the Dynamic Man


Hand Size:
4 (25)


The Dynamic Man is an android, an artificial being built by Professor Goettler to be the 'perfect creature'. As such, simply consider him a robotic being, even more advanced than most of his counterparts assembled around the same time.


Agelessness (s): the creation of advanced science, the Dynamic Man does not age. As long as he properly maintains himself, this artificial hero will not succumb to system degradation, and will appear to be the same age he was at upon his 'birth'.

Disguise (a): the Dynamic Man has the impressive ability to change his very looks; he can't become a rock, per se, but he can look rocky. The Dynamic Man can duplicate the appearance of anybody he has seen, clothing and all, at intensity 13.

Magnetism Control (i): the Dynamic Man can utilize this power at intensity 15, giving him impressive abilities against the criminal scourge plaguing America. He has developed the following magnetic power stunts thus far:

* Electrical Generation (a): the Dynamic Man generates large amounts of electrical energy thanks to his inherent magnetic fields, energy he can release at will. This energy is of intensity 13 potency, which inflicts like stunning energy damage with each blast.

* Flight (a): the Dynamic Man can create a powerful magnetic field about his body, allowing him to defy the forces of gravity! This field moves him through the skies with intensity 6 airspeed, or 240 miles per hour.

* Force Field (i): the Dynamic Man can produce a magnetic energy barrier that protects him from harm. This force field functions with intensity 4 effectiveness, providing Dynamic Man like (or +1) protection against physical and energy attacks.

Resistance to Disease and Poison (s): another benefit of his artificial nature, the Dynamic Man is highly resistant to the perils of organic life - even if he was designed to simulate it. He possesses intensity 20 (+5) protection against organic disease and toxins.

Transparent Vision (w): the Dynamic Man can peer through solid matter as he sees fit, reaching a maximum depth into solid objects equal to about one hundred feet. As such, this power is defined at intensity 20 (he looked partially through a mountain, after all).

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Weakness to Lantholum: supposedly a rare earth element, one which modern science has yet to acknowledge, lantholum is an insulative and corrosive material. When exposed to it, the Dynamic Man cannot wield his powers, and his ability scores are reduced to zero (0).


Sidearm (a): as a card-carrying member of the FBI, the Dynamic Man carries a firearm - feds can't go throwing lighting at people, you know. This weapon inflicts his Agility +4 damage in a single shot, +5 in a semi-auto burst.


Criminology (i): working as an agent of the law, the Dynamic Man has chosen to study the criminal mind - in depth. This helps him to identify clues at a crime scene (knowing common criminal mistakes), analyze patterns of criminal behavior, and even guess where crimes will occur.

Skill / Magnetism Control (i): the Dynamic Man has taught himself how to use his magnetism control power - and its stunts - with vast efficiency. Essentially, this allows him to make all energy control actions at one difficulty level lower than is normally required - neat, eh?

Guns (a): though he has staggering powers in his own right, Curt does know how to use a firearm - he can't always go blasting people when he's working in his civilian identity, after all. He wields all manner of rifles and pistols at a reduced difficulty level.

History / United States (i): before he was created, the Dynamic Man's mind was impregnated with the sum total of American history. This allows him to know lots of things glossed over or made politically correct by the forces of society, since he was schooled in the '40's.

Law (i): wishing to help the world be an orderly place, the Dynamic Man has learned everything there is to know about the law. Were he to get the proper accreditation, he could represent criminals in criminal or civil cases, though he usually works to put them in jail, not get them off.

Law Enforcement (w): a fully-fledged member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Dynamic Man is allowed to legally carry a gun and make arrests for federal crimes (not that he needs the former). Also, he has an innate familiarity with the nation's various legal agencies.

Manipulation (w): having worked within the FBI for some time, the Dynamic Man has learned how to deal with the politics of the American justice system. This knowledge allows him to deal with people easily, and it is less difficult for him to deal with bureaucracies or influence others.


The Dynamic Man fought crime solo, whether he was doing it in his Spandex ™ or his more mundane identity. However, being a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in very good standing, he can easily rely upon that organization for help should he need it.


Protector: the Dynamic Man, whether he chooses to or was built to, longs to make the world an orderly place, free of the depredations of criminal types. As such, he acts to protect innocent folks of all stripes, using his impressive array of powers to stop the forces of evil in their tracks.


While fighting crime, the Dynamic man wears a skin-tight green shirt with yellow cuffs and four yellow lightning bolts on his torso, a skin-tight pair of green trousers, yellow and green boots, and a black leather belt with a yellow belt buckle.


Though it may have been a facet of his manufacture, the Dynamic Man seems to care about maintaining Law and Order, as well as advancing civilization overall. Of course, when faced with issues the law isn't designed to handle, he doesn't mind 'winging' it when necessary.

Real Name: Dynamic Man
Occupation: adventurer, FBI operative
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: single, but possibly not applicable
Alias(es), if any: Agent Curt Cowan, FBI
Group Affiliation: the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: brown, slowly changing to dark blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 250 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: as an artificial, 'perfect' man created by a sexually repressed super-genius, the Dynamic Man was built without simulated genitalia.


The Dynamic Man was built by Professor Goettler, a genius inventor who wished to create the 'perfect creature'. Throwing the switch that would pour a megavolt of electric potential through his work, the Professor died; the excitement of his greatest success proved too much for him.

Awaking alone in the Professor's remote castle laboratory, the Dynamic Man was nonetheless aware of his ultimate purpose in life, which was to devote his abilities to the progress of civilization and the extermination of its many enemies - no matter the cost.

Making for civilization, the Dynamic Man crafted a civilian identity for himself, one Curt Cowan, and proceeded to apply for membership in the FBI. Easily passing the many and various entrance exams and qualifications, Curt was readily accepted into that organization.

Thanks to his position as an FBI operative, the Dynamic Man can easily get a bead on bizarre situations that he knows his fellow agents cannot handle, and deals with them in his public role - leading a dual life that allows him to combat crime and terror in both identities!

One of his first cases involved a farmer's complaint that someone was 'chasing the rain away', thus driving him and his neighbors into ruin. Investigating, Curt found that the man wasn't a crackpot, oddly enough, and that millionaire banker Bascom was behind this strange scheme.

Utilizing weather manipulating dynamos in a nearby mountain, he caused a drought to bankrupt local farmers, and then bought up their land for fascist agents to better manipulate America's food supply. Naturally, the Dynamic Man trounced this madcap plot in no time flat.

His next adventure saw the Dynamic Man hip deep in saboteurs, as he was assigned to end a wave of such activity occurring nationwide. Spying several of them placing a bomb on his own train's tracks, the Dynamic Man stomped on them and got them to reveal their evil master.

Learning the mad Doctor Vee was behind all this destruction, the Dynamic Man raced after him. After being briefly waylaid by Vee and his goons, and subsequently dropped into a hastily prepared death trap, the Dynamic Man managed to capture Doctor Vee while he made his escape.

The Dynamic Man's third caper became somewhat personal when, shortly after being assigned to stop the murderous rampage of the Hood, he was targeted for assassination by his thugs - in his civilian identity! Inadvertently killing his would-be murderers, he then sought the Hood out.

Though momentarily knocked senseless by the Hood, the Dynamic Man managed to rescue his latest victim in the nick of time, and revealed that the Hood was none other than Willard Thomas, the head of a trust fund whose rampage was intended to leave him in sole control of said trust.

Next, while investigating a strange string of jewelry store heists, the Dynamic Man faced off against an inventor who had developed an attractor beam that only worked on gold. Following him to his lair after he robbed Fort Knox blind, the Dynamic Man was again caught in a death trap.

Wrapped in rubber blankets and buried under tons of rock, he barely managed to escape, only to find his quarry has left to rob England next. Arriving as his foe was warded off by British anti-aircraft shells, the Dynamic Man totaled their dirigible with a powerful lightning bolt.

After returning all that stolen gold, he resumed his job with the FBI. He continues to help them solve all manner of strange cases, doing so with them none the wiser that the seemingly human Curt Cowan was also the electronic Man of Tomorrow known as the Dynamic Man!

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