Warrior Woman


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Julia Frieda Koenig Lohmer is a German spy who used an improvised Super-soldier Serum on herself. Astonishingly enough it worked, giving this already sadistic woman super-human strength and stamina - and as such, she should be considered an altered human.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Whip (s): her signature weapon, Julia can use this leather implement to inflict damage as though it were a +2 weapon, or to entangle opponents. She can do the latter by passing an average difficulty Strength (strength) action as a contingent action.


Detective / Espionage (i): Julia has been highly trained in Nazi techniques for surveillance, intelligence gathering, and torture. She can perform such actions with ease, can usually tell when such techniques are being used against her, and can even act to counter such operations.

Hypnosis (w): Julia is also highly skilled at hypnotism. She can extract information and install post-hypnotic suggestions into a target's mind if she can pass an average intensity Willpower (willpower) action. Hypnosis victims won't act counter to their nature, however.

Languages / English, French, and German (i): a German native, Julia is naturally fluent in that land's tongue. However, as she has been forced to interrogate large numbers of Allied soldiers, it is assumed that she can speak French and English, as well.

Manipulation (w): Julia has ways of making you talk. If she can pass average Willpower action, opposed by her target's own Willpower score, Julia can force him or her to reveal information that she desires, or otherwise cower her opponent into fulfilling her wishes.

Military / Germany (w): as one of Hitler's elite interrogators, Julia is assumed to have been trained in proper, basic military techniques. Carrying significant rank as both an interrogator and as Warrior Woman, so she can lead groups of soldiers on various missions if necessary.

Skill / Whips 3 (s): Julia has mastered the use of this weapon and employed it often, either in battle or during her... personal exploits. In fact, she can be considered a world-class wielder of whips, receiving the benefit of an autotrump while using such implements.


As one of Hitler's main men (or women, really), Julia had several advantages over other Nazis of her day and age. She was able to hob nob with various costumed super Nazis and other German citizens of high standing during those dark times.


World Domination, sometimes Demolisher: for the most part, Julia wishes to conquer the world and guarantee the primacy of her Nazi beliefs. However, she also likes to hurt people on occasion, for no other reason to see them cry out in pain. It's like music to her ears.


Julia's Warrior Woman costume is basically a leather one-piece outfit, coupled with hip-hugger leather boots, gloves, and assorted straps on her arms, legs, and torso (for effect). She also bears a black choker collar and a red swastika arm band.


Julia is a firm adherent to the Nazi cause, embracing it whole heartedly. She seems to enjoy the torture of those weaker than herself, more so now that she's been transformed into a veritable Amazon among men, flaunting her 'superiority' for the world to see.

Real Name: Julia Frieda Koenig Lohmer
Occupation: Nazi agent
Legal Status: German citizen wanted for the perpetration of war crimes in several nations
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: Krieger Frau, Frieda Ratsel, Frau Ratsel (Madame Mystery), Agent Drei
Group Affiliation: partner of the Master Man, member of the Super-Axis

Height: 6' 5" (originally 5' 6")
Hair: raven black
Eyes: blue
Weight: 250 lbs (originally 130 lbs)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Julia Frieda Koenig Lohmer first appeared as one of Hitler's personal interrogation officers, a woman who loved to torture men, and could invariably extract any information from them. On one particular assignment, she was to acquire certain information about the American Super-soldier Serum the Nazis lacked. Upon doing so, she used this information (along with that the Nazis already had) to empower herself.

Injecting the compound into herself, she grew much taller, and more than doubled her own body mass with raw muscle. Dubbing herself the Warrior Woman, she teamed up with the oafish Master Man to defeat the Invaders team, who he'd defeated earlier (they were attempting to escape). Rejoicing at this, Hitler decided to have the two married, to create a race of super-Germans.

Though she didn't like this, as she hated men in general (and Master Man in particular), Julia nonetheless went along with her leader's wishes, and went through with the marriage ceremony Hitler arranged. The Invaders attempted to escape yet again, however, and ready for the Super-soldier duo this time, the heroes managed to win out in the end.

Despite their failure, Julia and Master Man were used again and again against the interloping Invaders, either by themselves or together. Things went a bit off the rails, though, when Julia was compelled, along with several other super-Nazis, to work together as the so-called Super-Axis by Lady Lotus. Though she would never do so normally, Lady Lotus' mind powers were too powerful to resist.

Joining forces with a similarly coerced Human Torch, the Super-Axis went on a rampage, inflicting severe infrastructure damage on the United States until the Invaders could bring them to heel. With their defeat, Julia and company went their separate ways, though she continues to do her best to further the Axis cause at every possible opportunity - with or without her ersatz husband.

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