w): though hanging with the United States military wasn't originally T'jbang's thing, he has nonetheless been recruited into it by Storm Shadow himself. As such, he can now function effortlessly in a military environment, and knows the SOP well.

Skill / Swords (s): though he's competent with most 'ninja' weapons, T'jbang is truly a master of the blade, having invented his very own technique with such. Thanks to his martial arts weapons skill, he may resolve sword attacks at a reduced difficulty, using either Strength or Agility.


Peace of Mind: T'jbang is a very deadly man, but he does not constantly hone his skills to kill. No, he is always seeking perfection as an end unto itself, feeling that if his mind and body can act as one there is nothing that he cannot do!


As a member of the GI Joe team, its Ninja Force in particular, T'jbang can rely upon his many fellows for assistance in a pinch, for he has pulled their fat out of the fire many times. They may find his silence off-putting, but the Joes know they can depend on T'jbang.


Sam is confident in his skill and is nigh-fearless in battle, though it's hard to tell that by talking to him. You see, the man has taken a vow of silence, and will not speak. Ever. He can write when necessary, of course, but usually prefers to let his actions speak for him.

Real Name: Sam LaQuale, Grade E-7
Occupation: swordsman, infantryman
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe, Ninja Force (GI Joe sub-group)

Height: 6'
Hair: unknown (usually shaved or covered by a mask)
Eyes: brown
Weight: 165 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


Sam is a member of the Arashikage ninja clan, who was trained by that group's master swordsman to be near his own equal. When things went poorly for the Arashikage thanks to Cobra's incessant meddling, Sam went his own way, and continued to develop his own techniques.

The Silent Backlash, developed while blind-fighting cave bats in Japan, is so incredibly deadly that no one has lived to describe it. Mind you, Sam only reserves it for those he wishes to dispatch, so it is only wielded rarely... but people nonetheless spread the word about him.

Eventually tracked down by Storm Shadow, Sam was drawn into the GI Joe team and its specialized Ninja Force group. In his very first outing, as the Joe known as T'jbang, Sam threw down with several Night Creepers who were trying to fulfill a contract on Destro's life.

He quickly saw further action against the Red Ninjas, who were currently being led by the villainous Firefly. Though that villain got the drop on the entire Ninja Force, and subsequently used the Brain-wave Scanner on them, T'jbang and company ultimately won out in the end.

T'jbang continued to serve alongside his fellows in the Ninja Force until after the GI Joe team fought Megatron himself in the (now demolished) Cobra front town of Millville. Shortly after this conflict, he formed a dojo in Spanish Harlem with Dojo, Nunchuk, and Jinx.

(Historical Divergence)

They continued to t,each local youths in their dojo for some time, helping to empower them and doing their best to keep them out of street crime. It didn't last forever however, and most of the former Ninja Force was drawn away from Dojo's dojo for Special Missions work.

T'jbang, for instance, infiltrated the Red Ninjas, a group that seemed to be subject to the whims of one heinous villain after another. The current leader he was keeping tabs on was one Sei Tin, who eventually revealed his true colors by making a deal to protect Cobra Commander.

Informing the Joes, T'jbang helped them get into the Red Ninja compound, but was injured in the subsequent fight. When Snake-Eyes defeated Sei Tin and ran Cobra off, T'jbang took command of the Red Ninjas for him, allowing him to continue his work with the GI Joe team proper.

This didn't go very well for T'jbang, though, as Sei Tin - however injured he may have been - used some sort of bizarre ninja mind transfer technique on him. Leaving T'jbang's mind trapped in his broken body, Sei Tin then proceeded to do terrible things in his name.

Although, as an aside, he managed to also resurrect a then-deceased Snake-Eyes with still more bizarre ninja magic. Once Sei Tin (still in T'jbang's body) was defeated by the Joes anew, he and his victim were taken to the Rock, the GI Joe team's newest and most defensible headquarters.

Kept there for a time, T'jbang and his tormentor were taken for a time by Storm Shadow, who had vowed to reverse the process that had trapped T'jbang's mind in Sei Tin's broken cybernetic body. He hasn't been seen since, but Storm Shadow has.

This may or may not mean that he's since managed to find a means of reversing Sei Tin's bizarre mind transferral, but this has yet to be revealed.

2014 Variations


Crossbow (a): adding a bit more distance to his combat arsenal, T'jbang recently began carrying a crossbow onto the field. He can fire one bolt at a time from this powerful implement, each of which will inflict his Agility +4 in piercing damage with every deadly hit.

Hook Blades (s): splitting his original 'axe' precisely in two, T'jbang now carries two hooked blades into battle. He may use either these deadly weapons to inflict his Strength +4 in slashing damage, and often brandishes one in each hand!

Kusarigama (s): a master swordsman, T'jbang knows how to deal with them in melee. This is why he often wields a kusarigama against them, allowing him to inflict his Strength +3 in damage against non-adjacent foes with its sickle-like blade, thanks to its attached chain.


T'jbang's second field uniform is comprised of yellow and black chest armor, padded yellow wrist guards, black leather boots under yellow shin guards, yellow knee pads, blue jeans, two black leather belts, and a black and yellow 'ninja' mask worn over his face and head.

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