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Wilhelm 'Willie' Lohmer was originally a small, frail man before his brush with the Fantastic. Gaining the attention of Nazis working covertly in the United States, he was given great promises of power, and thus volunteered to be a test subject for the fascists' version of the Super-soldier Serum. When it oddly worked, Wilhelm gained incredible power to offset his dim intellect.

Known Powers:

Flight: granted after his second exposure to the Nazi version of the Super-soldier serum, this power functions at rank value 6, thus allowing Wilhelm to fly about at around 81.81 miles per hour. While in the air, he functions with like Coordination for the purposes of aerial maneuvers, including dodge and weave attempts made against incoming attacks.

Regeneration / Revival: the extent of these abilities are as of yet unknown, but it seems that Wilhelm is possessed of both. Having been seemingly killed, grievously injured, and horribly mutilated on several occasions, Wilhelm nonetheless bounces back after each calamity - fit as the proverbial fiddle. While their potency is unknown, Wilhelm has both of these powers at least at rank value 2.

Resistance to Fire and Heat: in addition to granting him an incredible boost in physical power, the Nazi version of the Super-soldier Serum that transformed Wilhelm into the Master Man has granted him significant resistance to thermal attacks. As such, he shrugs off assaults of fire and heat at rank value 75, making him all but impervious to the stuff.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Fanaticism: Wilhelm is a fanatic adherent to the Nazi philosophy; this is, of course, because he was on the high end of that particular power structure. If presented with an opportunity to further the cause of said philosophy, or if it is insulted in some manner, Wilhelm must pass a Willpower ACT roll at -2 RS to prevent himself from acting - should he even wish to restrain himself.


Demolitions: after becoming the original Master Man, Wilhelm was trained in the art of using explosives to maximum effect against buildings and enemy encampments. His Intellect should be considered +1 RS for the purposes of planting such devices to destroy structures.

Languages / English and German: a former American of German descent, Wilhelm has mastered both the English and German languages, and is able to use both effectively and interchangeably as is necessary, either in their written or spoken forms.

Martial Arts style B: to make maximum use of his physical prowess, Wilhelm was trained in the use of his body as a supreme weapon. As such, he can make unarmed attacks as if his Melee trait was +1 RS, whether these attacks be punches, kicks, head butts, etc...

Military: as one of the Nazi regime's very first meta human operatives, Wilhelm received extensive military training. He was an honorary high ranking officer in the German army, and had the authority to lead large number of troops into battle; the authority, that is, if not the proper skill.

Piloting: another skill Wilhelm acquired thanks to the Nazi regime is his ability to pilot aircraft. Though limited in intelligence, he can nonetheless pilot any aircraft from the World War 2 era, making applicable Handling ACTs as if his Coordination was +1 RS.


Being the lap dog of Hitler had a few advantages, in its own deviant way, as it allowed Wilhelm to hobnob with various other costumed villains employed by the Nazi party - as well as the high and mighty of German society at the time. Being a highly placed 'hero' of this foul organization, Wilhelm could draw on it for aid in his missions against Freedom and Justice.


While acting as the original Master Man, Wilhelm wore a blue body suit with yellow racing stripes down the sides of his arms and legs. The chest of this suit bore a large swastika, and it had a large yellow collar on the neck. Also, Wilhelm made use of yellow boots and gloves (the latter of which bore black straps on the wrists), as well as a large yellow belt around his waist.


Wilhelm was a Nazi... and a rather dull one at that. Mocked and beaten up as a youth, this weak man reveled in his powers once he became the German counterpart of Captain America, using his augmented strength against anybody he felt like. Believing the Nazi way to be the right way, he spouted their devilish propaganda at every opportunity.

Real Name: Wilhelm 'Willie' Lohmer
Occupation: Nazi super soldier
Legal Status: former American with revoked citizenship, naturalized German citizen
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: Übermensch, the Mighty Destroyer 4
Group Affiliation: former member of the Super-Axis, former partner of Warrior Woman

Height: 5' 10" (as Willie), 6' 6" (as Master Man)
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 145 lbs (as Willie), 350 lbs (as Master Man)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Wilhelm 'Willie' Lohmer was a small, frail American of German descent, one who was disaffected with his native country - particularly with the anti-German propaganda circulating all around him. This made him easy prey for a Nazi cabal working on American soil, one which wanted to test a version of their Super-soldier Serum on a like-minded youth with characteristics similar to Captain America before his change.

This cabal, masterminded by the Brain Drain, managed to augment Wilhelm in time to use him in an assault against Winston Churchill, who was arriving in the United States secretly. Wilhelm attempted to use his new powers to kill the British official, but was defeated by an impressive assembly of heroes: Captain America, Bucky, the Human Torch, Toro, and Namor. Thanks to Wilhelm, they stuck together as the Invaders!

Though captured, Wilhelm was broken out of jail by the Brain Drain, and used to steal the components that villain needed to complete his flying weapon platform, built in the shape of a giant swastika. Thanks to the interference of the Liberty Legion, not to mention a time-traveling Thing, Wilhelm was defeated yet again, and though the Brain Drain got away, Wilhelm faced imprisonment a second time.

Again freed from jail, Wilhelm was transported to Germany, where he participated in another scuffle on Hitler's own turf against the Invaders. During this conflict, he met femme fatale Frieda Ratsel, who was accidentally transformed during this incident into the Warrior Woman. Due to Hitler's direct order, she subsequently married Wilhelm despite her reservations, and Wilhelm truly fell for her (though the feeling wasn't mutual).

Wilhelm participated in a smear campaign against the Mighty Destroyer shortly thereafter, using the captured hero's costume to commit acts against the Allied forces in Europe. This attempt to both sully a hero's name and shatter the morale of the enemy was interrupted by the Destroyer's friends, Spitfire and Union Jack, who both liberated their fellow and exposed Wilhelm's shenanigans in the process.

After this, Wilhelm was coerced into forming the so-called Super Axis by Lady Lotus, alongside Baron Blood, U-Man and Warrior Woman. Using her psionic powers, she used the team to attack the Chicago rail yards, but interference from the Invaders caused the fascists' defeat once more. Captured yet again, Wilhelm cooled his heels in jail for a while before escaping back to Germany with the Warrior Woman.

Later, Wilhelm was sent back to the United States by Baron Zemo to assassinate Nikola Tesla, which he did despite interference from both Captain America and Bucky - though he paid for it when Zemo's compound collapsed around him. Wilhelm eventually dug himself out of this predicament, and found himself occasionally working to further the aims of Baron Strucker, another fascist planning for the Future.

His further exploits have yet to be revealed.

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