the Super-Axis

After witnessing the treatment of her fellow Japanese by the U.S. military during World War 2, the mysterious woman known only as Lady Lotus determined that America no longer deserved to exist, and vowed to be the implement of its destruction. To this end, she assembled a super-poweful team of America's greatest foes, which she dubbed the Super-Axis, a team including these villains:

Baron Blood: after an encounter with the mighty Dracula, malcontent blueblood John Falsworth became a vampire himself. His twisted need for vengeance against his brother eventually drove him to Nazi Germany, for aid in crushing his relative and homeland. Availability:

Baron Blood (MSH Classic)

Baron Blood (4C System)

Baron Blood (Marvel Saga)

Lady Lotus: a Japanese agent, the Lady Lotus was infuriated with how America treated her people there. Deciding the nation no longer deserved to exist, she bent her considerable powers to the goal of wiping it from the very face of the earth! Availability:

Lady Lotus (MSH Classic)

Lady Lotus (4C System)

Lady Lotus (Marvel Saga)

Master Man: a disaffected American of German descent, Wilhelm Lohmer was recruited by Nazis to become Captain America's counterpart. When their new Super-soldier Serum actually worked, Wilhelm turned against his home land and became the Master Man! Availability:

Master Man (MSH Classic)

Master Man (4C System)

Master Man (Marvel Saga)

U-Man: born as Merrano, this hateful Atlantean despised the half-breed Namor and his high station in Atlantis. As such, he turned against his own society and fell in with the Nazis for (eventual) aid in the conquest of his home - and the death of his nemesis! Availability:

U-Man (MSH Classic)

U-Man (4C System)

U-Man (Marvel Saga)

Warrior Woman: Julia Frieda Koenig Lohmer was a deviant Nazi torturer - at least, she was until she used a portion of the American Super-soldier Serum on herself. Reborn as the Warrior Woman, the terror she instills in others has been amplified to a global level! Availability:

Warrior Woman (MSH Classic)

Warrior Woman (4C System)

Warrior Woman (Marvel Saga)

The team had a rather short-lived existence, really, in that Lady Lotus coerced all of them save for Baron Blood into serving on the team with her psionic powers. Their one and only mission together was an assault on the Invaders, ordered as the heroes closed in on Lady Lotus while investigating her activities previous to her forming the Super-Axis.

A simple brawl between groups of super-humans wasn't what Lady Lotus had in mind, however, for when the Human Torch found her secret hideout, she seized control of his mind and set him against his allies. The combined force of the Human Torch and the Super-Axis devastated the Invaders, and the Allied heroes would've been slain if not for Captain America.

This hero managed to snap the Torch out of Lady Lotus' hypnotic spell, and when he stopped assisting the Super-Axis, those villains' assault crumbled like a house of cards in the midst of an earthquake. In fact, Baron Blood found himself slain a second time, and the others fled for parts unknown, leaving Lady Lotus to her own devices.

This villainess nonetheless managed to escape the long arm of the law, and is most likely hatching further schemes to destroy America to this day. However, unless they had a darn good reason to, it is unlikely that the members of this villainous group will ever reunite on friendly terms, unless Lady Lotus dangles one heck of an impressive carrot before them.

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