Black Widow

Gd 10
Ex 20
Ex 20
Am 50
Gd 10
In 40
Am 50
Fe 2
Gd +10



Claire Voyant, the original Black Widow, is a raised demon, a soul granted a diabolical body to do her master's sinister work. This technically makes her an extraplanar being, even though she's originally native to the earthly realm.

Known Powers:

Claws: when she wishes it, Claire can transform her fingers into long, wicked talons, the better to carve up evildoers. When she does this, she can inflict Edged Attack damage in otherwise unarmed melee, and can likely cut through items of up to Unearthly (100) m.s.

Dimensional Aperture: Claire can traverse the dimensions at will - well, at least two of them, anyway. She has demonstrated the ability to travel between the earthly plane from Hell, and back again, under her own power. Consider this a Remarkable (30) ranked power.

Fire Generation: Claire's new state of being has left her with the power to spontaneously generate fire from her body. She does this at Incredible (40) rank, and can use this power to inflict like SD Energy damage with each lethal attack.

Flight: a power that Claire exults in more than any others, it seems, this ability allows her to defy gravity itself! While she isn't astoundingly fast in the air, she can nonetheless move through it with Typical (6) ability, flying at approximately 90 miles per hour.

Invulnerability to Fire and Heat: Claire is completely immune to fire and heat sources of any magnitude, being able to shrug them off no matter how intense they may be. Mystically inclined forms of these energies, such as Hellfire, will affect her normally though.

Healing / Others: while most of her powers involve destroying evil-doers for her master, Claire has shown evidence of sympathy for those who are innocent, and actually has the power to help them. Working at Remarkable (30) rank, this power lets her soothe their wounded bodies.

Mesmerism: Claire has shown the ability to influence the thoughts of lesser men with ease - often as a lead-up to an attack on their bosses. She can utilize this power at Excellent (20) rank, meaning most weaker men and women are unable to defend against her domination.

Philosophical Awareness: Claire has the power to look at a person and detect whether or not they are of either a good, evil, ordered, chaotic, or balanced mindset. She can do this with Incredible (40) ability.

Resistance to Physical and Energy Attack: Claire's new, demonic body is resistant to ordinary physical and energy attacks of all types, at Good (10) rank. She is still harmed by Sorcerous, Karmic, or Deionic attack forms normally, however.

Vampirism: as a demonic life form, Claire can feed upon the essence of living beings to maintain her existence, in place of ordinary foodstuffs. She can do this with Excellent (20) ability, though would-be victims are allowed a Psyche FEAT versus this rank to resist it.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Repugnant Personality: though her change into a demoness wasn't intentional, it would seem that Claire enjoys her new status, and goes out of her way to make some people's lives miserable. She must pass a Psyche FEAT at -2 CS to 'play nice' with others.


Lore: thanks to her past as an admittedly fake mystic, as well as her current, diabolic existence, Claire is likely more of an expert on occult matters than most mere mortals. Consider her Reason in this area to be +1 CS for any FEAT rolls required of her.


Claire Voyant's only real contact is Satan himself, the being who arranged her demise and eventual resurrection as a demonic entity. It's really hard to say whether or not he would help Claire should she need it, but he DID go to a lot of bother to make her in the first place.


As the Black Widow, Claire wears a reddish-black, form-fitting shirt with a black widow on it, rather short shorts of the same coloration, and black boots with a flaming yellow fringe on the top. Oh, and a blue and green cape. Not much, of course, but it works.


Claire Voyant was a decent person before her death. Once she arrived in Hell, however, she became a particularly sadistic and hateful being - not at all like other 'heroines' of her time. She positively delights in the death of evil mortals, and arranges them with glee.

She doesn't do this to stop the advance of evil, mind you, so much as because she can now kill and get away with it.

Real Name: Claire Voyant
Occupation: minion of Satan (really)
Legal Status: American citizen who is legally dead
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Madame Claire
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: blond
Eyes: brown
Weight: 127 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Claire has a diabolical look about her, what with those arched eyebrows and the skin on her skull, which looks a bit too tight. Furthermore, eerie skulls appear in her pupils whenever she kills evildoers.


The Black Widow's story began with the clairvoyant Claire Voyant, a psychic medium in the process of helping a family 'talk' to their dead father. Instead of manifesting his spirit (or a reasonable guess therein), Claire changed. Her eyebrows arched. Her skin got tighter on her skull.

Oh, and Satan was hovering over her shoulder!

Speaking in the voice of Evil, Claire channeled a curse against the family that she was formerly trying to 'help'. Freaked out by all this weirdness, the family left, though the evil that is Satan blew their car off the road, killing all but one member of this family.

Believing Claire to be an evil witch, this survivor of Satan's mirth vowed to kill her, with subtle prompting by evil being himself. He watched as the homicidal man returned to Madame Claire's abode and abruptly gunned her down in a murderous rage.

As Claire died, Satan manifested in her home anew, frightening her murderer away. He then collected Claire's remains and took them through a 'path of eternal fire', a trail that ended on a great ziggurat in Hell, where Satan raised Claire anew as the Black Widow!

After this, Satan gave the new Black Widow a tour of his house of pain, which included views of the souls of the damned, lots of fire, and other stereotypically hellish things. Claire then left Hell under her own power, to get revenge upon the man that killed her.

Manifesting upon the earthly plane behind the man, who was himself mourning his dead family, the Black Widow slew her murderer by branding a black widow onto his forehead with her new, fearsome powers of fire. She then returned to Hell, her revenge complete.

She was subsequently sent forth from Hell to claim evil souls for Satan, those he couldn't wait to collect due to natural causes. The first was Garvey Lang, who she softened up by slowly turning his minions against him, or alternately tricking him into killing them himself.

She later ambushed Lang at a costume ball, and in front of an entire room full of his friends, killed the train-robbing mastermind outright. Branding her mark into his head as she did her own murderer, Claire then vanished with little fanfare, returning to Hell.

Claire next appeared on the earthly plane when charged with the collection of the souls of two traitorous munitions manufacturers, who were selling the wares to both the Axis and Allied powers at the same time. Posing as a girl asking for a job, Claire got the two separated.

She then slew the first of the dealers, Lewis, an act the second witnessed when checking up on his partner. Though he put up a better fight than his cohort, Sykes also fell to Claire's violent ministrations, the two being left dead with her mark to show they were evildoers!

Her subsequent missions saw Claire claiming the souls of many other murderers and evildoers, which she exulted in. Of course, she took time out of her busy, mayhemic schedule to protect and heal the innocent bystanders caught in the middle of her fights with criminals.

She apparently continued to do her master's work for the duration of World War II, claiming the souls of various villains of a particularly evil stripe, and thus making the world a better place - a likely unanticipated side effect of the mission Satan gave her.

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