The Twelve

The Twelve are a group of (you guessed it) twelve heroes, all of whom barely even knew each other back in the Golden Age, but were brought together by a Nazi plot that inadvertently caused them to rest in suspended animation from 1945 to the recent past.

Now attempting to find their places in a world they barely recognize, the Twelve consist of these out-of-date vigilantes:

Black Widow: a false psychic, Claire Voyant pretended to be a spirit medium for fun and profit. This ultimately got her killed by a man believing her to be a witch, until her Hellish rebirth as the Black Widow, the Lord of Evil's own soul collector! Availability:

Black Widow (MSH Classic)

Black Widow (4C System)

Black Widow (Marvel Saga)

Blue Blade: riding away from his destitute farm during the Dust Bowl, Roy Chambers decied to become rich and famous - no matter the cost. And how else to do this than do what everyone else was of late: donning an ostentatious costume and doing good deeds! Availability:

Blue Blade (MSH Classic)

Blue Blade (4C System)

Blue Blade (Marvel Saga)

Dynamic Man: built by Doctor Goettler before his death, the Dynamic Man is an artificial being bent on the preservation of order. To this end he serves as a fully-fledged FBI agent, using their vast information to handle problems out of their league. Availability:

Dynamic Man (MSH Classic)

Dynamic Man (4C System)

Dynamic Man (Marvel Saga)

the Fiery Mask: when he isn't treating his patients or acting as a police consultant, Doctor Jack Castle patrols the night as... the Fiery Mask! Though he gained his powers under dubious circumstances, he nonetheless uses them against evil! Availability:

the Fiery Mask (MSH Classic)

the Fiery Mask (4C System)

the Fiery Mask (Marvel Saga)

the Laughing Mask: latest in a long line of law-giving Burtons, young Dennis was an assistant district attorney. Frustrated with the slow-moving wheels of justice, Dennis began moonlighting as the Laughing Mask, a murderous vigilante! Availability:

Laughing Mask (MSH Classic)

Laughing Mask

Laughing Mask (Marvel Saga)

Mastermind Excello: perfect in both mind and body, Mastermind Excello possess an inventor's genius and terrible psionics! Born as mere Earl Everett, Excello uses his exceptional skills, devices and powers in the service of the US government! Availability:

Mastermind Excello (MSH Classic)

Mastermind Excello (4C System)

Mastermind Excello (Marvel Saga)

Mister E: feeling a burning need to fight against injustice, wealthy sportsman Victor Goldstein donned the identity of Mister E, and began to fight crime on the street - both isolated incidents and those perpetrated by the diabolical Vampire! Availability:

Mister E (MSH Classic)

Mister E (4C System)

Mister E (Marvel Saga)

the Phantom Reporter: champion wrestler, fencer, boxer, and all-American fullback, Dick Jones is a highly motivated journalist who uses his mental and physical skills to bring villains to justice that the system seems unable... or unwilling... to touch! Availability:

the Phantom Reporter (MSH Classic)

the Phantom Reporter (4C System)

the Phantom Reporter (Marvel Saga)

the Witness: after a botched suicide attempt, this former police officer was cursed by a higher power to become... the Witness! Final arbitrer of Justice in the world of mortal man, the Witness has seen terrible, terrible things over the years. Availability:

the Witness (MSH Classic)

the Witness (4C System)

the Witness (Marvel Saga)

Professor Zogolowski: though physically frail, genius inventor Philo Zogolowski built a Marvel of the Age to help mankind: Electro! Usually piloting Electro remotely, Professor Zog also joined his marvelous creation on adventures now and then! Availability:

Professor Zogolowski (MSH Classic)

Professor Zogolowski (4C System)

Professor Zogolowski (Marvel Saga)

And Last, But Not Least:

Electro: a true Marvel of the Age, Electro is a powerful robot built by Professor Zog to right wrongs and fight evil. Handling mundane crime all too easily, Professor Zog quickly began to use Electro against super villains and alien invaders! Availability:

Electro: Marvel of the Age (MSH Classic)

Electro: Marvel of the Age

Electro: Marvel of the Age (Marvel Saga)

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